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Entry #237

It's Summer

2014-07-01 05:07:25 by Cyberdevil

I'll see you all in September then. Have a good one!


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2014-10-14 21:46:03

Haha i guess.

Cyberdevil responds:

Obligatory response. :P


2014-10-13 18:08:04

It's future was Calle 13, and they no longer do regayton XD.

Cyberdevil responds:

So there is no future! :C A lot of groups with numbers in their names over there btw.


2014-10-13 17:03:55

All his songs are about the same, with the variation of him bragging about his money or guns, then it loops, and they have the same beat.

Cyberdevil responds:

Future of reggaeton doesn't look too bright!


2014-10-13 16:36:44

Maybe because you don't understand what they say, otherwise i would have to call you a slut XD.

Cyberdevil responds:

Only artist I could recall by name was Daddy Yankee, looking up some lyrics aaand Google Translate:

Hold on, little girl, hold on
Feel my partner ELVIS rising
You slash down there and puts you sata
See if you kill your bellakera

That uhh sounds a bit suspect yeah. O_o


2014-10-13 15:29:47


That's kinda my point, but i am talking more of day to day communications, but yeah that works too.

The Colombian youths love regayton (reggaeton), but that doesn't means that the shit is any less wrong just because it is popular, think of it as porno-rap, the only decent reggaetonero to have existed was Calle 13 from Puerto Rico, and he no longer makes reggaeton, so yeah.

It meas Asylum 38.

The new president is actually a disciple of the former one, matter of fact he was his Defense minister, but they are currently "attacking" each other over ideologies, the former one wan'ts to war its way towards peace, and the current one wants to make peace talks, and is actually kinda making them, other than that they are the same thing, the current one is OK with it because it helps its image of the lesser of 2 evils.

Cyberdevil responds:

Glad we agree! :D

Personal opinion huh. :P Think we might've talked about that earlier... I rarely ever listen to reggaeton myself, but it's just cause I'm hooked to a select few genres already, haven't stumbled upon any I didn't like... yet.




2014-10-12 16:13:30

Haha yeah writing it all without spaces is a sense post read of velocity, but as you read it you actually slow down because you have to decipher what is written there.

Reading the emotions of people outside the text is relevant because is a form of communication that existed before written media, and after so many years we haven't mastered outside some really privileged and talented authors, and some other social persons, so now try to do the same but in a text, that's my point.


You know if you compare Hip Hop to reggaeton which is seems as music for prostitutes (literally they even have a very common word known as perreo, nasty shit), you will get punched in the face, because it is one hell of an insult, with that said, yeah i can see the similarities on the beat, and only that.

Man i forgot Asilo 38, shame on me they have to be here on this list, Asilo 38 is a classic of Colombian Hip Hop:

But when one thing dies, "Nace algo mas fuerte" something stronger is born.

No idea, it is a crazy country, who knows what they may show, but that is one of the most decent channels we have, which is why the former president calls them "terrorist sympathizers", because they show things as they are, which of course is bad for that corrupt bastard that should be in jail.

Cyberdevil responds:

True that. :) I probably read it faster since I knew beforehand what I'd written...

Well, what I mean is: a good author should be able to convey the emotion within the text. Or mean you mean like the emotional effect you get when someone's telling the story verbally? I do agree there.

You don't like reggaeton over in Colombia? :O I'll keep that in mind. Hehe, yeah!

Asilo 38 - Nice, specially the third one! Sounds like some political rapping in that last one, more gangster rap in the first two. What does Asilo 38 mean btw? I understood the previous names, kinda.

Aha, wasn't getting that Nace part. Good knowing! Former president? New one's OK with it? Mmm, I didn't get to catch any music yesterday btw, maybe something's on right now...


2014-10-12 13:35:44

Man i managed to get all that on one message, now lets add this thing, we would need to include typographical rules, not as emotes or symbols like !, for the whole emotional spectrum, and that spectrum has to be universally agreed upon, and now the thing got even more complex.

Colombian groups let see:

Zona Margina (a political, well if is colombian hiphop it will have something to denounce anyways... my fav national group):
This one takes some time to start

Chocquibtown (probably the most well known group, they are the face of the country, a well deserved position):

Tres Coronas (despite the name one of them became a sold out, so they are only 2 MCs now, gangsta rap.):

La Etnia (mix 3 coronas and Zona marginal, and you have these guys, but they are older than 3 coronas, these are the beginnings of the movement in the country):

On this HH al parque we got some new guys so far this one got most of my attention:
Rimas Pesadas:

Anyway as you can see just by comparing Chocquibtown with lets say 3 coronas, the styles change a lot from region to region, our movement is highly varied thanks to the many cultures that we have, from blacks to the natives, whites and immigrants, and this list is just not representative at all, there's a myriad of things left that not even i know.

BTW here you can see the livestream of the event plus a list of the artists
This one has a bigger video player
the drafts are the same, but the time changed so it starts again today at 16:00 that would be 23:00 for you XD, when they are not covering the event it transmits normal public television.

Cyberdevil responds:

Yeah man, that stuff's just too complex. :/

Ah nice, let's see...

Zona Margina - I like their vibe! And that last one was a different touch, bit like reggaeton. I'm getting the impression Colombian's a difficult langage to rap in, hard to find rhymes, hard words, but maybe this group just doesn't place so much importance on rhyme....

Chocquibtown - Woo, I like these guys vibe even more! Has that South American sound I remember from groups like Mana, bongo drums, melodic vocals and everything. A lot more song too. First one's probably my favorite of these three. Impressed they're on Vevo!

Tres Coronas - Almost caught that first phrase completely. :D Nas said that hiphop died, maybe, but when one thing dies... something something... stronger! I liked the first one most, rock influences and all. Other two sound a bit like Cypress Hill style. Even some English in there. :P

La Etnia - Classic, classy, basic, bossy... not bad!

Rimas Pesadas - Now this was awesome. :D

Ah, thanks for those links, I'll have a peek if I'm online at the right time. :) Got a glimpse of some Columbian culture for now, some guy driving around on one of those bikes with a cart at the front, zigzacing between banana stands, kissing some banana worker I assume was his wife... hmm... wonder what that was all about...


2014-10-12 12:57:47

Haha got you! copy pasting my text doesn't works in this case without any edits, because what seems like a spiral reasoning becomes a circular one thanks to this here: "numbered images of the image numbers of the number images of the first numbered images" the first numbered images, is the starting set of numbered images, and it should appear only at the final of the chain, however it is plastered all over the sequence in your reply XD.


Oh then maybe i will give it a watch some day.

Oh but bolding and italicization are to signify importance, you can't really express a feeling with them, neither the tempo in which a rhyme should be read, i definitively don't think that it is a working system that currently is, for example if i where to write:


And then i tell you: "That's darude-sandstorm but i changed part of it."

Can you notice what i changed?
Would bolding and italicization help you in this?
Even if the rest was also using bolds, italics and underlines and not just the part i changed?
Now what if i told you that it was never Darude-Sandstorm, but other song, can you discover which song it was?
Would bolding and italics help you on that?

I highly doubt it, specially without prior agreement of what bolds and italics are supposed to point towards, but who knows maybe you are a genius empath (which explains why you can do this with text, people can't even read feelings accurately even irl, example: The girlfriend seems avoidant, is she mad, sad, annoyed or just tired? accurately get the answer without asking her and just by looking at her current body expressions, i would fail that XD (uses an emote, i shouldn't tho)), also what is the tone of my voice as i write this? am i serious, enthusiastic, sleepy because i just wake up? was the emote i used before helping you to get this answer or was something i deliberately planted to misguide you?
And was i talking fast or slowly?
Are these questions coming fast one after the other, or slowly and well spread giving you time to answer them?

Haha but yes, like i told you, to make such a system is doable, complex (lost) but doable, and it wont really get in the way of our understanding of older works as long as we get in the context that those are older works and thus don't use the system.

Cyberdevil responds:

Argh, fatal mistake! I even proofread that part. :C

Yupp, could be worth it! Some day when no greater things cloud the visionary spectrum!

I'd argue that it depends on how it's used. if for example two people are having a dialog, and one of them is shouting on boldened text, wouldn't that be strengthening the impact/emotion of their words? IOW their feelings. Of course the words have a bigger impact than how they're stylized, but style helps amplify their implications/importance. Tempo's much harder to adjust overall, but, with pauses, you can adjust it, to a certain extent. Like this. Right?

Ehm... using words to document a melody is difficult enough regardless of structure. Maybe we're speaking of different things here... I was considering the implications certain formatting would have in regular text, like a story. I'm getting totally misguided by your theories here. :P As for the emoticon though, if you're intentions to misguide, of course I wouldn't understand it. It'd be like me writing asdfihiurgsg and assuming people know it's code for This Text, without giving them the code. Code as a metaphor for these structures we're speaking about here. I can't read an emotion an author doesn't actively seek to convey, but how is reading the emotions of people outside the text relevant to anything? Ifyouwanttotalkfastyoucanpaceitlikethisbecausethepausesbetweenwordsareactuallyinterpretedsimilarlytolinebreaksorparagraphspaces, but that'd be difficult to read. Questions are definately faster when there's less space between them, and the shorter they are, so to some extent the formatting's working fine! But I feel like this is getting sidetracked...

Mmm, but even if we know older works are to be read differently, we would with time adapt to the new system and start reading them with the same expectations as any other text. It'd be like trying to read a book in old English today, it just sounds weird! The language is constantly evolving of course, but I think adding such drastic structure changes into that evolutionary progress would be like adding a wall between the old and new. And the more time progresses, the higher it grows!


2014-10-12 00:17:17

But chances are that i will need some numbered images of the image numbers of the number images for those other numbered images of the image numbers of the number images of the first numbered images of the image numbers of the number images.

I don't know, i haven't played BioShock infinite yet.

I did mentioned Cowboy Bebop, but! i have never seen Baccano, and thus it was impossible for me to be mentioning the series, it was you the one who talked of it, and i think it was not the most hyped soundtrack, so chances are that i will not watch any Baccano in the future, i mean it didn't looked all that interesting to start with (to me), and then CyberD tells me that the OST ins't all that, so yeah there aren't all that much incentives for me to watch Baccano XD.

Yeah well the thing is that to communicate with those kids is already quite hard in person, and while is true that some can be more responsive by using digital mediums like texting to communicate, it has the problem that it remains flat (to the point that teenagers nowadays will take you way too seriously or even sense aggression if your messages lacks any emotes), but it is text really impossible to transmit these things? no, the problem is that you would need to redesign writing itself, creating new parameters to indicate things like speed, tempo, rhythm, feeling, and melodies, it is doable you could establish things like font size, font style and different kinds of punctuation, as a way to symbolize when and how a particular thing should be read, now that is a little bit imposing on the reader, but that is the whole point here, to minimize ambiguity, however that is not practical at all as a therapy, specially with these kids which are dependent on routines and stability, but it could work for other people though.
Yeah yesterday and today we had a series of expositions both national and international on different topics inside the fields of psychology.

And today also started Hip Hop al parque 2014, the biggest hip hop event in Latino America, a fucking pity that it takes place in Bogota, because those bastards are fucking zombies, they lack emotion, they show the levels of excitement that a decomposing cadaver would, really they put not only the country but the whole continent in shame, i hate them so much, i really don't feel Colombian at all.

Cyberdevil responds:

Maybe make a numbered todo list with the numbered images of the image numbers of the number images for those other numbered images of the image numbers of the number images of the first numbered images of the image numbers of the number images and the image numbers of the number images for those other numbered images of the image numbers of the number images of the first numbered images of the image numbers of the number images and the number images for those other numbered images of the image numbers of the number images of the first numbered images of the image numbers of the number images and those other numbered images of the image numbers of the number images of the first numbered images of the image numbers of the number images and the image numbers of the number images of the first numbered images of the image numbers of the number images and the image numbers of the number images of the first numbered images of the image numbers of the number images and the number images of the first numbered images of the image numbers of the number images and the first numbered images of the image numbers of the number images and the image numbers of the number images and the number images?

Argh, I keep typoing that! Sorry, Colombia.

lol, I remember now that... it was I who mentioned Baccano as something that sounded like Cowboy Bebop. :D That memory! Yeah, it wasn't an incredibly memorable anime, but it was pretty fun. On par with... say Black Lagoon, Gungrave and Trigun. Well maybe not Trigun.

Interesting notion! We do use certain formats to ease expression, not just forms of punctuation, but pauses, sentence length etc, along with things like bolding and italicization. I feel like if you read a lot, these simple motors all amplify the meaning of the text, the emotion, mood, atmosphere etc. But the problem is, apart from inexperience, that the impressions you get from regular formatting is also very subjective. Not everyone will pick up the same clues, in for example how a certain word being bolded could hint at a strengthening of some intention linked to previous use of that word. Though new structures would seem foreign at first I don't think it'd be any different from learning a language. After a while it becomes so automatic that you don't notice it, like how you pause without placing any focus on the pause for things like paragraph shifts, etc. Might cause some problems with the freedoms in typographical design though, we'd start misunderstanding older works, and it'd be easy to 'design' things the wrong way and cause the wrong impressions if you don't have sufficient knowledge of typographical significance. Well, to conclude: I think it's a working system that currently is. Though that doesn't say anything about the therapeutically aspects of it... don't think I want to get into that. Seems difficult.

If only those decomposing cadavers could zombify the emotional levels would soar! :P Hip Hop al parque sounds awesome at least. Do you have any Columbian hiphop artists/groups you'd recommend listening to btw?


2014-10-11 08:21:27

But then i would need numbered images of the image numbers of the number images for those numbered images of the image numbers of the number images.

Cilantro heaven.

Yeah you talked about how the Mai HIME OST was so important to you, and then i said that i was not feeling it for an action oriented anime, and then you said that it has to be seen along with the anime, and so, and so. (yeah i had to check the PMs, my memory is not that good)

The solution to the inability for musicality and emotion to be transmitted on a textual format? none, indeed part of the conference was to demonstrate that very inability, since it was an exposition about therapy an methodology and you don't work with kids using textual mediums precisely because that big part of the communicated data is lost, then he didn't went on that direction because it was irrelevant on the big picture, however maybe if an exposition on cognition is given today, i could ask them that question, which reminds me i am going late... which is quite bad because i will miss the second half of the conferences since i have my Japanese class es in the afternoon... i am drinking coffee to skip on sleep (that's the reason i am still awake on the inter-webs), i can no longer brag about being drug free T_T.

Cyberdevil responds:

So with the numbered images of the image numbers of the number images for those numbered images of the image numbers of the number images it would work!

Could be the new slogan for Columbia. ;)

Ahh yeah I remember that discussion. You mentioned some jazzier soundtracks like Baccano and Cowboy Bebop... we concluded our musical tastes slightly differ on the topic of anime OSTs!

That one indeed. Ah, I thought it'd be about the potential for somehow strengthening those emotions even in textual work, through therapy. Kinda depressing verdict then. :/ Conference as in lecture? Time in columbia seems to be... 8 AM? How long have you been awake?! O_O


2014-10-11 07:26:51

Not really working for me the image go way too detailed XD.

Boxes upon boxes of stored cilantro, the cilantro haters worst nightmare!

So there you go the secret to great films is a great OST, didn't we mentioned that before when we talked about anime OSTs? XD.

Oh that theme just appeared today in one of the expositions, how things like emotional intention and musicality are lost in a textual format, it was a conference on therapy towards kids with PDD.

Cyberdevil responds:

Hah, maybe if you have numbered images for the image numbers of the number images? :P

A daydream to anyone else!

We did? Well, there goes my memory again. :P Music overall has such a big impact, on everything.

Ah, so... what was the conclusion/solution? Maybe we should have short loops to play for different segments of a story, to strengthen the mood...


2014-10-11 07:05:23

That's the strange thing. When it comes to acting, I'd probably be the worst ever. Mainly because as soon as the cameras were on, self-awareness would kick in, and I just know for a fact that I would suffer from distractions and muddle up the lines.

Good music can make an average film appear better than it is. It should be the fundamental for any budding director really, making sure your music is memorable.

It can get annoying when you come up with a ton of good ideas and thoughts all neatly laid out in your mind, but like you said, even if you had a pen, you'd never capture your thoughts so perfectly and concisely and you would lose some of the poetry and profound sentiment of what you were thinking in the first place.

You have given me an idea for a new blog post.

Cyberdevil responds:

A documentary with hidden cameras then! As it is as soon as you step out the door. O_o

Definitely! Yet I get annoyed at some of these movies where there's never silence, just track after track, with lyrics completely irrelevant to the plot progression. Or those movies with the atypical orchestral soundtrack that seems to be there just because that's what a movie's expected to have. So, good or bad, it can turn the work either way. The Inception soundtrack is always what comes to mind when I think of how it should be. And as for after-credit music, Silent Hill is the one I remember most, just perfect.

Yeah, just having a pen is a major distraction. :D Glad I inspired!


2014-10-11 06:52:34

Word i can hardly remember my own phone numbers.

But is also kind of nasty.

Green sauce is indeed great!

Just get it from the store XD.

Was... was that an avocado sexual fantasy? what have i read just now!?

Yeah american dollar, currency exchange and all that, since they are already quite big it doesn't sound that wild to buy one for a dollar, even if you can get 10 of the same on the streets, but well you know brand adds "value" to things, stupid i know, but that's how people work.

Maybe they were all kidnapped while they tried to get some free wild cilantro, and that's why they hate it now? XD.

Cyberdevil responds:

They say it's easier if you remember everything as images. Like, imagine a 1 being this giant shape, like a rectangle... with a little triangle on the upper left! How's that? :P



And they have even more in store! :D

lmao, that explains it.


2014-10-11 04:11:26

Writing a story that I'd like to read myself is all I ever try to do. A lot of the concepts, quirks and habits of the characters are based on my own personal emotions and feelings. There are times when I'm out walking where I'm so lost in thought with the music that I'm listening to, that I can literally visualise scenes and summon emotion. Strongly too, I mean literally bring myself to tears if I need to.

It's amazing how a new idea comes to you when you let the story rest for a week or so. I tend to take my story to sleep with me too, close my eyes and just picture the scene that I'm working on at that moment and try to play it out in my mind's eye by testing different scenarios. This is not just good for writing a story, but for falling asleep too.

I've also looped segments of music, like created an A and B point, even if that loop is just 8-10 seconds of a certain sound. I will leave it playing for a couple of hours if I have to in order to summon that specific feeling for the plot that I'm working on. For example, I looped from 20 - 52 of this track, just because the melody made me felt a certain way and helped me get into a paricular mindframe for the scene I was writing.

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

Sounds like you could be an actor if you wanted to! :D I get moments like that from movies, or other moving media, sometimes write an entire track right after. Some credits in particular have a larger effect than the movie itself, what mood and music they choose has such a big impact on what your last impression of the movie becomes. Writing a story after watching a story seemed like something I should try for a second there, but hmm I'd probably just be feeding off their ideas then.

The 'sleep on it' advice still holds! :) I think up the best sequences of dialog in my daydreams, but they disappear so quickly, can't just sit down and write straight from my mind or I'll loose that trail of mastery.

Nice! Was thinking writing while listening to music would be distracting, but that bit you linked to feels subtle enough to actually work during the real process, not just for brainstorming stages.


2014-10-10 02:29:28

No need to promote, just give sneak somebody cilantro, and it will spread quickly and widely, like crack! Although there's a frighteningly large group of people that absolutely abhor the stuff: (freaks)

lol what?? hygienic practices aren't meant to be nutritious!

yep, that's a great point about containing a food surplus will correlate with profit increases...another reason why I'm starting to dislike capitalism more and more each day...

check your southern hemisphere privileges dude...I'm an avocado junkie. I would definitely buy 10 at once, of the large ones (probably the equivalent of around 40 Haas avocados). I would eat them straight until I got sonic diarrhea, then use the rest to cover my delicate, nude Indian body while I drink hard liquor until I pass out...Is that an American dollar btw...Haas avocados are tastier than the large ones in general (they have higher salinity and lipid content) but even a dollar here is considered a reasonable price for just 1 avocado that's considerably smaller in size, put them up for 50 cents and people will fight to the death over them.

Depends what lettuce and tomato cultivars you are referring to..purple, chocolate-brown, and green heirloom cultivars are relatively rare...and don't even get me started on lettuce!

Cyberdevil responds:

Protests against herbs?! Man that's going too far!

They add all types of strange things in toothpaste to benefit the teeth, feed the enamel, etc. Some pastes that heal bleeding gums and stuff like that. Why not combine the best of both worlds? ;) Imagine eating a snack and brushing your teeth at the same time! Could be the next big thing!

Mmm. Disliking capitalism since... probably since I had to give away a box of VHS tapes cause I had no room for them. :/

lmao XD Cheap avocados go for around half a dollar here btw.

Mmm, lettuce not delve too deeply into such serious matters.


2014-10-09 19:44:29

Maybe not for cereal but does it works for memory sandwiches?

Oh man so we are a bunch of stellar necrophages!?

Everyday? maybe once or twice a week, but everyday and you grow bored of them... well that is not to say that there are people eating them everyday, mostly on salads, i guess that way you could have them everyday just fine.

Hahaha na the only one growing on the wild is the cilantro, but if you go to the wild wilds, chances are that you will get your ass kidnapped... definitively not worth the free cilantro XD.

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

Hmm, it's like trying to remember a serial... not sure!

That's what we are?! That sounds pretty... badass!!

I think it'd take a long time to get bored of Avocado! There's so much you can do with them. All types of salads, sauces, stews, mixed up with shrimps, majo, on sandwiches... yeah, salads, mostly. I used to eat this awesome sandwhich in Costa Rica with Avocado mush, tomato and eh... that's all I remember of it. But it was delicious! Wouldn't mind eating one of those a few days each week at least.

Sounds like even wild Cilantro can get pretty expensive over there!


2014-10-08 03:04:01

If they are organised enough they can perfectly allocate the devices for an entire plot and keep track of all necessary references when they write it out, not all on their mind, but that is pretty much the minimum that people need to have when making a thesis, and really good authors pretty much are making exactly that when they write their books, so you just need to create a journal when you follow the key elements, quotes, references and other aspects of the story, that way if your mind fails you, there is always the written document as backup (also that PFR code(s) idea is excellent!).

Yeah so our planet is the complete product of stars dying, and since our Sun is pretty much alive... well you know the rest XD.

@S3C Avocados are really cheap over here, it almost makes me feel bad to admit this but you can easily buy 10 of them with a dollar on any regular grocery store (at supermarkets each one would cost 50 cents to a dollar, still cheap), and they can last for about 2 or 3 weeks without going brown, is best to eat them fresh, and really i don't know why a normal person/family would buy 10 at once, maybe to make a sauce or something, a bunch of salads... our avocados are really really big so 10 is already quite excessive:
If i have to make a guess, the principal one is a bigger variation of the Hall avocado, it is really buttery the seed is not really that big and the skin is rather soft and has an average green tone not too dark not too light, and like with most plantations over here it can be acquired all-year-round, but when it comes to avocados, Cuba is the place, they have some monster avocados the things are insanely big, they are absurd yet delicious.

Cilantro is also really normal, is almost like grass, hell i think you can even see some of those growing next to roads near farms, just there in the wild, for real i just described 2 of the most boring and common plants next to rice and beans XD, what is next tomatoes and lettuce?

Cyberdevil responds:

Yeah, a list of references feels like a must-have for me, I don't trust my memory for cornflakes.

We fed upon the dead remnants of fallen ancestors to become what we became: the place where only we can exist! Planet Earth. True that!

Man if I were you I'd be eating Avocados all days, all ways, breakfast lunch and/or brunch! :D Interesting picture of avocado types, I think the one we get here is Hass or Macarthur, if there aren't other similar types. Don't think I've tried any with that smoother surface texture.

Don't say you have tomatoes and lettuce growing in the wild over there too? :O There are definitely some benefits of living in Colombia man!


2014-10-07 20:56:33

True, cilantro is a more Asian and Hispanic centric herb. Who knows maybe you could start a trend and be the source of an exotic, rare herb in Sweden...Aloe huh...guess that just leaves ozone for the weird obscure toothpastes for the Cyberdevil to try :P

Nutritious and certainly delicious! Probably one of my favorite vegetables (technically a fruit), but I would rather purchase cheaper produce and wait until they go on sale. The problem with avocados is they have a small window when they are ripe, before they quickly get brown (although still edible) afterwards. If only more people would purchase them when they are hard and green and wait for them to ripen at home...between enough customers fondling the ripe ones are going to leave some of them bruised (and thus get disposed) at some point. That's a problem with agribuisness, mainly as it pertains to grocery and restaurants- practices that propagate waste and over-shipment to first world countries, excess produce is also destroyed to artificially increase the supply and demand...I suppose that's a topic for another day...

Cyberdevil responds:

Haha, that's an idea, though I wonder if it's worth all the work promoting it to make it popular! Cooking's so ingrained in culture already, it's hard to change just like that. Mmmm ozone! I wish I could my hands on such paste! Also gotta try rinsing with oil instead of paste. I hear that's the new thing, way more effective + nutritious + whitening.

Yeah, they're a difficult fruit (though commonly known a vegetable). Seems they sometimes get all wiry too, even when they are ripe and otherwise delicious. Man they waste so much in the food industry! I wish the shops wouldn't take in such a surplus they don't need, but the cold hard truth is that if a shop doesn't have a surplus, people will move to a shop that does. Somehow the excess of food fuels people to buy more than they would otherwise; more than they actually need, as well. We could probably easily cut down the commercial consumption of edible items by half, and not go any hungrier anyway. All that surplus could go to be people who need it, all that excess space could be preserved for the future, not expandably exploited all the time.


2014-10-07 20:01:19

Sorry, no, I mean characters, not words. The story will eventually be very large though because it's a labour of love and there are a lot of themes I want to cover. It could be turned into a series of series when it's finished, but my intention is just to release the whole thing as one giant manuscript when it's done. And if people want to read, they can read, if they want to say TL:DR, that's cool too. My goal is just to write a story that I want to tell and put it out there. Job done.

People use all these crazy methods in order to help them write. I don't know man, how about trying to sit at a desk in a really normal boring fashion. It may just be crazy enough to work! If that fails, climb a bell tower dangling precariously with one hand while trying to write with the other. Then just as you finish writing the story, you plummet to your death, and the story gets stolen and released by some random passerby.

I know what you mean, but when you have the full story in place, you're writing it from a writer's perspective. When it's finished, read it through as though you are a reader and start to then imagine the book from a reader's perspective. You'll immediately become a critic and will notice the flaws in structure and plot, so then you put a little placeholder there telling you what to correct, using a little code like PFR, which can stand for proofreading. You can then use the search function to search for PFR, and it will then skip the document to each of your placeholders. That way you can go through each of your corrections.

If it's a simple grammatical error, I'll just correct it there and then as I'm reading through the story. But if it's something more complicated, I'll write stuff like 'paragraph change,' 'story inconsistency,' 'plotline irrelevant,' etc.

That's just my way though, each to their own I say. Everyone has different methods of concentration. I can understand why an author would write chapter 1 and not move on until it's perfect, and so on. But if you're going to work that way, it can be slow and more calculating, whereas if you write the whole story roughly, your main focus is entirely on your passion, and your mind is not dwelling on whether you spelt something incorrectly. It's that overthinking and paranoia which I think puts a lot of people off becoming a writer, rather than the fun side of things. It can induce writers block.

Cyberdevil responds:

Ahh, you are human after all! Still a lot of text though. Hmm, what about: writing a story you'd like to read yourself? :P Sounds like a sane motivation...

Yeah that's what I do! :D That bell tower idea hmm it seems to hmm have a somewhat morbid side-effect. If the blow could be dampened by a mountain of soft feathery cushions however....

Good idea. I notice just leaving a story alone for a week and reading it again then will be enough to gain an entirely new perspective. But I've been doing that kinda thing even without first finishing the story. I do that type of stuff awesome. Go through old content though I don't really gain anything from it. Bad habit. Yeah, that's the way we worked with the book during the course, since each chapter was a submission point, but I agree writing as much as possible when you're inspired and not stressing the details would make it all the easier/better/fun. A chapter can't really be perfect unless you have the entire story mapped out from step one anyway.

True that!


2014-10-07 19:00:09

oops, I meant imports. I meant imports of avocados btw, I reckon you gave me that information before on the other must have local apples and grapes though too right?

You don't/not able to grow cilantro at your garden? pomegranates are rare huh...just not pomegranate toothpaste ;) avocados are a staple of south america, but only grown in california in the U.S. iirc...They are expensive here too, not because of location but due to their high demand and to a certain degree, for their propensity to go bad. Unfortunately a large part of agribusiness in the U.S. (and much of the world too, I imagine) thrive on artificial inflation :|

Cyberdevil responds:

Ah yeah, avocados... actually have no idea where those come from! Have to check next time I go shopping. We get local apples, grapes don't really grow this far North.

I suppose we could! It's just a bit of an unusual herb in our usual cuisine, could try seeding some next year. Haha yeah, we talked about toothpaste earlier? :P I'm brushing with Aloe right now. Mmm, all about supply and demand huh. I think it's one of the more appreciated vegetables too, least here everybody knows how nutritious it is so it's considered a bit of a luxury. Doesn't work in favor of rinsing the prices. :P


2014-10-07 18:26:23

hell yeah dude....speaking of which...try Dr. S3C's Fruit-A-Mole...a culinary classic!

Avocados (duh...try to get the Haas cultivar if available), diced green apples, pomegranate arils, bell peppers (any kind), diced onions (preferably both red and white), diced jalapenos, diced tomatoes (heirloom cultivars are always good, as are grape/cherry types, preferably slightly under-ripe), finely sliced cilantro, ground cumin, cayenne, salt, and lime juice for color retention of the avocados. Pack it high with onions for crunch and cilantro for added flavor, sparsely apply the seasonings and lime juice as you don't want to mask the buttery avocado flavor!

avocados are probably hard to come by in Nordic lands huh? where do the exports come from (if at all)

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

A ravishing recipe! Definitely going to try it some time. Avocados aren't rare at all, just expensive. What's harder to find's pomegranates and fresh cilantro. :) You mean imports? All over! I don't know most of the source-of-origin's on the stuff we buy, but from what I've checked: we get a lot of salad/cheap apples from Holland, other apples/grapes/melon/olives from Spain/Italy, citrus fruits from Morocco/Chile, Asian pears from Japan. Yupp, that's all I know.

I'm pretty sure I've seen some Argentina, Peru, Guatemala and USA too.


2014-10-04 20:15:56

Do you have what it takes to whack a mole? Or better still, whack em all. Then find the time to eat a bowl of guaca until you feel poorly. Luckily that wasn't a true story. Yeah...

Cyberdevil responds:

Yo, I don't know holmes! Do you know what it takes to grow old in a zone without time's flow on? I do know I have what it takes to wrack a roll of pasta bowls in the cracks of homes though, and to mow lawns. From the dopest truths we wrote songs. Yeah...


2014-10-04 05:09:22


Cyberdevil responds:



2014-10-03 05:47:05

Remember that time when i said that only our light elements came from our sun? well i was bull shitting not even that.

Cyberdevil responds:

Woah man, that's a lot of info to melt. O_o


2014-10-01 14:49:14

Welcome Back (2.0)

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks! (


2014-09-30 07:56:35

Digging the whack shades, CyberD!

when are you gonna update this newspost :p

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks man :)

I'm NEVER going to update this newspost


I'ma post a new one. :P


2014-09-21 19:39:06

Happy pre-Madness Day! I should've gotten back to returning your PM, but it looks like you're still settling into the main residence anyway. I will say, I'd like to have kids, but really need to find a good woman first.

Hey, you don't drive do you? I probably asked this over a year ago, just curious about your wheels/usual transportation. I'm considering getting a 42 y/o Honda motorcycle; part investment, part mid-life crisis. The ebay seller's local too O_o can rope it up in the back of the truck, take it to the DMV and get my motorcycle license.

Hmm, wonder what your new post will be about.... past, present or future?
@nietzlawe I just got hooked into reading a 100 page thing written by Sabtastic's littlest sis... I know your words will keep well!

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks; you too! I mean eh... Happy pro-Madness Day. :P I had a Mad NESS idea mapped out for this year, but never got around to it... and someone else did! Argh! Ah well, saves some time at least. Yeah getting back to the routine's taking a bit longer than I thought, or maybe I'm just busier than usual... mmm, the first foremost and most difficult step!

Yeaaah I love driving! :D Don't have my own car yet, but I do get to borrow the family one (Saab 9-5 Turbo) every once in a while. Sounds like a good plan! Did you go for it? Did you get it? Are you licensed yet? I want to get a license to fly some time too...

Assumably my recent evolution upto Level 50. :) Coming soon™


2014-09-19 18:44:14

DOOM kicks ass bro

Cyberdevil responds:



2014-09-14 01:40:30

I'm 305,357 words deep into the Opus. You could say that I'm balls deep in this story.

There is nothing more important than the A-Z of your story. It's the be all and end all. The description is secondary to me when I work because it's a distraction. If I start a story and spend too much time dwindling on every single sentence in a painstaking manner, making sure that everything is described, that the sentence structure flows, it becomes a distraction.

Let's say you have a 300-400 page novel, a basic story from beginning to end. You have a tremendous oversight of the whole thing. You know which parts you have neglected, which parts you have talked about too much. When you see the whole story in front of your eyes, you mind will start conjuring interjectory scenes, scenes that you will realise you have missed out when writing the story. This is not something you can always have the foresight of when writing a story in the heat of the moment.

I can only speak for myself really. I imagine that writers have an infinite number of methods that work best for them. Dan Brown hangs upside down to help him write. I don't think that one would work for me.

One of the best idea building techniques is to go for a walk outside, maybe even put a few instrumentals on a phone or mp3 player and listen through headphones. That is what I do when writing, go for a walk, observe the world around me and sync the music that I am listening to through my headphones to the world around me. It really helps build whole scenes in your mind. Brings them to life and makes them more vivid.

I'm writing every single day man. I have quite a lot of stuff at book length. But I want to just keep on writing and stacking, get a large portfolio together before attacking the book publishers. I don't just want to write a one-off book, I want to longevity in this field man. I know for a fact that immediate rejection will be inevitable. So for me, it's about honing my craft, having more ideas to fall back on, keep working hard, keep improving.

Nobody can really stop you from accomplishing anything as long as your heart is in it. And that is the fundamental really. Your heart has to shine through in what you write if you are writing a professional book. That is why I say focus on the basic storyline and don't get distracted by formality, or it will stifle your creativity man.

Cyberdevil responds:

Holy shit man that makes the results of my immensely time-consuming story manufacturing methods seem comparatively tiny. O_O Words... not characters? That sounds way more than regular book-length! Sounds like series-of-books length!

Both Dan Brown and his method are new to me. Might be worth a shot. :D Or something new like... writing in a tub of ice, after eight cups of coffee, in the trunk of a speeding car...

I find it hard to imagine I'd be able to have oversight with a story 300-400 pages long without - even after repeatedly reading through it - constantly forgetting all kinds of key elements, but I guess I'll know when I get there. Mmm, I take tons of walks, but usually use them to clear my mind - to get away from thinking. Good advice though, and even more so: good knowing how other authors manage their minds!

Yeah I write every day as well, it's a natural habit. Gotta keep that pen moving! Those keyboard keys clicking! The characters remaining counting! The txt files growing! The repertoire of creative epiphanies constantly expanding! The publications pushws to new proportions! Though a lot of creativity's flushed into comments, reviews, etc, not the most productive work. You know, I get doubtful over the sincerity of my authorative intentions when you speak so passionately about this art. :P But this is what I'd do anyway, career or no. Appreciate the words!


2014-09-13 22:03:09

Man those are some incredible advice i will save that comment as a .docx
That's why i tell you @nietzlawe can help you more than i can with things like proofreading, specially since the prologue and chapter one are so good.

Maybe you don't get to feel disconnected with the story because you are making it as you go, so you write it when inspiration comes, and that is in essence already connecting with the story, probably not the best method to follow if we want to use Mr Nietz advice in which we flesh the story from A-Z, but well that is how you are writing this story, i actually think that it can work out, it would be more like:
1)The A-Z process is longer and not continuous but happens.
2)And then you could apply what Nietz says, fix and refine things.

Of course this would mean that plot holes, and not so strong arguments would be changed in the second face of the writing, probably the current method is better for an episodic work that uses arcs, and follows a general idea with some kind of predetermined ending, i know, i know, you have various ideas to where the story may go, so what about making various branches? that way you avoid any discrepancies in the case that you ever decide to change the path of the story.

Actually i think that your method would do perfectly if you ever feel like making an interactive book, you know those that go: "if you choose A, go to page 70 and continue from there".

It really looks like a fresh place. Well in defense of Nintendo touchscreen deteriorates with use regardless of the manufacturer.

Cyberdevil responds:

The nietz laws? Word!


Makes me think of all the choose-your-own-ending Goosebumps books I used to read as a kid. :D Yeah, I know those! I loved to read those, and stuff like that's fun to write too! It's easy thinking up possible routes of action, harder to stick to a set consistency. Haven't seen any of those for an adult audience though, they're mostly aimed at kids.

I imagine some authors just have such pure genius their minds can allocate the devices for an entire plot and keep track of all necessary references when they write it out. But maybe not...

Double yupp!


2014-09-11 23:46:09

A BETA-reader for METAfiction by an ALPHA male? Good gravy.

What stage are you at with your story? In my honest, humble abode.. opinion. You should think of nothing else except writing the story from beginning to end. It doesn't matter if it's loose or not, the important thing is that you are filling blank space. Of course, you should have a decent overview of the story's journey from beginning to end too, so that you always have an idea of what you are working towards.

Don't worry about being-overdescriptive of everything. Just focus on the story, play with it, you must write from the perspective of having no self-doubts, not being distracted by sentence structure, grammar or literary devices.

Once you have a basic story from beginning to end, it's so easy to flesh it out. Once you start drafting, your mind clicks into gear, and your perspective changes, you become the reader then, rather than the writer. And you'll start reordering your paragraphs and sentences and it will start padding out and becoming more descriptive. Having a full basic story in place gives you a great idea of the scale you are working with, which scenes are the most relevant, you'll know which scenes to leave in or take out, and which scenes to add. The crucial bit is having that story finished from A-Z so that you have an oversight of the whole thing, an aerial shot.

Just keep going through the story, drafting it 2-3 times. Get the layout and sentence structure up to scratch.

When I write my final drafts, I assume that the story is in place, the sentence structure is pretty much as I want it, and the story is scaled perfectly and relevant. When all this is in place, I go through the whole story from scratch again, but this time I play with the language, this is when I will start adding literary devices, metaphors, alliteration and all kinds of things like this. Literary devices are easier to add at the end when you no longer have to worry about the story or the sentence structure. You can just play with the language, and all the description for the characters and locations.

There is another way, which is write chapter 1, and not move on until you are absolutely happy with it. But unless you have a good idea of your story from beginning to end, you could end up wasting your endeavour. I think it's better to write a basic story in full. Then play with it and flesh it out.

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

THETa would be awesomely groovy right? :P

It's four chapters long right now, fifth underway, around 60k characters so far. Not that I'm counting. Word (is).

Appreciate the advice! I can't seem to not be concerned about what I write when I write it, or soon after read what I've written (and it'd be impossible to accomplish the entire storyline in one sitting) but I know that's the sublime state of mind to be in, just totally immersed in the story. I've had that with shorter ones, and music. Have you written any long works of writing yourself btw? Book-length? Anyway, maybe I'll get there with practice, to the writing strides no doubt defies! Thanks again!


2014-09-11 01:14:57

Yeah one of those should give a series of looks to the whole thing before it is published.


Yeah, but i think he is dealing with an emotional slump, that comes from the recent realization and acknowledgement of an artistic musical block, so it would be good to wait for his recover.

Oh what a cool lizard! happy b-day man, now you are an old fart XD. It definitively doesn't looks hot or dry at all, it even looks cool at times. That greenhouse looks spectacular. That dragonfly picture was astonishing! the quality of Nintendo products always surprises, to think that it still works. Well good to know that things went well.

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:



Ah, writers block huh, gotta check up on them creativational workings I've missed over times past...

Haha yeah, time flies! Thanks man. I guess I had more time for taking pictures when the sun wasn't out... hah, I have a few spare GBAs if that one does break, but Nintendo's old products have always held for a remarkably long time! I still haven't had a single one break down on me, though the NDS is more fragile than the older models, the screen wears with time, etc. You know it!


2014-09-10 01:56:29

Per-paragraph would be a work for your editor and quality checker XD, oh you better be ready for that haha, most of them can be a pain to deal with.

"His life as he knows it will never again be the same!" well... that is not really a problem for him, as he is now, he seems to have amnesia, he doesn't knows his wife at all, and can hardly remember his family, maybe the change is that he regains his memories XD, actually that would be a nice twist since he is kinda blank and that gives you the freedom to choose from an infinity of backgrounds to give him.

A proof reader needs 2 things, great knowledge of the language in which the book is being written, in this case English, and second is the attention and memory along with the versatility to make sense of the story understanding it from the views of both the author and the audience in order to give proper feedback, and i am not really confident on the first requirement, i myself notice some horrible errors after i write these comments, but you know maybe Nietz could help you with that, even more since he is also a writer he may be of more help in this aspect, as for the second part, you would have to discuss the idea of the book with him so he can understand what it is about, of course that means the book would start to spread towards one more person in a WIP state...

What i mean to say with this is that while i could help with some things, i don't really see myself doing that good of a job as a proof reader, it would end being sub-par and the thing deserves better.

So are you back or are you on the local library? and did the farming go well?

Cyberdevil responds:

Haha yeah, I gotta get one of those! :D

Mmm, his fuzzy memories will be explained. And regained. :) But lets leave further book discussion for PMs...

Oh yeah, if he had the time for it that'd be awesome. You really dive into the input too though, all feedback's good feedback! A beta-reader, then? ;) But that's all for later, I need more material.

Yeah, I'm back! Back to work and everything; slowly catching up with this place. I'm waiting with my 'I'm Back' post till I have a lil something else to post at the same time... as for the farming:


2014-09-09 23:23:07

I wish we had the gear to collect and give/sell the rye - it's just a cover crop, something add a bit of nitrogen into the soil, which is kinda iron hard in places.

I grew the cherry tomatoes (late) from seed, and they just didn't bush out, they sprawled out... plus my cousin took all the tomato cages for his stuff. Oh God, deer eat everything, including the zucchini off the ground, leaving a thin green slab on the dirt... One (Italian) lady said you could bake beets -wrap in tinfoil, score the top, add olive oil... also that pumpkin and zucchini blossoms are stuffed or fried... huh.

Do you socialize IRL much? Was it boring on the farm, or were there neighbors or places you could go hang out at?

Cyberdevil responds:

Ah, so it has that benefit too. Our field's just covered with regular (or well, at least a few different types of) grass, and flowers. There's a name for fields like that though, and apparently it's a unique biotope for a great deal of insects, worth preserving as long as we don't farm for real and need that space. We wait till the flowers have all blossomed before cutting it down.

Aha. Tomato cages... for keeping them away from animals or keeping them upright? We plant the tomatoes early spring, in flower pots/pots/etc and then put them in the ground as soon as it's warm enough. Wouldn't be enough time to get a single tomato without that extra work, even with the greenhouse. Same with cucumbers and green pepper. We should do the same with leek and onions, but it gets hard to transport everything.

Oh man, they seem like a real destructive breed! No thoughts on putting up fences? We've had a few sugar snap plants bitten off through the fences, btw. By hares. They just like biting the stem, apparently, they don't eat anything else off of it. :/ We discovered this year they like black currents too. Thanks for the tip, got to try that next summer! We've tried frying zucchini blossoms in a pan, they have a pretty nice taste, mild and eh... vegetabaly.

I have a buddy a couple of miles (20km) away, so we hang every once in a while - climb mountains, go fishing, etc. When my mom hit 70 a lot of relatives stopped by. Cousins pop in occasionally. We have neighbors right by us - that house you can see behind the trailer, and the town's not that far. My sister came up to visit a week too. So, there's been people! I can't say I socialize that much, but I am a somewhat social person, would get a bit dull if there wasn't anybody around but my parents. As for potential boredom - never! :)


2014-09-08 20:10:14

XD haha lol no, the format i used was to review each chapter individually since it is not a complete work i can't do an overview type review, so in this format things have a tendency to enlarge.

I totally agree, perfect characters are boring, Mary Sues are horrible things, but his actions there were getting out of hand, and they were in quick succession one after the other so there was no time to catch a breath and forgive his "adventurous" decisions.

Anyway back to the format thing, i believe i did a conclusion in the second part, however that was still under the influence of that chapter which i sincerely didn't liked, with this what i mean to say is that chances are that a review of the book and not of its chapters has a quite big probably of being overly positive, since it has an awesome start, that prologue and 1st chapters are great, i almost feel dirty when i say it, because it sounds like ass licking, but those were truly great openers, following that and having read the possible ways that the story could take, i can say with some confidence that it will garnish good reviews.

Cyberdevil responds:

Mmm, at least you didn't choose a per-paragraph format. :) True that!

Just wait, the whole plot will get incredibly out of hand real soon! His entire world will be flipped outside down! His life as he knows it will never again be the same! I get what you're getting at though.

Thanks man! I feel the first part's the easiest to write, after that you have to start listing references, linking elements together, keeping things consistent... it was much easier at the very beginning, when it's not so complicated. Feel like proof-reading the entire book when I finish it? :P


2014-09-08 18:01:25

yea, it's a pretty good deal. I got them used. I haven't recorded vocals yet, just acoustic guitar to test. You have a dynamic mic right?

Cyberdevil responds:

Ah, good deal. Via auction? Local buy? Do you buy a lot from Ebay/Amazon btw? I probably would if they had better International shipping... yeah, dynamic it is. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for cheap condensers though.


2014-09-08 14:44:05

Oh the message is lengthy but only because i choose a not so convenient format to make a review, and because i didn't liked the actions of the protagonist on that night, while venturing alone to their base may have saved him out of luck, his action were so damn... imprudent, yeah that is the word i should have used, it is the perfect word but at the time it wasn't coming to my mind.

Cyberdevil responds:

Textual format? :P Mmm, though a character who acts flawlessly would be difficult to relate t or sympathise with, no? I was wondering how logical his route of action would seem when I wrote that though, guess I just took the easiest route, dive straight in; see what happens. Whilst at the same time attempting to excuse his lack of foresight with distractions, confusion, etc. Anyway, I'll respond in full later. Glad you took the time!!


2014-09-08 02:35:30

MXL 990 & 991 for 100$ is for recording instruments and the other for vocals. They work nicely and are nice to have, just hasn't found much use for them yet.

Cyberdevil responds:

Ah, two for the price of one! Not as insanely expensive as some condenser mics seem to be... have you been testing with both vocals and instruments? Could make for some pretty awesome live beats too! I just read something about how dynamic mics are better suited particularly for rap, because of... reasons forgotten... though most professionals apparently do use condensers.


2014-09-07 19:39:28

Dry July huh? We did fine here, almost too fine, the tomatoes took off like crazy, and all my cherry tomatoes (worth picking) all laid over into the dirt and produced huge green golf balls, the tops of which the deer ate, all in one night, after the back filed had its rye cut down... damn deer just went further down their road for a bite >:( Munchkin pumpkins did very well, despite my cousin planting zucchinis in between them :\ Wow cloud berries, we're too far south, but they are awesome!

Yeah, we call it filter fabric... it's like a synthetic wool right? Great stuff that, plenty pricey. Also good for keeping roots out of septic system pipes.

Glad you got the letter so close to your birthday! Did you get the 3 sequential dollar bills? It seems no governments like having foreign cash in the mail... should've sent you a padded envelope with a few coins as well. Oh and that oddly lettered/numbered business card (if I sent one) was my Pop's from the late 60's, you can use it to separate seeds or scrape the dust from your computer desk, that you haven't been sitting at for some time!

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

Yupp, though we had our partially-automated watering system so it was no problem! Couldn't ask for better weather up North, the warmer the better! We've been getting one or two tomatoes every one or two days since late August, though most of them will probably have to be picked green. Huh, the tomatoes produced huge green golf balls? :/ They didn't ripen? Am I misunderstanding that? Had no idea deer liked tomatoes! Revelations... though we need a greenhouse for those so they're never accessible anyway. Do you use the rye btw, or just cut it down? Is that something that can be sold?

Nice, pumpkins are something we haven't tried yet, but we had zucchinis last year... they survived! You've tasted cloud berries? Do they actually grow in the US?! Yeah, I love cloudberries... guess there are some benefits of the colder climate. :)

Filter fabric huh. Yupp, sounds like that's it! It's supposed to let through rain water as well, but that hasn't always worked very well. Aha, useful knowledge! I'll stash it in mind for some day we get a septic system.

Yeah, the dollar bills too!I didn't realize they were sequential though, that's pretty cool! Got the stickers, business card; postcard too. I'll send over a picture so you can see everything's there. haha, I think I'll save the card for potential future purpose and use less memorable utensils for such tasks. :) Doesn't seem to any dust here btw, must've scraped it off manually in these past days catching up frenzy...


2014-09-07 19:30:00

Have you ever been distracted by head lice? Then knocked over by a car because you didn't see the headlights? That's when it comes out all red like. Torrents of gore, seeded by Al Gore, but nobody knows why he would need to use the Pirate Bay for? He's probably rich, so why get something for free that he could obviously pay for? Yeah...

Cyberdevil responds:

Well I do remember these red lights way ahead, lights my headlights lit up as the lice bit my head like I had dreads. Aight, I'll bite. I see red, now my head lice are dead, and life's a trite on clouds, like your legs are clowning of the edge of a rise on miles of ice. Oh, Al Gore used the TPB? Maybe he dreamed of a world where all speech was free and all cultures a team that shared peace serene, guess he realized that scene was a fleeting dream. Yeah...


2014-09-06 14:47:53

The deadly green circle! Almost like a Spy, that nobody can escape from. It wont be long before your friends can see you having a shit.

(Updated ) Cyberdevil responds:

But I don't have a shit to give!


2014-09-04 04:20:58

>that moment when you see a green circle next to Cyberdevil's name on your friend list

Cyberdevil responds:

>that moment when you read a comment about that moment when you see a green circle next to Cyberdevil's name on your friend list


2014-09-02 19:58:25

The Cyber de Vil is back, and this time it's personal!!


Cyberdevil responds:

It's this person yall! Yeah...


2014-08-29 10:21:50

Hi Cyberdevil!
How are you doing? How's your vacation been?
Betcha didn't expect me to be here when you come back! :P
Nice rap battle you had in these comments, do you only rap in blog post comments?

See ya! :)

Cyberdevil responds:

Hey! DrSalvadork!! Long time no speak! :O I'm surprised indeed! Squint till my eyes like beads. ._. So... how're you doing? What've you been up to? Return permanent?

Thanks! As for non-blogpost-comment-rap well...

Should be more on route soon!


2014-08-27 10:36:19

4 days to go

Cyberdevil responds:

4 days till...??


2014-08-20 00:00:11

See ya!

Cyberdevil responds:

See ya!


2014-08-19 22:41:29

yo I bought a couple condenser mics and an XLR cable!! unfortunately there is no room to be an Indian rap god in this f*cked up world lol

Cyberdevil responds:

Woo!! How much did that mic cost? Brand? Link? If you can't be a God you can always be a Devil. :P


2014-08-12 15:06:42

Soon you will be back. Back like a WWE wrestler who has been written out for a month or two. But when you return, it will be a dramatic comeback. It'll be the biggest thing since sliced bread. But wait a minute! Sliced bread is smaller after it has been sliced!

Cyberdevil responds:

Indeed sliced bread is smaller, but if you slice it and stack the slices... it gets taller! Till the slices fall and you revise it all. I slice ice like the lice like my collar, they don't deSpice at all. Read lies, but do you dread lies, or truths like: when you eat raspberry suits you eat red lice. That said bye, until I my head find.


2014-08-11 21:35:37

Yo man forget about it, i ended up scouting the guy anyways.

Cyberdevil responds:



2014-08-10 23:35:53

Hey there! i don't know if you are already around but i found this guy here

His gallery is really promising and i really like his not porn stuff.
However he is primordially a furry porn artist, and i don't really feel good scouting that, i already confirmed his identity (so yeah that means i just made a Furaffinity account...) so his art is his, and well there is only scouting him, but yeah i want but not that much... do you want him?

Cyberdevil responds:

Heey... you scouted him after all. :P Yeah I'll be back in a month, I mean I'm back now, a month later. Itching to read that expectedly (since it's two messages) incredibly long and informative review!