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You too happy New year!

Happy New! :)

In 2 hours :)

For me about an hour before I posted this. ;) Hope you had a good one man!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year RemileOduen! :)

Flash still working...still 2019 as far as i'm concerned...

Or 2020. :P Can't be living in the past forever though, it's time to get places!111

OOOOh pretty! Thanks for stalking me bro lulz. <3

Haha, was inspired by our mutual acquaintance. :) Thank you! Thanks for starting to too now! :P

@Cyberdevil Nice lol! <3

Refreshing with all these New Year niceties now! :) Much <3!

yep, flash still working, and asks me to upgrade. It'll probably get axed once Firefox updates (which I think has forced updates?)

According to one of the recent tablet giveaway post it seems like it might be alright till the 12th at least, they done postponed it for some reason. Since people are still using it, possibly? Definitely keeping it installed till they force me to do otherwise... if naught else gotta show I don't appreciate their decision; won't abandon this shizzle voluntary.

At this point it's just interesting to see how/when/if they really pull the plug though. Still gotta add in Ruffle on my own sites but at least here we'll barely notice.

well I remember Java applets worked in browsers years after they were axed, you just had to go through a series of tiresome security warnings/disablings to get them to work. So I only expect it to be phased out.

Niiice, some hope for this old tech after all then. Maybe it's voluntary closure after all and they've just been attempting to speed up the process. Read a Luis comment where he mentioned still using XP; how that worked fine too; it'd probably be the same with this.

Mmm. Should be some alternative ways to hide those warnings for a while at least.

dig into the source code or deep within the configuration/environment settings there must be way. Should be easier on Linux.

Must be there somewhere! With FireFox seems like they just might have an official flag for it too, that you could just disable via the about:config should it become a problem there...

Happy new year! Hope this time the world won't be quite so ruthless...

Heeey, Happy New Year OneThousandMeeps! Hope so, or even if it continues to be: that we don't lose too much sleep or undue stress. ;) Let's make the best of this one!

@S3C Maybe flags via browser on Chrome too btw? Haven't delved that deeply there but I do recall having to toggle something similar to export passwords a while back...

thought you might be interested: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1462246#bbspost26669442_post_text

Woooah, actuall 2-letter availability, well technically 2-letter-number but nice, might have to grab at least one or two of these if you don't mind, could come in handy down the line...


we've done similar data scraping projects in the past.

That one did go pretty deep! Wonder if anyone will ever have the patience to really read through those chronicles on our cumulative contemplations that potentially yield little solution as to these somewhat related efforts. :)

Man I'm getting really frivolous here...but I'm sorting the 2-letter users by level of activity, and I found this anomaly:


both unused accounts. But Ms has a 'latest playlists' panel and zy doesn't...I wonder why?

Hmm. I'd assume @Ms might actually have had a playlist at one point in time but since deleted it? Whereas that @ZY is indeed not used at all.

Both of those account are abandoned, for sure, most of the 2 letter usernames are, probably because they’re old and they grow up, or maybe they were pass guessed or deleted, kind of like @za @ww and @js.

If @za @ww and @js weren't reserved by staff already I assume they took care of those though, no need to pass-guess. :) But as for the rest yeah, it's understandable people would try to sign up with whatever two-letter combos existed, just a shame more people didn't actually use those accounts...

Signing up with usernames you might want to use in the future though: common practice. :) Have definitely done a little of that too. But if you never do use that account and some regular really wants it: it's not impossible they'll clear the name for you.

Happy new year!

Happy New Year HolyKonni! :)

I take it 6g is Frev lol?
Tom will clear the name for you if you ask. Mod ZJ is formerly Puddin-64 or something. VJ is another one (https://vj.newgrounds.com/news/post/1099757). Other active ones are oe and zx (Fleek).
I also vaguely remember now (but cannot locate) Tom saying ww is actually an account, with no userpage lol

Could be! Have had two potential candidates on my mind there. ;) Wooah, Vj, nice one... wouldn't want to abandon a name it's taken so long to build acclaim around here but them short ones do have a lure! And a lore, now. A building.

Ah you know way more about this than I do! Nice. A couple namechanges to add to my list here too... wonder if ww can actually log in if so...

hehe...try this

Nice. :) san, is that a site-based reference? Don't recognize. Someone got vpn though. Wonder if that's the link they use for internal mail, maybe IP protected, or outdated reference/redirect...

mail times out, ftp would be a good one to snag if it's not forbidden

You want to try ftp or should I? Must give first dibs honor possibility for discovery if you do now.

so mail times out, but according to archive it's most recently a non-active (perhaps forbidden) username. Prior to the 2007 redesign it seems to be a login...perhaps for staff O_O

Aaah nice find. :) I figured, though wonder what they use now, if it's maybe still the same but we just can't see it... 'use HTTPcompression' hmm, do you know what that's about? Odd checkbox for a login.

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