Entry #253

It's Summer!

2017-07-03 17:52:37 by Cyberdevil

So I'll be away a couple months. Have a good one y'all!


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2017-07-03 17:54:39


Cyberdevil responds:

Aah... a collective screencap of ten years worth of It's Summer post comments of the past! We've known each other a whole huh. :) Thanks for the memories; see you around!


2017-07-03 19:48:58

Have fun and see ya!

Cyberdevil responds:

Cheers! :)


2017-07-04 00:58:40

here's to ten more great years on NewGrounds, CyberD, and beyond!! make your vacation a special one p.s. you're up at the crack of dawn huh

Cyberdevil responds:

At the crack of dawn; up and away; back for a week before I leave again. :)


2017-07-07 13:20:32

We gonna miss ya bud, have a great summer and make sure to come back to NG when the leaves start to fall. Till then, goodbye.

Cyberdevil responds:

A well worded adieu! Thank you.


2017-07-15 23:57:55

Fuck yeah its Summer bro

Cyberdevil responds:

Hell woot!


2017-07-25 06:59:32

Have a great summer! :)

Cyberdevil responds:



2017-08-07 00:07:19

Good ol' Northern Norths!

Cyberdevil responds:

Fo rizzle! They never grow 'ol!


2017-08-14 20:40:15

Cyberdevil's back...*turntable scratches*

Cyberdevil responds:

To rebel and to rap! Write a bit and nap! Work until my flight leaves, and I might catch the last! Leaf up in the mighty, gleaming pride of Vikings! Let's leave it at that! In two weeks I'll be back! *turntable scratch*

Also you notice fast, man! Just a few P-Bot responses and slim portal activity...


2017-08-16 05:50:10

ever seen the dystopian comedy Brazil?

Cyberdevil responds:

Hmm yeah! Had to Google to remember it though, seems like something to rewartch. Relevant now. Also I don't remember it as much of a comedy...


2017-08-16 22:32:15

btw i'm vegetarian now...except I still eat fish/seafood. and birds. and pigs. so basically i'm a quarter@ss vegetarian...also known as a suida-pollo-pesco-vegetarian. or more simply an abovinotarian. I haven't eaten beef in over two months. once i finally move out of my mom's basement i'll aim for being a pesco-vegetarian (pollo-pesco-vegetarian at worst).