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I'll be very impressed if people are able to manage to submit a game to both my jam and the flash forward jam.

If anyone attempts to make a Flash game with a lies and tricks theme though, is it alright to submit the same game to both jams?

I wouldn't mind as it isn't against my rules, not sure about the flash foward jam rules though.

Awesome. :) Was about to say I don't think the Flash Jam's an exclusive on in the last comment but... not sure. I don't think so though. Have vague memories of reading something along the lines of it being possible to submit stuff both for Pixel Day and the Flash Jam too earlier on...

I remember theGimpsta and that post back when he passed in 2008. Very sad.
was the cause of death for CheeseCakeLOL ever specified?

Indeed. Strong dude looking back. Battling that cancer pretty much his whole life.

As for CheeseCakeLOL I don't think it was no, just assume so since they didn't want to disclose any details, and she'd been battling depression for some time. Don't suppose we'll ever get to know for certain though.

I think he mentioned he had osteosarcoma (a type of bone cancer), and the cancer metastasized to his lungs. Osteosarcoma is typically an adolescent cancer, lung cancer at that age is very rare.

Ah, alright, apparently added in the lung part myself. His comment response back in the day was simply: Yea, I've had cancer since I was 15 (around 5 years)

A misconception is that Adam Fulton (Livecorpse) committed murder, but this is not true:

Officer Down

Tucson Police Officer Jobe Dickinson was shot in the leg while pursuing a suspect who had stabbed a man at the Desert Wind Apartments, near Country Club Road and Speedway Boulevard, last Tuesday, June 8. While Dickinson and the stabbing victim were treated for non-life-threatening injuries at a local hospital, the suspected shooter, Adam C. Fulton, eluded police. Acting on a tip from police in San Jose, Calif., TPD officers returned to Fulton's residence three days later, where they found him dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound

His friend's name was never released, but Officer Jobe Dickinson is alive and well and as of 2018 was still part of the police department. Shooting a law enforcement official is an aggravated charge but he had no priors, so he would have served 7.5 years. He would be out of jail for a decade now. A guilty plea would probably let him serve time for the other assault concurrently. But I'm no lawyer, just reading the Criminal Statutes. So yeah, Livecorpse f*cked up big time, but he didn't kill anyone, and I wonder if he was given this information he may think twice about taking his life. Prison in America is hardly rehabilitative but there's a chance to reflect in jail and come out a better person.

Mmm, makes it all the more sad. Though I recall him writing something along the lines of how he just wouldn't manage prison.. 'I am too weak to make it in prison, and have too many mental problems'. Maybe life or 7.5 wouldn't have made a difference, but who knows now...

I like this idea! It's great! Great idea! Unfortunately... I'm already busy with a lot of activities and would like to finish 'Scene 2' by the end of the month. Take care!

Thanks for the response at least. :) Indeed we're all pretty swamped with projects these days! All the best!

@Mejson @Cyberdevil Thank you! You too!

Thank you too! :)

ever recursively visited a website on the Archive? (not sure if possible)
I'm thinking if the Archive deletes an entry (say: robots.txt is enabled)
you go to the Archive via the Archive itself and conduct the search within

Recursively visited as in... gone though in it's entirety? I know I've tried with smaller sites, but don't think I've seen one yet that really had everything there. Not all sites have a robots.txt though.

Ahhh a search within a search... just tried it with the official Wayback within the Wayback but unfortunately that just redirects to the official one. I'm pretty sure you CAN get into some weird iframe loops if you find the right site, but actual archived search functionality? Don't think that'd work so well.

@lokidnb Though of course you could just upload the default image as your own image too, just save it from a random new profile if you need it.

RE: automating blog posts, Audio List, NewGrounds markup language
did you remember anything from @lokidnb's yesterday, I suppose you responded to my posts. I was looking forward to your responses but didn't get a chance to read them. I had 3 'empty' notifications that I suspect were from that post.

RE: The DefaultMan
In the 2007-2012 layout you could delete your avatar/user image/banner, but I don't think that's possible anymore. Also, saving tankman from a profile is not changing your image to the original/default tankman, it's changing it to a saved image of tankman.

Whaaat he deleted all again? :/ I think I'll need to start avoiding that comment section @lokidnb, entire conversations continually getting purged like that...

Don't recall exactly what I wrote in regard to automation otherwise, if anything, but for the formatting bit in particular: the way I manage that for the Hexalist updates is keep an HTML template in a .txt file, which I edit and paste into the editor on my own site first, switch from HTML to Visual view in the Rich Text Editor there, and copy over the output to the NG editor. That works fine, just need to add in extra line breaks too since NG for some reason uses a double line break for each single one (you'll notice if you try copying a post here elsewhere).

Any Rich Text Editor should work for this, though not sure what to recommend there, if you don't know any better ones a WP demo site somewhere would probably work fine. Tom supposedly uses a similar approach to make his news posts, or used to, not sure now.

RE: The DefaultMan That's true, though visually it'd be the same, at least for now. Potential benefit: your default image won't get changed along with everyone else's if they happen to update that default image.

lokidnb's newspost*

*got it

nm just picked up some Wasa gluten-free Swedish flatbead crackers hbu?

Whaaaat, for real? Do they sell those in regular stores there, or visiting some Special Scandinavian one?

Didn't even know Wasa had any gluten-free ones! I've been eating a tonna Friggs rice cakes the last few years. Occasionally some https://www.apotea.se/semper-grovknacke-215-g or https://www.apotea.se/frasbrod-130-gr

Wow, it definitely has been a long time, it’s been like a month since I’ve logged on. I’m a little surprised though

Heeey welcome back though! Was about to say time flies when you're having fun but... time outside NG? :P Hmmmm!

nice! didn't know you could copy paste text like that

It does come in handy. :)

hehe you can even paste images...what the hell have I been saving and uploading for

Pretty smooth too innit. :) Since you can no longer change the ALT text of an image (that's a bit of a bummer though, had some extra creative freedom there) I don't think I've been adding in any via the button either... did you find a good RTE though? Curious what you use yourself if you have something different.

soooooooo like Doki Doki?

Like the Literature Club anime like the jam idea? Barely remember what it was about now but maybe? It's a loose theme so anything goes really. Creative reigns.

(though it ended a few minutes ago)

no don't think I have used RTEs before...maybe wordpad?
I use plaintext when possible, though
I like plain text that's marked up with code (e.g. markup code) on one window and the automatic generator on the right
I prefer this then having to highlight and edit text, without knowing what it looks like behind the scenes. Besides, it's faster this way too once you know the proper syntax, and you have full control

Mmm, was going to say it'd preferably be something that lets you switch between visual/HTML mode though, so as to really copy the output., and there isn't any functionality like that with WordPad is there...? But then again you don't really need to have a HTML template at all, just a regular template's fine now, you'd probably be able to copy over the output just fine from a regular Word document too.

But working with code/visual side by side, maybe you have the perfect editor already then? Come to think of it it'd probably work just to save the output as an .html file either way, open via browser and copy from there. No need for any alternate workarounds. Didn't strike me there's a ton of these things you could use too these days: https://codepen.io/pen/

I'm still stuck in the https://www.tiny.cloud/docs/demo/full-featured/ age myself.

well I suppose Microsoft Word is technically an RTE too, but I prefer not to use it.

True true. If you have a code/visual thing going though that's perfect. For me personally the site editor's always accessible but there really are a loooot of alternatives out there now...

I’m back again xD gonna be a tradition logging on every month no?

Welcome back again! :D At least every month no? Once a day sounds even better. ;)