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Keep safe bro

Many belated thanks VS!

My balls feel like hard boiled eggs in this weather i swear.See you when i see you.Have fun

I remember the feeling. XD

Enjoy your summer!

Thanks meep!

lol @Phenorax...damn I wanted first...and a vacation. Well peace out once again

Gotta step your game up S3C. ;) Peace in?

@S3C Till next time i guess.

Next gen! Bigger, better, bolder than ever.

hasn't even been 24 hrs and I'm having CyberD withdrawals

How you coping? :(



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Gonna take a while to catch up with your posts TGF :)

All the best. I'm sure I will squeeze in some rhymes and ciphers for you to come back to.

Thank you nietz! I see you did, I'll get back into the groove soon enough. :) Transpire. Dance higher. Move on up. Into the sky so far from Earth it's like a flier. But when you have too much space do you live or just die. Err... tactical err. Rap is practical word. Snap back to absurd. Hatchback doesn't hurt if you don't hit castles or curbs. Can't be candid with candy. Can't be branded a turd. I'll be amicable like an animal till I'm handed to birds. Yeah...

I take back what I said about air conditioning. My air conditioning is out and it's 87 oF. My balls are basically hard boiled eggs

Daaaaaaam. Crazy temperatures. I wonder how I would've handled that over here... how long did you spend in that? Cooler nights at least?

Man i like summer! And you know what would make it even better? IF Both @ramagi and @mpplantofficial came back god do i miss them

Yeaaah I miss 'em too! Still too busy with life @ramagi for parallel digital devotions; NG nostalgia? ;)

Lets eat Ice Cream , lets swim , lets relax in summer , everyone are letting everything

To Avoid: Playing Games , Sleeping all day , Crying in your wall , Eating garbage oats

To do: Playing Outside , Swim , Run , Relax , Jump in Trampoline , everything :)

Definitely avoided crying in my wall and eating garbage outs. XD Trampoline fun though hmm... gotta get one of those!

You've been away for a while, weighing up your options for a while, while wiling away your hours whaling, for a while, but not in the Nile, as that is more than miles away, it's quicker just to pick up some whale blubber in aisle 5 of the supermarket. Or on Isles that I'll, or you'll, never visit, where we need inflated lilos just to get there, trying to ride the high or low waves. But one day we might go, but at night when no one can see us, unless a light goes on, and some shite goes down, and some violence gets incited, outside this, abandoned building. Yeah...

Back, but feeling like I need a vacation again. Egypt maybe. Be in denial in the Nile. If just for a while. Let the troubles pile elsewhere, and just sigh with a smile... these current times are a trial. All too trying and vile. Feel a need to try on new miles. I need a triathlon or vial (with something magic inside). To get me all bashful and light. No blubber in that kind of life. Take the udder! I mean take the rudder! And steer to the nether or maybe... the other side. Where the grass is always greener. At least I can be a dreamer. Yeah...

Hey there. Just dropping by the profiles of peops who replied to mine anytime in the past year or two. ;D

Hey gfox, to think you stopped by my humble abode here too! :D Appreciate it. Hope you had a wonderful summer!

Where ya at, dude?

Augist 30 hmm... was back at work. Busy with a platform launch. Prepping for the next bit of vacation come September 10 aaaand now I'm back for real man. ;) How you been? What did I miss? What's cracking and hopping and popping like snap crackle and pop ain't an option?

@Yomuchan He was on vacation hes now back

Yeaaaah, it's true now!

@roloxguy23 Actually not really back yet just trying to catch up on my feed a bit. ;) Will be later in September...

I'm so barmy with this sewage in my mind, it's a Suez in my eyes. Don't know why I do it, drink from cruet then I rise up, ready to take these motherfuckers by surprise. Go where few do, to cloud cuck ooh, coz it feels too good to be different from the crowd. Good to clown around and shout "fuck you," like I'm a grown down, running around Rhode Island, naked, ready to break in and loot a row of vacant houses, just to take their keepsakes, deepfake porn, and ebay savings. "for Pete's sake! Have you no shame? You even stole a million pound bank note from Mark Twain!" -- "Now you wont get a place on that Ark, or that plane!" -- "I think that's kind of sinister of you, Mr. Dexter, to deny me that place! I thought you only used those hands for sexting, and you've jizzed on my new axminster carpet with ardent enthusiasm!" Don't be hard on Zarathustra; he's just spraying his spasmic acid while reading the Kama Sutra. Spray your kinetic plasma like it's molten leaded magma. That must suck. Like holding a vacuum cleaner against your nuts. Same reaction. first the OMGs, then the tuts. But a smile on your face, and hence the chuckles. Didn't say this was no knuckle ride, check your knuckles, they may have turned fuckin' white. As I write this blog on this dark and stormy night. In my element when I'm loud and petulant. Hewing and ploughing, slaving for the Jewish. Maybe it's time to find a hiding place, from the violent blaze about to ignite the night like lightning, then we have to fight the mighty plagues. Grab a book from out my bug out bag, to pass the time, while keeping a lookout across the hills just to see who the fuck's about as they launch those jugheads at half past nine. Yeah...

Zarathustra huh... man that was a real name! What a clusterfuck! I mean no illwill. Spiritual hillbill Zarathushtra Spitama or Ashu Zarathushtra would probably psychologically fuck you up.

I mean me. Said you to keep the rhyme scheme. Tonight is draining my work supply though cause I've been writing. No longer out riding highbeams. Now I just sit inside with my lows and my mind and my high dreams.

Good to be back though. Good to feel full of life again and like times can still be exciting! And to read your entertaining trials and transformative elatives like good hygiene. Just gotta kick it for tonight. Pick up the pen and flick it. See what darkness the light brings. All good hearts are inside kings. Yeah...

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In a bit!

Are you back yet?

Iiii'm back! Yepp.

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