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Happy 2018!

Posted by Cyberdevil - December 31st, 2017

Happy 2018!

A toast and a cheer, for the old and New Year! :) 2018... is here. May it be amazing.

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you turned the eight sideways! now 2018 is going to be a groundhog year.

Is that a good thing? I just want this one to last forever. :P The last one was so short.

also first

and second in a minute!

Happy New Year Mr Bob AKA: Cyberdevil, i hope you have a great year! and i hope you reach level 60!!

Happy New Year to you too Kieran, AKA Master 10, AKA AKIN11, AKA... The Bringer Of The D. :P Hope all goes great in this new set of days! Yeah that final level up might be... possible! This year! It might actually be the one! :D Hope so..

Happy New Year men ;) ^^

Happy New Year!

Happy New year


Many thanks man; Happy New Year to you too! :D

Happy NY, nice way to use the 8 there :D

Thank you; you too! NY and LA and all! ;)

I know I'm late to the party, but I wanna wish you a fantastic 2018 :D

It's never too late! :D Happy 2018!

\,,/, ^-^ ,\,,/

Literal Yay! :D

And a happy 201st ouroboros to you too. It's been a slow journey back, but I am on the road and heading to a place called My Good Senses. With a little bit of S3C music bleating gently into thine ear, failure is not an option. It's not one of the available tick boxes. In 2018 it will be IMPOSSIBLE to fail. And I literally mean that so strongly, I had to capitalise the word. I had to capitalise on the fact that it was impossible to fail and try to use that to my advantage. Aim high, tame life. If it rains hard, train harder. Remain sharp even when the pain gets harsher. The days are dark but there's no time to waste, partner. It's time to scarper, posthaste. Start the process, don't settle for less than progress. No rest, focus, this world is a hotbed of hate as of late, somewhat lost and soulless. But I'm determined not to lose mine, and you should be equally burning, ceaselessly determined not to fall in this needlessly worsening hole that this world is digging for us all. Yeah...

An ouroboros... that burrows into the boroughs of tomorrow! With Hope and Happiness instead of Mishappiness and Sorrow, and a wakeful light and gale that plays in the night instead of the pale and the blight these days when we rarely ever wake from our Nappiness and Slumber. I look forward to summer, and some urge to make this world to a wonder. With some words, and a thirst for abundance. Some Verse might be better than our cursed straight, where even days littered by colors and sun dance no longer really feel like birthdays. Is Earth Hades? We've barely scratched the surface.

Motivated by the misery of others... or maybe strengthened by fellow mysteries, misers and brothers, who all walk these paths for a place to discover... yet no white blotches wait on the maps, only tundra.

At least on such a surface it's easy to see: what awaits in the distance, and race with persistence, and take on new missions, aim straight for the visions and make way if no fate stakes the way for us hitten! Never forsake, blame or quitten! With great rage I'm smitten! And sudden inspiration. The sun awaits the patient. Yeah...

Guess I've seen too many new years to get excited any more, but here's to hoping this one will have more good news than bad. Both our country's need some solid governance, but I fear the Western world is going to eat its own face, and it's citizens will have to pay for the meal.... seriously, you guys need more cops and less 'no go zones'.

Hmm I can't say I'm all that excited about these transitions either these days, but I'd like to be. It's like an affirmation as well as a show of goodwill. Good things happen if you will them to, like, and it feels like the force of positivity starts rubbing off a few days in, until it really DOES start getting happy. :D Like getting up earlier in the morning. Once you will yourself to do so it takes a while before you start appreciating that you did.

Ah you've heard about those! Yeah we do need change. The fall of Western civilization... it all seems less of a silly war proclamation and more of a call to devour our nations and chew through the sores until all is remaken and awe is awakened, not all is forsaken and gall/devastation. All to many closed homes. Need a bigger Go Zone.

Commiserations to the losers!

And to the winners, who don't yet know what they're losing!

We need Go Pro Zones where only people with Go Pros are allowed. We need the Go Out policy. We need to play the board game Go. People need to start saying Yo Yo Yo more. We need more Zen Gardens, we need bigger gonads and larger hard-ons, we need Spartan Warriors from Spartak Moscow that are prone to worrying. We need to flourish and wear the Fleur-de-lis, and flirt with girls from further east. We need to turn to peace instead of an urge to beef. Make planet Earth the place that it deserves to be. No war, no more poor people, no hunger, no thirst. A world that serves the needs of every woman, man, child, certainly. By 2049 we can be there, you'll see. And despite the scope of this dystopia that might rope every person in, I still see hope for this utopia. Maybe it will be kind of dope under the spotlight, we will see how the people cope , and if it's not right and consensus says that it's not liked, make the most of your short life regardless. Or run for the hills and be hunted down by cunts with rifles threatening your very survival. Find a cabin, it's probably safer than a Uber cab, whose drivers probably drive for the boobs they can grab. Get yourself a motorised scooter and shoot off to the countryside, and live out a comfy life, away from the cameras, away from the hassle... away from David Hasslehoff. And you'll no longer get hassle from that cough you caught from the astronaut who ate the last infected donut. This world is so nuts, we should all have an allergy to it, life is a fallacy, not a palace for most, but a place for the few to roast our nuts. Until we're grown-up, elderly, and seldomly have the energy to help anyone, including ourselves. Our health declines, and by design our world becomes a hell, our final shrine, our resting place, until we are resigned to the pine box. But that's fine, I've opted for cremation, an Earthly creation, a whole person, burnt to ash as though he was never even birthed at all.

But I don't even have a Go Pro! I'd rather just Go like a Mofo! No matter what's in my way no folks can change my goals, no no! I'm all fire and no smoke! Rising higher like old souls! Fighting tired cause YOLO! I don't take after I'll go first... I might admire Eichiro O though! And try to live like only those folks in that dope show cause they don't know No. No regrets, jet free like the stones roll!

Is it Utopia or Dystopia? Maybe it's all the same if we see it. I like to believe we can change the range and arrange away all this deceit quick. All the greed just stop and decease quick. All our needs but the basic just seize, quit! Get back to our roots and our dreams, and coop in between, the greens and the sky where the seams fit!

True that bout the cabins. And it better be a Uber cabin a rad one. Not Radison but still one to brag upon, and survive the nights till each crackle dawns and we straggle on, Strong like only the vagabond! We carry on with bags that could sag a pond! Though the eons, wondering what paths were drawn, in the past and upon our passage from... wherever were going to the Hasslehoff castle of the cosmos. Whichever ones this world should be rid of it's surely not us. We got hot nuts. Roasted by fires by Poplars of the popular Pop bus - all the norms and reforms and the hot stuff people swarm in to force in... yet that burns like a wicker without wax or petrol-based filler and withers like a riddle without message, like a pillar made of rivers, like a river slowly frozen, like a stone up in the ozone, like the coverage on old phones, it all withers, little by little, shrivels and slithers down hither all bitter like bad cashews. We live a little till we rest our case... in that final resting place, whether it be as ash or flesh encapsulating bad brews. That's true...

Happy 2018. Even if it's delayed

Happy 2018 man! It better be all the way till it's over! :)

This is kinda late, but I hope you have a happy 2018!

So far so good. :) You too!

Happy 2018 to everyone here :)

And to you too! :)