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Congrats! It'll most likely be a few years before I even get 3x10k.

Thanks! :) 10k posts I suppose? Getting blams nowadays isn't so easy. :/ Come to think of it, it's pretty much impossible for newcomers to make it onto this list...

lol, just realised the colour of your username is wrong on the site. Pentalisted users should be highlighted in red but then again, it's not often one moves up to pentalisted so that mistake was natural. :)

I kinda liked having my name highlighted at the top of list for a while. ;)

That is ridiculously impressive....The definition of dedication......I didn't even know this existed.....My Mind is slightly blown.....well done

Yeah, it's the list of lists, and not that wellknown. :) Just need to get 10k medals too and I just might be the first user ever hexalisted, now that would be something. Thanks!

Well I did fix it in the end so now it all follows suit. I think that's the last time I'll ever need to touch my site for hexalist purposes.

What about future hexalist updates btw, will they still be posted to your webspace or will Metal-Therapy be posting those eslewhere? On your main page, it would be nice with a link to the hexalist too (there's just pentalist and EXP users right now).

I recommended Metal-Therapy to use his own webserver space anywhere. I already used up too much space to the point that I've actually PAID just to keep the archived updates. Once that subscription ends, it might be time to let loose of the archived updates, particularly for the hexalist.

As for main page, you mean <a href="http://bahamut.webs.com">http://bahamut.webs.com</a>? I'm surprised that's actually being viewed by anyone as I hardly had the need to link the homepage. It goes to show how little I've touched it when it still mentions pentalist. :P

How much space do those archives take, aren't they all just HTML files? I 'd be happy to host those if you don't plan on keeping the subscription going, there's plenty of space left on my server. I'm a bit of a sentimental person, don't like seeing old things just disappear, heh.

Most main directory pages link to all available content, so I tend to check those to see what I may be missing out on. :)

The average HTML file takes up at least 1MB. Older updates will take less, of course due to less users being on. I can possibly email you all the HTML files that I still have on the laptop. I imagine I have them all on me.

Doesn't sound like they take up much space at all, I thought Webs allowed a couple hundred MB at least? That would be great though, will send a PM.

You should go for 10k medals, then you would be the master of the hexalist..

I will. :)

Both 10k blams and 10k posts will probably take me 3-5 years at my current pace.

So you do think you'll succeed in gaining enough blams? At the current rate it looks like you can only get at most a few each day. If you pick up at least 2 points every day for five years straight, you just might make it! :) I'm hoping the community starts moving from automatically voting high to low when they start realizing what a rare commodity blam points are though. A demand for stats might sway the tide...

you would've been hexalisted too had your account not been hacked (all those blog posts ;_;)

Haha, indeed. If that was a stat I'd have had a nice headstart! Maybe I should post a few thousand again just in case. ;)

Congrats! You should start working on getting a deity whistle as well.

Thanks! I'm working on it, slowly. :)

You're a good user for the most part, but you make way too many +1 posts.

+ 1

You're a good user for the most part, but you make way too many +1 posts.

Might seem that way since I post so much lately, I like to believe the overall quality is still higher than most users, but yeah, maybe I do. Thanks though.

Sorry for the duplicates of the same post, must of been a browser issue.

No problem, this place has been bugging me too lately. :P

+1 posts are usually the result of a browser issue too, i'd say

It hasn't been that way always, though. Lately when posting both reviews and comments it's been as if the request isn't getting through immediately, the 'Submit' button doesn't seem to work, then after a while it submits anyway. At the forums sometimes a dialog box pops up even after a message has been successfully posted saying that there's a connection issue with the server and I should try again. Plenty of 504 Gateway Errors pop up when I try viewing notifications, too, so it seems to me like NG have some internal bugs to rinse out. :/

So... do you consider yourself an old-school NG-user?! :P Just kiddn', mate - congratz! :)

Not until I get hexalisted. ;) Thanks!