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Holy shit that was fast!!! :O

thats how i do things

But this fast?!!! This might be a first! :O

Nice!!!! Took a while but so happy you were able to get them! ??

Those ?? supposed to be an emoji I guess? :D Yeah super happy it made it, all those horror stories you hear...

Blog Post: 19:02:25 (?)
First Comment: 18:51:42

Hmmmm where do you even see the timestamp on this thing?

nvm, I think that's the time the blog script gets 'cached' by the browser...will try to find exact time...


don't think it's possible to find the HH:MM:SS timestamp of a newspost with our current technology...but I think my fastest first is this https://paragonx9.newgrounds.com/news/post/1091258

i should use my 1337 skills to call into radio giveaways and win free NickelBack tickets...or something

Nice. :D Interesting how a no-letter post easily gets more comments than a latter one with some actual more in-depth info... regarding the timestamps I was looking at some other post just yesterday and trying to find it, figured there's just no way.

Fun fact though: exact newspost comment time's actually in the source code. Why include that but not the actual blog time...

@Mabelma @Cyberdevil hahahaha yeah they were emojis, for sure! I keep forgetting they don’t work here. Really happy this was a good story :D

If they some day start supporting these I wonder if all old misinterpreted emojis will suddenly come to life hmm. :) Indeed, thanks again man!

I suppose because we can sort comments by oldest or newest?
in the previous version of NG-blogs, the full time (unpublished) was stored in a CSS (?) id tag "newspost_title_1" nested inside a span title element, which displayed the time beneath our newspost. Comment timestamps were preserved in a "news_comment_time_{x}" tag.

The newly newpost version does not use the same titling layout anymore, and no newspost_title_1. My guess is news_comment_time_ was is a 'legacy' variable used for the scripts to sort comments. Perhaps, probably, newspost_title_1 is still logged somewhere in the backend.

Ah that makes sense yeah! Interesting. I guess the exact post date's still stored in database for the relative 'time since posted' to work, but would be nice if they added in the exact thing, maybe like a hover-over detail on the forums say.

Was about to say they'd be able to calculate order straight from database too, but maybe not load in values retrospectively if it's a n ajax type of sorting script... they could just output the comment order straight away instead of the times... happy we still do have exact stamps though, for some reason this feels like an important kind of documentation...

Nice! I'd like to have something with NG too! How to get it? It is a pity that they do not make key charm anymore :/

Best chance would probably be to join as many raffles/lotteries/contests as you can. ;) With this particular one @Mabelma arranged a giveaway in celebration of Pixel Day a few months back, announced here: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1462882

Mmm I wish I'd have bought one of those too, I did manage to make one order when the shop was still active but I think that one might've been sold out... seems the closest we can get now are the pins: https://sharkrobot.com/collections/newgrounds

@Mejson @Cyberdevil Ohhhh, I do not have time to take part in competitions :P You know how many work I have XD Hehehehe

There aren't many interesting T-Shirt choices, but maybe I'll pick something :P

Not sure I do either haha. XD All about those priorities after all, but good call on really focusing on the more important things!

Nice. :) I haven't ordered any myself there but maybe in the future. Was about to say they're a little pricey now but wait there's actually a clearance sale on the explosion one hmmmmm!!! If the shipping's not too much now...

@Mejson Btw never mind the tank explosion clearance thing, only size they had left was 5XL!

Ok, I understand :) You can let me know when there will be a promotion :) Of course, only by the way :)

For sure, shall keep you in mind next time I see something. :)

@Cyberdevil How size?! :P We do not have such sizes (in Poland, maximum 3XL), who wears such sizes?

Americans XD

@Mejson @Cyberdevil, it's not normal mate XD

I know! XD People seem to be a little larger over there though: https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/adult.html

Unfortunately. No fun to actually be a part of that statistic.

@Mejson @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil, Uuuuuuuuuuu massacre. They eat very badly there! We avoid greasy products. Eating bacon for breakfast is madness... who normally eats so unhealthy?

Mmm tell me about it. :) Sitting here with a bowl of oat milk, home-made muesli, bee pollen, black currents, lingonberries, blueberries and grated coconut myself right now...

Been thinking it'd be nice to start the day with some fried eggs though at least.

Wonder how many actually have bacon for breakfast over there, seems the bigger problem may be sugary foods, all those breakfast cereals, juices, other snacks you might eat throughout the day... going through the US import isles at local shops at least it seems like sugar levels are just on a whole other level over there! Though I wouldn't mind trying some of this some time: https://www.tastesoflizzyt.com/reeses-peanut-butter-cake/

@Mejson @Cyberdevil @Cyberdevil, Cool! :P I eat healthy too :P I last eat goose eggs :) They are twice as large and healthier :)

Uuuhhh maybe, Americans should eat sugar straight from the 10 kg bag of sugar XD Crazy! One crazy thing! Shit XD This is crazy to me! :P

This cake is too unhealthy for me! xD

Ahh never tried those! Is that something you can buy at a regular supermarket over there? Local specialty? Wait maybe you had a bit of your own form, if I remember right...?

lmao! XD it's not so far from it though, the amount of sugar in everything, it's like you just pour that bag in a little bit of everything; it'll empty fast...

You don't think you'd like it?! :D If I just drop maybe ten kilos then maybe I could take that sacrifice and bake that, looks so tasty...

Making fun of Americans I see...keep doing it :P
good American parody account @JohnFreedom
I think he is supergandhi64...

Ah a legitimate free pass on this particular strain of jest. :D Thank you. Though gotta say America's dope in plenty of other ways. May nobody take it for granted or these jokes here for candid. I'd say the same of Swedes or Spanish. The day we can all laugh at ourselves, then maybe wrath will seem outlandish.

Nice! If supergandhi64 lives/lurks here yet I'd be... very positively happy about it! If you're not supergandhi64 though you're still very much welcome aboard @JohnFreedom