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Entry #237

It's Summer

7/1/14 by Cyberdevil

I'll see you all in September then. Have a good one!


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3 days ago

Hi Cyberdevil!
How are you doing? How's your vacation been?
Betcha didn't expect me to be here when you come back! :P
Nice rap battle you had in these comments, do you only rap in blog post comments?

See ya! :)


5 days ago

4 days to go


13 days ago

See ya!


13 days ago

yo I bought a couple condenser mics and an XLR cable!! unfortunately there is no room to be an Indian rap god in this f*cked up world lol


2 weeks ago

Soon you will be back. Back like a WWE wrestler who has been written out for a month or two. But when you return, it will be a dramatic comeback. It'll be the biggest thing since sliced bread. But wait a minute! Sliced bread is smaller after it has been sliced!


3 weeks ago

Yo man forget about it, i ended up scouting the guy anyways.


3 weeks ago

Hey there! i don't know if you are already around but i found this guy here

His gallery is really promising and i really like his not porn stuff.
However he is primordially a furry porn artist, and i don't really feel good scouting that, i already confirmed his identity (so yeah that means i just made a Furaffinity account...) so his art is his, and well there is only scouting him, but yeah i want but not that much... do you want him?


1 month ago

An Indian doctor walks into a bar with a duck on his head.. nah, forget it. Damn, I wish you had mail forwarding to your bucolic retreat. I guess they'd send it back to me if it wasn't kosher :\

We never talked about who you sell your produce to, or is it all canned and hoarded away for winter? We had a few inches of rain, and some borer worms started eating into the beets :p hope they leave my few stalks of corn alone!



oh geez it september yet!? wake me up when september ends?? Looks like I got another 2 months of Indian doctor humor!!



@VicariousE beat you to a forum thread too lol



S3C would've beaten me (2 teh punch) anyway... I thought about saying 'happy birthday!! have a good one lol' but was outside busy, like you probably are now... no time for reading or writing. But while I was tidying up the place for my sister's arrival, I was thinking.... so how old now?

I really hope that letter gets to you... I sent a videotape to my brother once, took 4 months :| It was a Sony Digital8 recording... so the spooks probably had to wait for a D8 cassette deck to check for secrets |:



happy birthday!! have a good one lol

Hmm, guess you'll need some chicken wire around the pump inlet then. Using aluminum irrigation pipes? I worry about plastic constantly... always leeching nasty things into the water. Solar or electric? Wow, that's slightly more water hauling than I've had to do recently!

There's a nice birch tree on our farm, I was burying a raccoon next to it. Shovel? You don't use a type of fork to pry the spuds up? How long do they need to sit before they're (more) edible? I think in Idaho it's around 6 months...

Double the trouble, I can't face this, a two month wait, while you go to some place you visit on a annual basis. It's kind of binding, contractual, but I need to exercise the art of patience until you return from that large vacation. Yeah...

7/8/14 Cyberdevil responds:

It's a bit less rare than annual, up here where machines are manual and hares are spanful, we should can those spiteful critters in the litter bins in handfuls, or maybe not, maybe better with all those lots of vacant pots. I hear too much stress can hurt you, patience is a virtue, meanwhile I'll take a stroll by glowing atolls inhaling Birch fumes. Yeah!

Lol, no auto-turret for the deer, but I got a 'motion activated garden hose sprinkler thing', but it only works within a certain range.

The age of the shoe is approximate, since the last plow horse died a few years after WWII. Potatoes, eh? You have to dig them out by hand, or do you have a mechanical digger? We had a nice one that had iron wheels. Yeah, definitely take pictures... I should've taken a few shots of the PTO rototiller in action; at least 2 meters wide, and the dirt is quite fluffy :)

7/8/14 (Updated 7/8/14) Cyberdevil responds:

Nice gadgetry! :D I'm stopping by the city myself to finally purchase a water pump today, to partially automate the process of bringing up water from the lake. It should handle 6500 litres/hour, where we've previously during dry days been carrying up at least 2-300 litres by hand. Time to put all that energy to better use...

A, a retired relic from remarkable times past! We do have spades or... whatever those tools you traditionally use to excavate these crops be called, but it's manual indeed. Had - no longer? lol, fluffy dirt... sounds efficient!

For the record, I sent the letter out an hour ago. There's lots of odds and ends in there, along with your.... tribute, of sorts :) Now all I need is a box and a Tyvek bag for gamejunkie's parcel, which I'm sure will cost a shit load more.

Kinda feel bad though... I sent a 70 y/o horseshoe from our last farm horse to a friend in Oregon... and you're the part time farmer! But he really needs the luck it will bring, along with the HD I couldn't send to him directly (from Egghead).

7/2/14 (Updated 7/2/14) Cyberdevil responds:

Woo, I am looking forward to it! Whatever surprises await! Thanks again! Getting hyped up! Hope it survives the travel OK!

Well I have a couple of old rusty horseshoes hanging above doors up North, so no worries! I doubt anyone's a full 70 y/o though, but they're all finds so who knows... how did you keep track of age? Was it saved within the family all that time? First horseshoe your family ever bought?




7/2/14 Cyberdevil responds:

That's the way!

September?! Oh no, that's two months! I thought it was only one!

And so, the 24 year long tradition goes on... and on....... and on.. and on... and on....... and on. And then someone in the family might say, "we're not going this year." -- "W-what?!" --- "We are really! I was just kidding!! Pack your bags guys!!"

7/2/14 Cyberdevil responds:

Double trouble!

Hah, that'd be my dad then, he's somewhat hesitant to drive up to the middle of nowhere each year, but well there the hesitation fades into clear air and scarce bears, all these fierce years. Yeahs!



Yo Bob, Happy 10th of July and see you man next year ^^
Also, have fun wherever you go :)

7/2/14 Cyberdevil responds:

Yo Oh-Sama! Thanks man, I will, you too; hopefully before next year. :P

I know you've got a shorter growing season than I do... is there stuff already in the ground? Hope you have a rototiller in case things look unwieldy in the weed department. I put some stuff in a few weeks late :\ but I've been okay so far this year, just need to keep the deer away; using a spray made of egg whites and garlic, random truck patrols, gunfire...

7/2/14 Cyberdevil responds:

Yepp, my parents finished planting the crops about a month ago... they've had a little trouble tending to them since then. :) I don't know exactly what we have, but it's probably the usual: a little of pretty much everything that grows up North. And lots of potatoes. I should take a few pics too; let you know how it goes! Hmm, gunfire in a spray? How does that work?



oh cool a rare VicariousE sighting lol

7/2/14 Cyberdevil responds:




It's Summer, A Bittersweet Time For All Cyberdevilian Fans, As We Bereave The Digital Absence Of Our Beloved Nordic NewGrounder. But We All Bid You A Most Grandiose Farewell, & Send You Our Warmest Regards. For Your Leave Is For The Greater Good Of Sweden That You Grow Crops For Others To Feast Upon, In Concurrence, Your Carefully Tended Produce Is Plentiful In Fiber Therefore Promoting Good Colon Health, Lol. We Will Miss The Clever Raps, Abundant Reviews, And Enlightening Content. May Your Voyage Feel Long But Bountiful, While For Us May It Pass Like A Swift Breeze As We Look Forward To Your Seasonal Return. Yeah...

7/2/14 Cyberdevil responds:

An Inspiring Farewell! I Shall Use This Limited Span Of Time For All The Wondrous Things Only Summer Time Can Be Used For, Like For A Fleeting Moment Forgetting About Time Completely And Letting Days And Weeks Pass By As Mere SunRises And Falls, Without Conquests For Digital Rewards Or Obsessive Gathering Of EXP. Instead I Shall Gather Trees And Be As Free And Savage As I Can In That Northern WilderLand I Am. Soon. Yeah...

Summer Loving Had Me a Blast
Summer Loving Happen so fast
I met a girl crazy for me
Met a boy cute as can be
Summer days drifting away to oh oh the summer nights.

Have fun.

7/2/14 Cyberdevil responds:

Groovy tune. Thanks!



See ya? I didnt know this was a yearly thing. Anyway, have fun wherever youre going!

7/1/14 Cyberdevil responds:

24 year long tradition thus far. ;) Thanks; you too! Whatever you choose to do!

Oh Gob, I forgot you run off this time of year! I had to do some extra checking, but I can send you a letter (containing what it does).... thought I might get it to you before your birthday next week :(

Dude, I been busting my ass on the farm and at the house next door, no time to run to the other end of town (post office), I'll post a pic when it's (the crops are) all looking good.

7/1/14 Cyberdevil responds:

Ah yeah, that letter! :D And you remembered my birthday! Looking forward to it!

It'll be a sight to behold! Yeah I'ma probably have to really plummet into the patchland plotting too soon as I get up there, considering how long overdue this vacation start is. It'll be in dire need of weeding I see in my mindly screenings.