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Have you played Brutal DooM yet? It's really fun.

I tried it. Twas fun for a while, but eventually it just felt too exaggerated IMO. I've backed back to the vanilla version after that. :)

Didn't you used to have a picture of yourself as your profile image? I seem to recall that, though it was years ago now. I think it was you, because I recall seeing "Bamboo Shoots" written below the image -who else would that be? :P

You're right. :) I took a profile picture on the same spot (a mountain top, during summer) for three years straight and used those as profile pics. Don't feel like I have any good pictures right now, but I should get back to that this summer. After a few decades I could make a collage out of them, would be fun to see how I don't change. :P

:O had trouble posting, as you can clearly see. Feel free to delete the first 3. Oops.

Will do. :)

Haha, that's pretty cool, man, I've asked the guy for one as well, whether he does one or not, I have no idea, but only time will tell, eh? In other news, how're you doing, had a good week thus far?

Yeah, always fun getting your face painted. :) So far the week's been good, I managed to hand in five essays before midnight on Sunday, so now it feels like I have all the free time in the world! I always leave most of the work for the weekend though, need to break that cycle.

you're going bald

I hair ya.

I enjoy your bald remarks on the bbs

Thanks man, if things get hairy it's best to just cut it short.

O_o oh

Hey, X! What a surprise! :D

needs sunglasses and a squarer jawline and a longer philtrum

If only I wore sunglasses in that pic: http://cyberd.org/img/Profile-201 2.jpg. The rest of the critique is definitely justified, skilfully observed. :)

oh. i was thinking of the one you had as a profile pic in 2008.

In other news: Swedish women have the best looking genitalia of any race.

Seems like that image has become a trademark of me. :) It'll be back though, after summer... maybe.

Hah, I guess I'm privileged to live here! Is that fact or opinion?

So what is it you write exactly?

Write now I'm studying Creative Writing so it's mostly short stories. A few years ago I wrote a lot of poetry on my spare time, but now it feels like I have no spare time. :P Also lyrics, occasionally.

Fill filling up the (NG) pot? Good place to dig for odd pages and links, is through Tom's earliest posts!
<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/webcam/index.html">http://www.newgrounds.com/webcam/index.html</a>
Still haven't checked the older HD's yet....

Oh man, the webcam section still exists! :D Will nab a few pictures just incase it disappears. Still filling, will let you know when the list of links expand.

Those were the days of streaming webcams! Used to get a kick out of watchin' Tom or someone else fart around their apartment. The audio was on rather low, so you couldn't hear unless someone was sitting right at the computer. Only caught sight of Sherbert once....
I hope this years Pico day includes a webcam or two in Chat, like last years festivities!

I remember the webcam section, but I don't remember any activity. :/ Maybe I was just checking in at the wrong time of day, different zones and all. I'm sure there are plenty of users who'd be happy to get some screentime again though, they should get that up and running again! Maybe an automatic system this time around.

I was thinking the same thing too: an automated system to relay Pico parties! Since they did it once in Chat, it'd be a shame if they didn't use it at least once a year. Pico day (aside from Madness day) is Newgrounds official holiday, so I'm gonna pester Tom on every new news post he makes, until he says something :P Can totally understand if he just wants to sit home with the kids that day, but something to go along with all the submissions, would really make my day (year).

Pico is the official NG Mascot after all. :) That would be great, good luck with the pestering!

Well it's a matter of opinion I suppose.

Do you study creative writing at a school or is it more of personal hobby?


It's a university course I'm attending, though it's at a distance so it's technically not at school either. Right now I'm just diving into studies that seem interesting, hoping to find some area of interest I'd like to dedicate my life to.

Cool, i've been taking various classes for the last 6+ years to see what I want to devote my life to as well, still haven't found that area of passion yet. There's no rush except all the money that it costs :P

Sounds like the same situation, though 'official' studies in Sweden don't cost a thing. You can actually request allowance for up to five years of tull-time studies. I've been going for... four years. Graduated in 2007, studied, attempting to launch a webhosting business/freelance/etc one year, then back to studies. I thought I'd be doing something else this year, buuut... no. :/ Yeah, no rush, though it would be satisfying to find the perfect path sooner than later...

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