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Posted by Cyberdevil - October 7th, 2009

For those who came
For those who saw
For those who stared
In open aw

I did not stray
Did not forsake
It was only destiny
I did make

Never enough
Of the turmoils gone through
Never catching up
To the turbines they use

To spin around the mocking ground
Just full of discs and jockeys now
But back few years it was empty as I
Shallowly seduced by just one guy

He's a legend in parts
And a legend at heart
He was a legend at end
And a legend at start

A hero doesn't come by
Every year, or week, or day
If a hero is to weak to speak
Then there hero will be okay

A hero doesn't gun down
Innocent folks they say
But this Hero was different
This hero was a cliff hanger

This hero was a hero
The people never portrayed
It was a hero the old world
Had made

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 7th, 2009

We are a species we just don't know
For reasons we do not share
Still we research while fullmoon glows
And reach up those unknown stairs

We see through the clouds that whisper
Even when the skies are clear
But if they sing we will never listen
We just screech out our despair

We reach up to faraway stars
Even though we have a large one near
We name them Emily, Leif, and Lars
Even though they are our names not theirs

We stand on the planet and wonder
While havock torches our claims
Because we know that Zeus doesn't shed thunder
We just gave him one other name

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 6th, 2009

For what I strive for
You cannot learn just from
The wisdom earned

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 6th, 2009

There are those
Who don't know me
There are those
Who say they do

On which side
Are those who owe me
On which side
Of foes are you?

There are those
Who then disowned me
There are those
Who could never choose

There are those
Who still live lonely
Aye sea them towns
Down by the blues

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 6th, 2009

When I was younger than I am
And than I will be now
I was who I am back then
And I can't break it down

Like these wrinkles won't wither
And the thoughts that stirr astray
Always a constant clutter
Always in such dissaray

When I was bigger than I am
And than I will ever be
I was someone else and yet
I was always me

Like these shades won't fade
They just won't let me be
I remember the times back then
When I was more than three

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 6th, 2009

If I tell you
Tomorrow it all ends
The world as we know it
And then it starts again

A new life will be born here
Will flourish in our torn years
Will grow and devour all despair
And become like we never knew

The people will be easy
They will live life in peace see
And stand on a cliff by the blue sea
Peacefuly singing to the ocean breeze

They will leave no verse for me
For they will know all that's to be told
And they will never die or grow old
Because they don't know our calling

And when the sun is falling
And you have heard my tale
Will you pray to higher religion
Or let your ego prevail

Will you be happy for the creatures
That take over our world with their hope
Or will you cry in agony
And hope it's all a joke

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 6th, 2009

There was once a question
That a young boy once asked
Thi question that he asked
He could not take back

No matter how much he wanted to
The question was exact
He could not let it fail him
And it would not extract

People thought he was playing
All a theatrical act
What was this brave boy saying?
They asked the crowd in back

But there was no delaying
The wonder that arrose
And it soaked all in confusion
All of those who were close

They could find no solution
They could find no reprose
They did not know what to do then
So to banish him they chose

And he still didn't have an answer
To this question in his mind
Thus he lived his life in search for
The answer he could not find

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 6th, 2009

I am not solemn, I am no golem
I am not Salim, I am known by no men
And those who know me, think I am holy
But I do know me, and thus I'm nosey

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 6th, 2009

When the world is dry and sandy
You won't need to seek refuge
From the cold wind that blows man deep
Into the ravines of snow let lose

When the worls is wet and dandy
And there's no war left to fight
We can sleep safely on land see
If there is land still in sight

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 6th, 2009

Conform my storm
Revive your life
Distort the burns
Of lightligt skies

And rise the gods
To size and viel
Because I am sky
Yet you prevail

When it's cloudy

Poetry by Me