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Level 59

Posted by Cyberdevil - February 13th, 2018

Level 59

Hell Yeah! Just one more to go...


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Congratz dudee


Yea about 16 years or so

For you? Nah man, it's gotta be less than that, considering it is actually POSSIBLE to reach top level in exactly ten years. :) Time flies when you're depositing like a robot!

I meant for you, you have about 16 years to reach 100k exp

Ah, right, yeah, after Level 60 there is still that! I'll keep grinding...

And you will be god

With the old icon it does feel that way! :D

When you reach level 60 how will you feel? Nobody knows. Well someone's body knows. And that body is yours. Ready and prepared to experience the inevitable upcoming euphoria of reaching leve... Oh shit the power has been cut! Newgrounds is down! Indefinitely!

No, this can't be!
Oh you better believe it, Cyberdevil! This is really happening! Muahahah......

*Cyberdevil interrupts the laughter* Newgrounds is back online.

Newgrounds will always be back!!! How else can we stall with the appalling and whack and join this eternal party without neither Peruvian pall beans or crack? It's the dawn of a blast!!! Each day you log on and listen to the most daunting of tracks. I hope... NG will be here through eons, longer like than we yawn or the fax. Also: thanks?

Congrats to you. That must've taken a long time to keep voting 5 times, everyday. Now you have some sort of powerful spear right now. That thing is deadly in today's website design (2012-2018). So in the last design you would've become a golden man or a soon to be a god. Reminds me, when I used this icon in the movie, nearly a decade ago.

Thank you! Yeah when the journey started it seemed like it'd take ages, each level went so slow... now that I'm nearing the final one I almost wish it'd slow down a bit instead. It's been fun rummaging through this chest of weaponry and random sci-fi references over the years. :) Though I really do like the previous set of icons better... they had that power! That radiance! That radical aura all built-in!

Good job, dude. You are almost there!

So close I can almost taste that final flavor of level gain euphoria! Thanks!

Wow, congrats. That's pretty awesome, really shows that you've made a significant contribution to the site :) Keep it up, and remember: something something great power, something something great responsibility.

Shows I'm persistent, at least, but hopefully the contributions show in other areas. :) Thanks, and wise words and something!

Well Done! xD

Thank you! :D

All these hours of voting.

Indeed, hours well spent! :)

Hey. Let's go get french fries.

Hell yeah! :D French fries used to be my favorite food too (now I'm indecisive).

Don't know what it is about them that makes them so amazing... must be something about the French!

You're already a level 60 in my eyes cyberdevil. I don't care what the stats say

I like your eyes! :D Many thanks Chocomilk!

And maybe you might over power the user “Pimp”
But anyways congrats!!!

That'll take some catching up, but maybe... some day!
Thanks. :)

Only 15 days to go. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Not unless you were doping during the whole voting process.

"I hereby strip Cyberdevil of all his levels! This shall commence immediately."

Cyberdevil: "da fuck!?"

Fifteen days to go? Whatever happens in fifty? Has my perception of time been skewed? Is my level about to get lifted?! Or am I gathering EXP huge, like my gathering skills are extra gifted. Well I don't see what I've got to lose, except maybe... yeah that would be twisted! O_O

Damn, yo. I can't even remember what level you would have been in comparison ~5 years ago, but looks like you've been hard at work since then. Congrats!

Yeah it's been going pretty steady since then. :) If I actually deposited nonstop I could have been about the same level back then, though! Thanks!

You guys remember PIMP? He was the first NG user to hit lvl 60 amirite?

Hell yeah, and current #1 on the list too. :) Sometimes wonder how many other people deposit for some of these top spotters though, seems impossible they'd keep going on a daily basis for a full decade themselves...

Six mere days. The finish line can be smelt. Not that you want to smell the finishing line.

Why, what does the finishing line smell like? Hmmm I have a sudden urge to smell a finishing line.

It should be known as the finishing line of coke.

That would be one real finishing finishing line! The last line you'll ever finish.

And what if the race is in Finland? Would that be a Finnish finishing line of the finest and freshest Finnish cocaine? Doping AFTER the race but never before it.

Now That's What I Call Fair Competition Vol. 60.

So the winner gets all the cocaine AND the prize money? That seems somewhat unfair, though If they ran multiple laps anyone could stop and sniff the finish line first in the wake of impending failure... who knows, maybe no one would even WANT to finish. Maybe they wouldn't even start, if they started on the finish line.

Now that'd be a dope race.

And if all elite runners became drug addicts maybe more people would be able to get into the competition... fairest competitions of all with the Finnish finishing finishing lines FTW

All this coke talk and dope bans, these runners should be forced to participate with both hands tied behind their backs with nothing to enhance their performances, like Lance Armstrong did when he won multiple Tour de Frances. Only his arms WERE strong at the time, untied, and at the time, he lied about his wrongdoing, leaving the everyone that knew him horrified. And from then he was living on borrowed time until he became tomorrow's news. It appeared to have finished his career, until he came back to make podcasts. He no longer took Finnish coke, but did drink Finnish beer.

Though the running would probly go slower I bet they'd still sniff the coke like a mower. Do a nose dive when the coast's clear, right into the line instead of over. Might get nose burn - total disclosure, but it's worth a little burn to go sober! if you're battling with coke and drink and you think at the brink you can dope away cold beer.

Remember the old days when they used to get doped up on things like amphetamine and alcohol/strychnine before the races though? Crazy times. Armstrong podcast huh, gotta Google...

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