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@Zinkic Don't say never. Perhaps at least not in our lifetime. :)

No, I'm not doing it myself, it's that I KNOW many arguments to criminalize it when it shouldn't. Those arguments are terrible and easily failing. If you have more questions, do so.

Wish our leaders thought as far ahead. :)

@HumanityPBS @Cyberdevil You might wanna look at these websites that show an American advocate named Keith Pullman who advocates for CAI becoming legalized along with many others.
1. https://www.quora.com/profile/Keith-Pullman
2. http://marriage-equality.blogspot.com/

Think you linked to that second one earlier too. :) He's really advocating for this too hmm, interesting Quora backlog too...

That really was a good one. Wonder what it'd feel like to grow up in a family like that...

@HumanityPBS @Cyberdevil I don't really understand why fornication can harm people as long as protection is used, sexual partners are limited, testing for STDs is used and sexual trust and mutual respect exists. If you saw the Split Attraction Model in the LGBTA+ Wikia Fandom site, it's just like saying that one should have a successful romantic relationship with one before having a sexual relationship with them if safety is used. A purely sexual relationship CAN be successful.

Well protection does decrease the risk, but you can't ever protect yourself entirely. That'd defeat the intimacy of the act itself. You're only protecting particular parts. Mostly with unwanted pregnancy in mind. As for STDs though, they should be seen as a natural part of life really, like any other diseases. At least the less serious ones. As for others: good precaution to get tested too if you ever feel like getting really prolific with different partners/go for someone who has been. They probably wouldn't be a problem if we did have pretty limited partners though. If people found a mate for life and all... that rarely seems to happen though.

Sure, either kind can work fine. Either you're careful, or selective, or lucky. :) Don't really know the stats, but at least in the Western world I think the more severe STDs are pretty rare... just like any other serious disease. Tuberculosis or AIDS. Neither seems that common in the civilized world.

@HumanityPBS @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil What do you mean when you said, "That'd defeat the intimacy of the act itself."?

I mean you wouldn't be able to get intimate at all if you had to protect yourself completely. :) Some STDs transmit via just saliva too.

This is getting out of control. XD Whatever people want to identify as that's great though, just hope they're not expecting everyone to be educated on all these variations...


yeaaaah I gottem! :)

So much to keep track of... maybe it is a good thing this is all categorized, but I wonder if it's really helpful for most people. Seems to complicate. A bit like how if you read up on diseases you might recognize yourself in a lot of them and start wondering if maybe you have them too. You can probably relate to these categorizations the same way. I'm a bit hesitant to dive into the rabbit hole here and really learn about what traits pertain to each one. All I want to be is part of am amicable duo, no complexities, to appreciate each other, help each other and find solace in one another. :) And the longer you're together the stronger you'll feel about one another. Oldschool.

@HumanityPBS btw just realized that parralel could be read the wrong way there, it's not that I'm actually saying there's any connection between any of these relationship models and diseases. XD Just that similarly you can get lost in both; maybe end up not knowing what applies to you. When there's soo many...

"Beautiful" said ramush as he shed a single tear

You are a beautiful being RAMUSH. :)

@RAMUSH @Cyberdevil No u forever my man

And you! ;) Immortal and ageless, a never waning decor and display of greatness!

@RAMUSH @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil But dont forget about thee! Wise and humorous, always willing to help others in need

And not least you too! Always so positive; conduiting good moods! Sometimes witty, sometimes rhyming, sometimes random, never rude! And in tandem with creative tunes such greatness we can do. True appreciation due.

Anti military complex propaganda propaganda hmm. :) A lot of truth in this... good to see.

@HumanityPBS @Cyberdevil You mean the video is propaganda?

Well yes, somewhat, but I was mostly joking with that. Everything's propaganda really. One way or the other. We have the real military propaganda, and then videos like this thoroughly combating THAT propaganda... which makes them propaganda. Didn't have the most neutral tone/overview, I think, but I do agree with pretty much all of this.

@HumanityPBS @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil I read a comment on that video and it says about a commenter who's primary account was blacklisted for criticizing the video. Liberalism...

Hmm! Google's unfortunately a pretty active censor too. A lot of videos get taken down entirely if they delve into uncomfortable; possibly conspiratorial topics. It's not really an open site.

Do you think adultery should be a crime?

Not if it's consensual by all parties. Well, actually, I don't think it should be a crime regardless, but I do think it's wrong and hurtful to cheat on someone. If all four partners are OK with it though then I don't see a problem with it, even though you probably shouldn't get married in the first place if you want to have more than one partner. It is a sacred vow and all...

What do you think?

@HumanityPBS @Cyberdevil In my opinion, adultery (non consensual) shod be an infraction, punished by a $60 Fine (or a 89 hour community service if fine can't be paid). Now, how about a non married group? Do you think it should be a criminal offense to engage in sexual activity without being married to the other person? (Plz answer no)

Hmm well that sounds fair too, wouldn't be wrong with a little punishment at least, though what a difference between the $60 fine and the 89 hour community service! Less than a dollar an hour...

As for question #2: Nope. :) I really don't see any basis for that being an offense at all. The importance of marriage is really tied mainly to religion, which I don't believe should impact the law as much as it currently does in the first place.

In this case it seems like forcing people to marry before they have sex might lead to a lot of rushed marriages instead. Seems better everyone have the chance to form a working relationship before they really make that commitment. In some cases it might work well with a marriage first, but looking at the world as it is I don't think that's the case for most people.

@HumanityPBS @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil Now another shocking fact: In the US, child marriage is legal in some states (including my state [California])

Woooah. I knew it was in other parts of the world but not there. :/ That seems pretty wrong...

Ah you went public with it. :) Just a moment...

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