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Cyberdevil's News

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 11th, 2009

I am who I fall as
When the grim breeze stops
Locks me in my footsteps
Forgets the face of time
Evades the bullets spraying
Like fountains over sand
The dunes of demons craving
When power meets demand
The hour is late and I wait
For minutes to become years
The tiger wakes up and is bait
For the new me, is here

Reborn as I was yesterday
When I woke up from unkept reach
Torn from the world I am less than me
And I won't be dulled by speech

So please switch to the pitchblack stars
And light up the sky like a light
Because I will still be who you call
When there is noone left in your sight
And it doesn't matter for life is too short
To claim upon matters a shortness, abort
I'm plain as the latter, creative in port
So write me a letter and I will get better

Or pin down your sorrows and trap them for me
And I can laugh and dismantle your need
To crack down for every backwhack or defeat
Lethal when little else matters

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 10th, 2009

Some we outlive
Some we outgrow
Some we renew
Some flow like snow

Up from the sky
Past our window
Down and pass by
Slowly we throw

Thoughts out to them
Reach to dispute
Reach to change reason
Reason salute

Strive to keep feeling
The same things they do
The humans so many
And equals so few

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 10th, 2009

It comes in overflow
It comes beyond limits
It comes with home

It comes in consolation
It comes too monotone
It comes with cameras

It comes with legions
It claims its soldiers
It does not matter

They see the shadows
Condemned by the battle
Regret, failure, defeat

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 9th, 2009

I like to
Fight two
Opponnents at the same time
Night view

I like too
Bright fuse
On that stick of dynamite
Sight lose

I might do
Write haikus
At the beak of dawn
Break and carry on

I like dew
Mountain dew fool
In gulps I chew
It's stubborn matter

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 9th, 2009

Upon the full moon my eden sways
It fools my senses and drifts away
Out upon the grim fields that see
Wider tundras of missery

Upon the blight sun my ego strays
It blinks ablaze and then fades away
I wander the walkways drawn by grace
Slowly awaken to seemless amazement

Upon the calm snow my soul embraced
Warmth in my heart and joy on my face
Even though my mind whispers me "stay away!"
From the cold that bathes in our world

So the moonlight that raises demonic
And the sun that burns uleashed
Thus this snow so cold could bring chronic
Storms our rivers and fills our streets

But under this hide my ample heart beats
Two notes a minute, twice in a row
And the snow that falls seems to me so honest
I lie down and in it divine angels plow

The sun is hidden behind grey clouds
The moon is held behind this storm
And in this darkness that our world crowds
A new light, is born

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 9th, 2009

Can't figure out what it means to be
To breath like a stream be at peace with me
Everyday a dream passes easily
A constant breeze that won't seize to sleep

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 9th, 2009

The murlocks call, lingual summer whispers
A turbines tall, stings in symbols glistens
The snow on the ground, the sunlight through our wall
Are we who we seek to be, when the light we seldom see

Sinks down through the clear blue sky and up behind the pine
The snow that sparkles through the darkness winter world of mine
It climbs upon the sky come morning, marks the spawn of this new day
The winter wisdom rises yawning, seeks me out endrawn like clay

Tears me in the freedom beating
Seldom found within my soul
White bright havoc fondly fleeting
Filling tremour, riling hole

I see the frisk I seek to flee
I feel sleek inside and reek of me
Strive to linger the streaks to be
Shout my lungs out, healing, free

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 9th, 2009

I am sitting here at home
Remembering verses that came my way
When I was just a boy
But in my mind they will always stay

Remind me of the times
When then was now and now was so far away
When I could fly
In my dreams the clouds were detailed

I see myself as I was in the past
How I thought I would be and forever last
And I thought I could see the coming time
I thought the world was round like a lime

And I thought it was sour
And a little bit sweet
And that it was all mine
To both pick and eat

I had a choice to take it
To eat it, drin it or make it
Into something difference
It was my path in existence

And time flew away
And night turned to day
And I let that lime rot
Like the time that was shot

So meet my conviction

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 9th, 2009

We hope that we have
Something left to live
When tomorrow comes

Out of the dying blue
Out of decaying green
Out of the fading dream

Still we hide our screams
We howl inside our seems
Longing to be set free

Outside where the world
Could be so beautiful
If we let it live without us

Poetry by Me

Posted by Cyberdevil - October 9th, 2009

I feel weary, a bit tired, not too dry eyed, I feel fine
Time passes fast and I laugh so hard that I sometimes find
I have a hard time winding back, rewinding, relaxing
But never is it hard to eat my snacks when there are too

Many cold facts in the freezer

Poetry by Me