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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Remi-le-Oduen!

we wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR

Happy New Year SantaDrella!

Auspicious New Year
I wish You
Health, Peace and Love
And most of All I wish
that what Your Heart and Soul desire
in this new year Lad.

Well thank you Lynxaw! To you too I wish only good things and the best potential in this coming phase of days! May they bring appreciate rays of sun, days of grace and chase and fun! For the things you wish to capture; for the one you wish become! Happy New Year.

Another year... another chance of getting ate by bear in Norway!

...or in Sweden!

Survival tip: If you're lost in nature, find a river and follow its path. You'll probably find other human beings because they need water or because they (humans) routinely collect water from rivers and into urban areas.

That's good advice! Plus you'll have access to water yourself as you venture onward, and it'd be difficult to get lost.

Belated New Year wishes my friend! :)

May the merriment be multitudes greater with this than the last one! :) Happy 2023 JB!

A bit late but happy new year. And also I missed the "merry christmas" part, so merry christmas!!! Lotsa shit going around so had no god damned time to be active :p

Happy New Year AM22! Hope you had a good Christmas too!

It's a good kinda 'lotsa shit going down' I hope - staying appreciably busy and distracted from the darker spots of life? ;)

Hello Cyberdevil

Heeey Kieran, been a while! How you doin' these days?

Well God knows I've always been good at disappearing but I'm back again. How have you been, Devil?

Hey hey Mikey, welcome back! Well I've been alright. Ups and downs, smiles and frowns, first motivation, wanes the second, keep on building, then start wrecking, life's a journey though, keep on trekking, and go travel, change the setting, keep evolving, learn some lessons...

TLDR not bad, though overall progress is slow. How about you?

holy sh*t Cyberdevil's back

Yeaaah man! XD Been a brief but refreshing little trip... crazy how everyone converges on my newspost during the few days I'm not here though.

@Cyberdevil Both I'd say. Both good and bad... How about you?

Mmm same I suppose. Mostly good, though motivation's been a bit low at a few points, feeling a bit weak overall, tired, stagnant... plan to start at a local gym tomorrow though and hopefully start to fuel my focus for real.

Came back from a quick trip visiting my brother/family up in Ă–stersund too. Change of setting (a good change, that is) always seems to reset focus a bit.

@Cyberdevil Hey I'll join gymming with you haha naww J/K. Been thinking myself to start hitting a gym though.. maybe. But I need money for that so I'll postpone that idea until I got the times (and money) Working out is good for overall health, even mentally. So why not? :p

Hehe it'd be a long commute to get to that gym. XD I found a really cheap one though, just 550 SEK/half year. The catch is it's daytime only, between 9-14, and showers are open only 9-11, but it'd work with my part time work schedule, and might actually get me some better bedtime habits at the same time so...

Hoping it's not just packed with pensioners though. I'm going to check it out tomorrow at least. The price range at least is very tolerable. :)

Mmm do you have some weights at home for starters maybe? I've been meaning to work out with what I have to save money too but just seems difficult to really get into it. Feels more motivating with machines. Maybe also when you actually go somewhere different, so the process of getting there is like a mental ritual to get you into the workout mindset, a bit like how going to an office instead of working from home makes it easier to differentiate between work/everything else...

@Cyberdevil I thought you lived in Stockholm but maybe I was wrong? Dunno how I got that idea though, if you told me that or whatever dunno...

There's a 24/7 local 100 meters away from where I live so maybe I'll start there or smth.. w/e

Yeah but in Bro, on the outskirts. Maybe it's not THAT long a commute then, but in the long run...

Ah that's real close! I have about 1 km to mine. Price-wise though, is it alright?

@Cyberdevil Oh okay. They are one of the cheaper ones but doesn't beat yours, it's 279 a month... was cheaper before though I think.

But ah yeah in Bro, that's a bit to go XD :p even if it's in Sthlm.

Yeah that's not bad either. :) We have a Nordic Fitness gym here too that I think is 349 SEK/month, the cheap one's definitely an anomaly.

Yupp yupp. :) Getting expensive to go places too, 80 SEK just for a quick SL trip, I think they just lose customers with their pricing. People don't move around as much unless they have to, or actually have a full-time job that makes it worth it. When it's actually cheaper to take the car...

@Cyberdevil You have a drivers license? Not me XD But yeah hitting the gym must be a good idea. I'll consider it as soon as I have the money, probably quite soon.

I'm gonna learn how to use the free-weights, maybe they have a course or something, or a coach that can show you the techniques to get you started.

I do indeed. :) No car of my own at the moment though, the cylinder heads broke and it was nae worth further repairs, had to send it to the scrapyard last year... it's essential during summer though, public transportation up North only works around the bigger cities/towns.

Good plan man! Been lifting free-weights a bit at home for years now, helps a bit but I really need to burn more fat, more cardio, a minimum two quick walks/day doesn't cut it apparently.

And don't forget the protein shakes! They taste good and boost the training.

Oooh yeah! Do love those. They have some good ones pretty cheap on matsmart.se occasionally, unfortunately when you drink too much and don't train you just add on fat too...

@Cyberdevil Hehe. Yeah gotta be sure to add some training to it. I think it's good to reward yourself after a session, but maybe it works out before too. XD Or maybe before + after, even better. Gotta try that out some time, be a bit adventurous. I like experimenting like that.

They're ALWAYS a good reward. XD But for sure, after training's wiser! Or before. Whenever there's training involved. Have read some differing opinions on how to best consume them for maximum muscle gain... but unless you're really bodybuilding I don't think it matters so much. More importantly just gotta work out.

@Cyberdevil Aww that's a shame. Gonna get yourself a replacement soon maybe?

Hmm money's not really in surplus right now so I'll probably wait a while, thinking about a decent one up North that I can drive back to Stockholm with after summer, they're still cheaper up there. Plus less rust when they don't salt the roads/winter's real winter.

@AudioMachina22 *thinking about buying a decent one

@Cyberdevil True that. I don't want to gain too much muscles haha, just feel healthy and get a dose of that body-rush excersising offers. And the mental clarity, general feeling of bliss. Gosh that one is addictive :p

Ah I'd looove to be bodybuilder-level buff myself, but I don't think I'd be able to comit to that level of training. XD For sure, just feeling good is the first goal, same here!

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