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One Man Band One Man Band

Rated 4 / 5 stars June 30, 2014

lmao. If it wasn't for all those 'woahs' at the end (sounds a bit like a flock of seagulls) I'd think this was actually real. It isn't... is it? Just have to check, two of those voices do sound somewhat unique. Idea was pretty fun, the happy music, the sneeze; the mayhem that follows. :D Nice work!


B1KMusic responds:

Oh it's real, alright. I cloned myself 12 times to see if we could make a decent band, and as you can hear here, we got into a fight. They're in their pods over there for now, until I decide what to do with them, and find out whether I can get a refund for the $153,409,255,255.89 that I spent on them.

Summer Begins! Summer Begins!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars June 16, 2014

It's a pretty nice and summry song! Has a farm-like feel to it, probably because of that... banjo? Is that a banjo... maybe just a regular guitar with a certain style of playing? Sounds good!


LagomyDrago responds:

Yeah, it's a banjo xP

I wanted to broaden my horizons a tad from the electro style and one of my most popular songs was
"To live and die in Dixie"
So I made another southern-flavored piece.

It's cute, but I didn't give it as much attention as it deserved

Take On Me! Take On Me!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars June 16, 2014

This sounds more like dance than DnB, considering the surplus of instruments apart from particularly drums and bass. :) But either way, it sounds good, it's got that light feeling the original had too. Simple; spiffy, keep it going!


LagomyDrago responds:

Yeah, that makes sense. Thank you so much, I nearly jumped out of my seat seeing an actual comment on one of my works XD

Holiday Road! Holiday Road!

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars June 16, 2014

Not bad for a first track! I guess most people have an easier time with the syncing when they use sequences rather than keyboards, and don't really need to time anything in. In that aspect, this really isn't bad! Melody's nice and atmospheric too. Nice work!


LagomyDrago responds:

Thank you very much. :D

I'm also a bit unhappy with the volume, in hindsight. The instruments are somewhat unbalanced and a bit loud.

Eroded Layer Eroded Layer

Rated 3 / 5 stars June 10, 2014

I like the higher layer, the one we hear the most of. Seems to contrast a bit with the background one, and though it sounds good it always seems to play without aim, it's jazzy and diverse but all the same a bit diffuse - it never really gets to that point where I immerse myself in the sound. Keep it going!


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MetalBladeGamer responds:

Thanks alot for the good points! I actually agree with what what you said. Though, now that I'm listening to it, the top layer has too much "smack" to each note. I tried doing that to make it contrast with the bottom layer but i'm not quite sure if that complemented each other well or the song in general. Anyways, thanks alot for the good critique and thanks for all the comments on my art as well!

-+[Scarborough Fair]+- -+[Scarborough Fair]+-

Rated 5 / 5 stars June 7, 2014

Beautiful. Feels like saying anything more than that is just superfluous here! :P The rhyme scheme's perfect, the words playful and natural, music sharp yet atmospherically ambient, and the song's clear and angelic. It's that kind of music that gives you goosebumps. Masterful music!


LadyArsenic responds:

^__^ Thank you so much! The lyrics aren't mine, however. Lol it's an old British folk song. The poetry's ancient. ;)

Regardless, I'm really glad you like my rendition of it! Thanks for listening!

Only a Memory Only a Memory

Rated 3 / 5 stars May 22, 2014

Man I wish the audio quality had been better back then! Seems like it could've been really emotional if the recording device really managed to capture it all. Guitar is good, voice doesn't sound bad but it doesn't really come across either. Did you ever write down the lyrics btw? That'd be neat to have in the description. Hope you'll keep posting!


Krash17 responds:

Ask and ye shall receive. Thanks for your feedback, the lyrics are now posted. Annnnggggsssttttt

DJ B1K - Whoop-dee-doo-da DJ B1K - Whoop-dee-doo-da

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars May 16, 2014

Intense! The 'Whoop-dee-doo-da' seems to somehow trivialize the matter of the music. It's gritty, grinding, grimy... pretty great! Does feel a bit monotone in the long run, but excluding the potential for more variation (well, the score's based on that) it seems flawless, methodically melodic and moody. Nice work!


B1KMusic responds:

This is quite an old song, but thanks for the review!

Corego Corego

Rated 4 / 5 stars April 28, 2014

I like the boppy intro type, and how the eighties-ish synth kicks in and brings a continuous warmth and wonder to the track. It's a smooth leisurely paced melody, with a good mood. Nice work!


dlxrevolution responds:

Thanks bud : DD

Pico 2: Final Boss Pico 2: Final Boss

Rated 4 / 5 stars April 27, 2014

Pretty awesome tune. It sounds like... crystal, or metamorphosis, a wavy voyage through a world pulsating with light and wonder. Not really like a boss theme IMO but it's energetically ambient; smooth. Nice work!


Gaycied responds:

I see what you mean. It was my first attempt at a boss theme, so hopefully the next one I make fits better, lol. Thank you for the review.