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Entry #232

Happy 10th

2/12/14 by Cyberdevil

Happy 10 Years!@FistofGreedo thanks for the tribute! :D


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5 days ago

Yeah, i agree there, but if i remember the law was more like a restriction against violence/war themed games.

Ah it looks fine, of course social studies should be localized it wouldn't make much sense if it was not, i suppose it has some general theory on it, the normal stuff.

Haha it depends on how big your company is, and how much they love you XD.

I haven't tried cucumber soda, i mean it is cucumber flavored soda! XD.
More than abs you will get quite some legs there! now if only you were not a guy... XD.
I actually could go from my house to campus on bike if i wake up really early and put some effort on it, but meh, public transportation is not that infernal at the time that i have to use it... (man i am so lazy), is actually all those factors combined that help into shaping the habit of a persons life.

Now why would you even do that? how many toilet hours did you get for that? hahaha.

1 day ago (Updated 1 day ago) Cyberdevil responds:

I think it was more than about just games though... hmm, can't find any concise list of restrictions anywhere, only the restrictions they were given after the first war which the French so easily trampled over.

Yupp, the normal stuff I suppose is... normal stuff. :P

What better way to show that great love than a bed in a box! :D A truly exotic slice of foreign culture - the cozy cubicles of Japan!

Does sound pretty strange innit. :) I tried asparagus flavored sorbet once, wasn't that bad... but I wouldn't try it again. Would be interesting to try a fish flavor too if they had it... but apparantely that's only in Japan! lmao man, my legs are fine! They're always visible. :L

So true. I think my main limiter's time though, I could just walk around all day if there wasn't so much else I want to do. I'd rather bike than ride public transportation though, but if I had a car... I think I'd take the lazy route too. Yeah, definitely, I could just cruise around all day...

Well you never know until you try right. :P I did have a slight suspcion that it might not turn out that good but wth... you only eat once!


5 days ago

Well they Berlin wall must have brought plenty of version to them, indeed i remember that they got a certain ban in the field of video game making that prohibited them the use of Nazi themes in their games, hell this awful memory of mine, there was more to that law, it was an incredibly restricting one.

No sciences, geography and all the other?

Back then it was not weird to see companies buying plots of land to house their employees, but nowadays an hotel room suffices, especially since they are not expected to stay for that long, and it is evidently more cheap too XD.

Haha, it has been years since i eat a snack or candy (ice cream and jelly doesn't counts...), yeah i forgot that meat is also GMO nowadays, and the bad kind of GMO, plus their eating habits don't really help, i hate to say this, but is almost like they ask for it, not like i can criticize them with me not doing any exercise, at best just walking from class to class...

Haha now i remembered those Poxbox's blogs about weird food, i am not particularly crazy about food, so i am fine with missing out on the experience, must be hard for you.

That would be quite the jump! haha.

5 days ago Cyberdevil responds:

Hmm, so they never even had a chance to compete with the Wolfenstien 3D franchise! Yeah I remember reading about their incredibly strict regulations after the war... in retrospect it doesn't seem very fair but considering all they did I guess it's no surprise.

Not that I recall. Reading up on it: Swedish, English, Math, Science and... Social Studies. Don't think there's n English counterpart for the latter, it's basically History (and Present), Religion and Geography combined.

Wonder if any of them people who travel to Japan to negotiate business deals sleep in those hotels where you get a bed in a box. :P I hear they're pretty cheap! Interesting btw.

I haven't eaten Jelly in years!!! That's a pretty American thing (or so I think). As is crazy cheese. And whipped cream in a can. And marshmallows. And cucumber soda. :P We have a great selection of ice cream though! Did I mention I'm biking to work three times a week lately? It's 20km/day. Might finally get some visible abs, something I haven't achieved even once since I was brought into this world... and all this just from being economical. :P Yeah the choice is up to each person, but I guess living conditions and society has a huge impact on lifestyle and health. Or it's just a habit. Or people are really getting brainwashed by ads and peers over theres. Least you're working your mind. :P

First word problems haha... if only I wasn't continually made aware of all these unobstainable tastes!! On topic of strange foods: I tried mixing vanilla yogurt, cream cheese with honey flavor and peanut butter yesterday. JSYK it's not a very good combination.


7 days ago

Yeah religion classes were the worst, specially since they are called religion classes, so i expected to hear about other religions, but no, it is all bible based, do you get standard national tests? i found that as a good way to keep tables on what private institutions are doing with their students, however the problem is how to rate what morals and ethics they are imparting on their students, what kind of culture is being promoted, that is a problem that has yet to be solved, and of course people will label it as tyrannical if it manages to be implemented.


Oh interesting, of course after 30+ years all the personal is local, but in the early years of establishing the trading relations, especially back in the 80's most representatives for each company had to settle in the respective foreign countries for quite a long time, all the more when sharing know hows regarding distribution, etc.

They were already fat before GMOs haha, they just want to blame something other than their unhealthy life style:
"what? i am obese? is not because all i ever eat is greasy meat day in and out, sugar cereals, and desserts! is because that pesky salad i once had last year was from a farm that uses GMOs! dem companies making me fat with their modified vegetables that i never eat because they are not a part of my diet, habits and culture anyways! now pass me that Doritos and Skittles bowl! that pack of Pepsi and lets see this marathon of (insert reality show here)".

For the record a lot of people that can't have such an extreme life style, are also fat, however even they can be seen stuffing themselves with a chocolate bar every 4 hours, and then drinking a diet soda... as if that would help!
All the more the poor ones have kool-aid with sugar cereal as breakfast, the middle class eats bacon eggs and coffee (or artificial OJ, because why the hell would they get real oranges, when we get this nicely packet "natural" OJ with preservatives) when they have time, when they don't, they start the morning with coffee and beagles... then an(3) energy drink(s) every now and then, of course they would be fat!
What about the rich? if they are fat they can't really blame GMOs, they are rich they can eat other things apart from GMOs, all the more they must own Monsanto stocks!

Haha true, but a lot of them also bite, not like they can do much, but is annoying.

6 days ago Cyberdevil responds:

And they all believed it too! :L Well it's a bit like how most countries angle their history books to make it seem like they 'won' all their wars... I wonder how they teach about WW2 in Germany btw, I mean that can't be something they're happy to learn about, or talk about...

We have national tests in middle and high school. I don't remember taking a single one but I must have... it only focuses on certain subjects though, I think it was mostly math and language.

Indeed, I didn't know our ties with japan went that far back. It's like my obsession with Japanese culture is a cultural thing.: :P Yeah, back then they definitely did, but now... well I guess business deals are still closed in person, they still need to travel, though I wonder if they actually settled down even back then.

lol, it's not just obesity: they're growing taller, getting bigger feet etc. Cheap meat is mostly GMO so obesity and growth goes hand-in-hand I guess, tis not just teh vegetables! Man I'm getting a sudden craving for Doritos now, haven't eaten those in years!!! Going to get me some bowls of bad habits...

Yeah that's a pretty crazy lifestyle. It's rubbing off all over the world but it's still not as 'bad' as in the US anywhere. All the forum topics popping up with obscure candy and soda brands are pretty intriguing, there's so much spectacular taste I'm missing out on that I'd love to try but it's probably a good thing I can't... anyway, it's not just fat!

As long as they can't reach our throats we'll be OK. :)


8 days ago

I actually believe that education should be public, and with the best of standards, if they want to do something private then it should be extra scholar or with after school tutelage, and yet i am even suspicious of that, education is such an important thing that leaving it secluded to the vigilance of the public is just asking for it to happen, i went to a private christian school myself, and man it was a load of bullshit. Some schools should just burn they just breed ignorance.

What term did you learned? that cliffhanger is too much!

The company that opens a Nintendo branch to have its products distributed in the foreign country has Japanese representatives, of course after sometime the personal will be made mostly of local employees, with only the higher officers being Japanese, and after even more years, those would also become local employees, but those local employees would still need to go back and forth between their county and Japan, like wise, Japanese employees would still be coming to that country, even with the telecommunication of today's times. In the meantime those Japanese have to live somewhere...

If it works and it results in a risk-less enhancement then i am fine with fish genes being merged with plants, no idea how they do it though, since well... fish and plants are so different, hell mixing plants with plants is already hard as it is! tell you the truth this is the first time i hear of such a thing mixing plants with fish genes on them, is surprising, but if it can be done that is one hell of an advancement, and discovery, the possibilities man! oooooh. *uhum* yeah, as for the problem with seeds distribution, that is actually a problem of economics and not of GMO itself, the greedy bastards, that with the monopoly of food also get the monopoly in the products that are used to take care of that food, so you are correct there, that is an example of the abusive corporations, but not really of GMO itself, is in essence economics and politics, not biology per say, they misuse an invention to their advantage, exploiting everyone else.

Dem chihuahuas that can not even take care of themselves, and even worse most seem to have some short of psychological problem being overly jealous and aggressive, plus some even look like (urban)rodents!

7 days ago Cyberdevil responds:

Mmm, with a good government, a standard public curriculum for everyone would be great. Unfortunately you'll have to find private schools here to get a good education, but on the flipside those all angle their education. I don't mind when it's angled towards a certain country (like how it was when we lived abroad - I used to attend private schools with American curriculum) as much as when the education has a religious motive. Yeah I went to a Christian school too for a year I think it was, it was situated in an old castle so that part was pretty cool, but as far as education goes... I don't really remember much of it, I don't think we learned a lot... I remember once when we were out on a school trip (traveling by subway) some kids jumped the ticket barriers and the teachers were totally OK with it... just didn't seem like a very Christian thing to do. For the record I wasn't a beliving Christian myself so religion classes (which we had a lot of) were a bit awkward...

lol, I mean I learned the term Epistemology!

Apparently Bergsala Holding AB markets Nintendo in Sweden as well as neighboring Scandinavian countries. It was founded in 1976 and started collaborating with Nintendo back in 1981 which makes it Nintendo's oldest business parter outside Japan. They currently have 50 employees and Swedish CEOs (no info on the employees). I don't think there is a Swedish branch of Nintendo.

Hmm, ever read up on the hype about Americans growing and gaining excessive weight because of GMO heavy foods? I guess my view on GMO is the same as with my view on cultures: some things, I feel just shouldn't be mixed. :P Yeah, you're right, so to conclude: GMO's neither good or bad, it all depends on how it's used, as with all the facts of potential evolution and social growth we've spoken of above/below.

Haha yeah, they're like big rats, with eyeballs popping out of their skulls! Well nah, they're not that bad... as for the barking it seems the smaller the breed, the louder the bark. Also applicable to humans!


10 days ago

Teach your culture to the second generation, otherwise they remain the same as the 1st generation, of course it is required a certain degree of respect for what they already come with, other wise they won't be a 2nd generation but your average Sweden citizen.

Yeah education is part of culture, part of politics, part of economics, part of a bunch of things, that is why pedagogy and epistemology are so important and debated in academy.

That is why you merge them, well the processes is more long and complex than just merging but that is the idea, that why you avoid a clash, and get something more similar to a dilution.

And who drives those vehicles? who makes the deals? who talks to the companies and tells them to make a trust inversion and tell them that their product will sell, and for how much will it sell, and for how long?

Yeah that is why you have to study the subject, then come with a hypothesis and then check if the hypothesis holds as true, that is called being responsible. But what i wanted to say was, that the fact that something is working doesn't means that it can't work even better, optimization.

Yeah just like GMO, and GMO it can be done right, that broccoli we all love (i will assume that we all love broccoli) is a perfect example of modified organism (sure it was made with primitive/traditional means of breeding but is essentially the same a genetically modified organism), well you could say chihuahuas are in that category too... but i do find chihuahuas as the product of irresponsibility, so yeah...

8 days ago Cyberdevil responds:

Some really go a long way to preserve their heritage... I mean, the parents of the second generation go a long way to make sure they don't change, opening up private schools for certain groups etc... you speak the truth though, that'd be the right way to go about it.

True that too. Also just learned a new term in Epistemology...

Seems like we agree on how most of this stuff should work. :)

Companies; of their own interest? I mean, people don't immigrate along with the product, or immigrate so that the product can be spread (least not when it comes to this example on videogames). Of course people of different cultures communicate and collaborate, and I'm fine with that, it doesn't mean they all need to move to new locations to do so. I don't mind globalism as I do multiculturalism in a closed area.

I agree!

lol I have a love/hate relationship with broccoli, certain other members in the family almost like it too much. :P As for that example though, if it's done naturally there's much less risk involved. With GMO they have for example been injecting fish genes into plants... that we eat... I don't know about you but to me that just seems a little twisted; wrong. But as for the real thing that's wrong with GMO crops, it's that the crops aren't naturally sustainable, the farmers need to continually buy new seeds to keep planting, and in making the crops able to withstand stuff like pesticide they coincidentally seem to loose their immunity against natural threats, like insects, so suddenly pesticide has to be used for crops that initially didn't need anything; would give new seeds for the next season. Course this is just an example of how it goes wrong when large corporations angle the business to their advantage, but this is why I really don't like GMO...

Aw man those poor Chihuahuas, so lost and confused, so hyped up they're universally carried around in handbags... yeah...


3 weeks ago

Haha, but the problem is that they don't work, after all it is holding a fallacy as a fact.
Also that something is tradition doesn't makes it right, there are plenty of examples of that.
Thus the role of humanity today (among other things) is to separate itself from traditional ways of thinking, and start using reason, and we have been doing this since before the age of enlightenment, and we still have lots to do, i mean there is people out there still fighting against evolution!

Is not really a mix of everything into one, but getting the best of others to enhance your own view, thus changing your view, and using comparison to find ways out to your problems, having a global view, this is not really proper of multiculturalism, but the way in which some (lost of) studies on the different fields involving humans are done.

When i said "But what if everyone or most of them say no, including the kids?" i refer to the model of learning from this other culture(in the case of the immigrant)/cultures in the case of the natives, if they refuse then no change happens.

10 days ago (Updated 10 days ago) Cyberdevil responds:

Yeah, I agree fully, if something is broken it should be fixed; if something is flawed it should be improved. Yet I feel that nowadays people often try to fix what's not broken and improve what isn't flawed. The world's evolving all the time, but there's a thin line between evolution and regression. I mean, all change isn't good change. If someone tries to fix something without the necessary knowledge about it, they might end up breaking it. And as humans, we all have different views on what change is good change, what's evolution, what's right and wrong. Progress is a term heavily influenced by public/personal opinion.

Kinda like GMO huh. :) I think the watermelon with seeds tastes better than the new version though, just saying.

Ah, yeah, if they refuse: no change. True.


3 weeks ago

What you could do with the second generation, is that since they are being now raised there, they could use multiculturalism to integrate them into Sweden that way you avoid the cultural clash, while it may not really change Sweden it can change the second generation into feeling a part of Sweden, it doesn't has to be always in a big scale, it can work with small communities, specially with children that are being raised there, and the sooner the better, that way you avoid the formation of groups that separate themselves from the rest of the community (the natives), of course for that you will need a different approach for each community of immigrants, and that requires to know the background of the immigrant, since a standard model wouldn't work on everyone.

In that case we would need to know the exact source of the discontent, and what are the demands and proposals, as well as how realistic and rational they are, when it gets to this point we find ourselves with a problem of education, so you will need to inform them, of course as you describes things it seems that not only this is not being done, but they also get a lot of privileges on top of that.

Integration is needed, what can help with this is multiculturalism, since is a tool towards integration, and this clashes with diversity in the long run. Why? because the more time passes the more the cultures merge (in that case can we still talk about multiple cultures? probably, with 2 cultures that are really similar, and yet different).

And how do those Pokemon games arrive there?

10 days ago Cyberdevil responds:

You mean teach them our culture? Or implement their cultures in smaller scale?

Yupp, education's key! But it's not working that well. To some extent, education is a cultural thing too...

But if the cultures aren't merged, we'll have clashing fractions within society, and if they do then it really will be a multicultural society. I just can't see the concept as necessarily positive. :/

By plane or boat, I presume?


3 weeks ago

Making your 1st single

Dependent by political choice, yeah the EU seems to have that side effect, among others, that is a good example, but you could say everyone inside the EU becomes dependent of each other, maybe one day it works, or the whole of the EU sinks together, quite risky and bold actually, it all depends on how that goes.

Yeah man, and politicians love to defend that shit, even if is clear by now that it doesn't really works, and of course companies like Monsanto couldn't be more happy to see such models to still be enforced, since it benefits their growth, then the people get caught in the trap of getting more jobs and a circulating capital that will never go to them, they get caught in the promise of entrepreneurship, that doesn't really defends the small entrepreneur, they get caught in a bunch of lies, the jobs that are made are temporal low wage jobs filled with risk, and the capital moves into the big echelons of the economy, while the entrepreneurs that come ahead are those that already had the resources to start competing, in short is a benefit for the 1%.

Haha, yeah that is what i am saying, but in the emotes and the culture part of it.
I understand if you don't want your culture to change, however it can't stay the same forever, otherwise it will stagnate, a way to avoid this is, among lot of other is multiculturalism, just saying.

That seems to be more a problem with the system than with immigration in itself, if they are giving things away for free then, man it is kinda normal to have that happening actually, instead of giving it all away just like that what they need is to make these new citizens to unfold the same responsibilities as the rest, pay taxes, work, study, etc. Contribute.

10 days ago Cyberdevil responds:

Almost famous!

True, and some countries are more dependent on others, some have more control than others, some take more liberties and don't get penalized for it. It's not a very fair and balanced system.

Yeah, all that greed... and as for politicians, if they'd at least cut the paychecks in half maybe some people who cared about more than themselves the impact they'll have on history... or about the $$$ - might jump aboard and make a difference.

In the emotes?? True, it has to keep evolving, as do we all: our language, our bodies, our cultures... and yet there's something special about tradition, about things we've been doing for hundreds of years, about monumental buildings, ancient relics etc. I think the past's worth preserving when it's beneficial, and I don't think our current cultures a disadvantage... but multiculturalism might. I get what you're saying tho!

Word, that'd be the way!


3 weeks ago

"Religion is something holy" dude let me make a tweak on that quote:
"Religion is something that is supposed to be seen as holy" now that sounds more like it, yeah that is why we have all these ethical models after the age of enlightenment that separate themselves from religion, because it was not working, and because (oh the irony), it was turning into profit; corruption.
Wait i got lost here, but... something that we inherit is something that is taught to us... unless you mean that we are born with some ideas already inside us... which i found even more weird.

The difference here is that multiculturalism doesn't imposes or forces you anything, it shows an alternative, the change is not pushed to happen, you can always walk await from it, remember the example of the school teaching Hawaiian history in Turkey? well there are 2 problems with that, such a curse is not something really for school level, but higher education, second instead of just Hawaii it should have other cultures involved on it, with that clarified, the thing is that you can always choose to not see that class, without any other consequences other than you not getting the information presented on that class, and that is actually how it is done, with education, is an actual long process that should not be rushed, the benefits that would be actually seen by the next generation, in the meantime most of the actual generation would just tolerate each other without really seeing any mix, is the actual next one and those that fully participate of the process the ones that start fully understanding each other.

But what if everyone or most of them say no, including the kids? then no change happens, there is no new vision or approach, the same concepts remain, even if these are backed by the imagination and not by facts.

3 weeks ago (Updated 3 weeks ago) Cyberdevil responds:

Right. That's what I meant. Good wording!

Well here's an example of what I mean: a lot of people believe that we can differentiate right from wrong without being taught what's wrong and what's right, that certain aspects of moral, like: you shall not kill (a human), is inherited to the point where it's hereditary rather than something we grow up and learn, either through society or through our family (also influenced by society). I believe all these principles have their roots in religious guidelines and aren't traits of human natural as some may think. I wouldn't mind other guidelines instead of religious, but as a base they work well don't they? They're like tradition, we follow them on instinct.

Well if all countries mix in all cultures, there actually isn't much you can do about it; you can't choose to walk away from it. Then multiculturalism is global and inescapable, and if it becomes a problem, it affects the entire country (or world) and not only those who have a problem with it.

Say no to...? Not sure which part of the previous convo this is linked to.


3 weeks ago

Second the discontent of the immigrant when things don't unfold nicely once they "settle" in the new country, this discontent now manifests in a want for vengeance against the country, this is more radical and i think it can be more easily researched by interviewing immigrants, asking them if they would hold grudge against the country or would want revenge giants it if things doesn't work out, then asking them why, and why they think the country is really responsible for it, talking about this point i remembered this thing here this is a draw my life video of a guy that is really good at drawing, i found him because he does some really awesome Dota2 fan art, anyway at some point he ended in Sweden as an immigrant working for a restaurant as a dishwasher, while he was there his employee abused him (as a worker), and things just didn't work out (i also should ask myself if he was really abused or not, who knows, but i guess that it could have happened), now did he hated the country of Sweden for this? no, he did not, he did hated his employer, but is hate for the guy the same as hate and revenge against the country, about its people? no, however not everyone is like that, there must be people that could come to the not so rational conclusion that the one at fault is the country, what we need to know is how many people think this, and why.
So are the majority of immigrants who fail at making it as immigrants holding grudges against the country they arrive to, and the natives (not just one person but a whole community)? i also find it hard to believe, but i can't really say yes or not here.

Now the criminal organizations, these are multinational groups, and i agree 100% here, there is nothing really to discuss here, organized crime will do what it needs to stay afloat, just like any other company nowadays, thus enforcing immigration laws is a necessity.

Ah yeah the problem of integration, what did we leave that at? XD.

You want importation without immigration? ok, but i have no idea how that would work, regardless of being those goods or services.

3 weeks ago (Updated 3 weeks ago) Cyberdevil responds:

Well here's an example case: the first generation immigrates. They aren't happy, they don't get good jobs, they don't feel at home or a sense of purpose. The second generation is raised under a helm of brewing discontent; take out their discontent on society. Vengeance may be a strong word... maybe bitterness fits better. They are bitter, they don't fit in, the second generation doesn't know if they want to fit in. They're raised under an old culture; clashing with the new, taking out their bitterness on what they believe is the cause of their agony. As soon as people try to get involved with the pros and cons and whatnots of immigration though they get looked on as racist, it's a topic people are scared of discussion so... well I don't know of any such studies; don't know if there are.

Haha, that was an interesting experience... you speak the truth, can't put all all people under the same umbrella. But it is a problem. That's why we have riots, that's why they burn cars, it's a destruction aimed at sosciety rather than the individual.


I think we reached some common conclusion on how... integration is needed, but also clashes a bit with multiculturalism, and end of topic? :P

Hmm, example: Pokemon games are mighty popular here.


3 weeks ago

Ah but we don't need to exclude them, we can still have them, is just that now we have different kinds, instead of pushing them away we change them, so you don't have to be stuck with something that would otherwise kill you.
Also these are metaphors for cultures not people :P lets say that sugar is patriarchalism, and diabetes is being a woman, we just mix that culture with a non patriarchal one that way you can have the best of that jam sandwich instead of just bread.
Yeah the Jam would not taste the same, but it is a change for the best, it is more healthy now (it wouldn't kill you, and it can be eaten by more people), and it also has bread now, so it will fill your stomach more easily!
It may sound weird but in this version of cooking, mixing the ingredients, changes them, so a peanut becomes a different nut, and that Jam loses its sugar. But they are still a Nut and Jam :D (what is with me using these emotes lately, am i being influenced by you Mr Cyberdevil!?)

Man what you presents me has so much things to be analysed, which i have confess i have no data on, for example the notion that immigrants travel to other countries without any planing involved, is this really true? do they simply move and then end there, and now try to survive doing whatever? sounds hard to believe.

3 weeks ago (Updated 3 weeks ago) Cyberdevil responds:

Integration! I'm down with that! :)

Haha man these metaphors are getting out of hand... lmao, I don't know what to say to that. If cultures are merged and modified so that they may co-exist I suppose there is no problem, but personally I wouldn't want to change my own culture! You saying I use a lot of emotes? :P Hmm. :/ I need to control this habit! :O

Oh, no of course they plan, but I mean their options are limited, there's a certain amount of places they can migrate to, or know of; it's not always what they expect or want. When we lived abroad we had some neighbors in third-world countries that wanted to move to Sweden, they asked us to arrange the trip, when we (I mean my parents btw, I wasn't too old back then) asked what they'd do in Sweden they were surprised: it was common knowledge you didn't need to work and you'd get financial aid anyway. And they do, at the cost of taxpayers with incredibly high taxes... but giving immigrants all they need isn't positive integration, it doesn't make them feel a sense of purpose or fit in, it creates feelings of distrust and bitterness though you'd think the natural reaction would be thankfulness. Maybe cause they expect more? I don't know, I have no studies to reference but I live here so... interaction gives some insight. Yeah, a lot move and end up here, a lot are funneled in through Finland for example, who are very strict about immigration and barely take in any themselves. And as for surviving, most of them have an easy time... least economically. I know I mentioned earlier that all immigrants get financial aid, free phonecalls abroad, free health and dentist care, free furniture, potential travel expenses etc. And there is no requirement for any real integration, though I'm getting off topic here again...


3 weeks ago

'Till you end Underground!

When i said dependent i was talking in a political sense not an economical one.

Oh man you have to excuse me here, but if you only saw the big ass grin i have on my face while reading your comment, don't get me wrong, this grin is because you just described the horrors of neo liberalism, and i agree so much with you there, if only i could print that comment of yours and spread it around the world, paste it in the walls of universities, put it on the streets, broadcast it by radio, TV and the web, spread the word, what you are suffering is from the same thing the rest of the world suffers from, the weird thing here is that privatization and such horrors brought by free trade are usually felt more strongly by third world countries who get ravaged by international companies, the same happens, except for a big difference, the taxes, taxes are usually low even for the rich so they stay there to rake up more profits, however the capital stays out of circulation and keeps accumulating within these rich individuals, there is no "invisible hand" that will fix this chaos, capital will keep accumulating and will not be redistributed, so to read about this phenomenon happening in such a way in a place like Sweden just shows that such a system is condemned to be a piece of shit even in advanced countries, lets see now, does it work in other places that are considered "great powers", UK, Germany, France, China, USA, Japan, Russia, does this works there? no, most of them have their public companies well protected by their governments like it should, and Obama recently pushed as hard as he could a health care reform that boost public health care, we can see that it is important for the government to have a hold in these things, and yet people selfishly try to fight against, but as you just wrote a private company can do that job and in the meantime fuck everyone else in the sidelines, then move away and keep growing, multinationals are like most companies, all about money, but these guys do it hardcore and efficiently, stomping whoever they need to, i really have no idea why common people would try to defend them, the only ones who benefit from those are other multinationals, stock holders and the rich, the influential rich.

3 weeks ago Cyberdevil responds:

At 3 AM!

Ah, well politically we're incredibly dependent on the EU. We have no choice (well we could leave the EU; but apparently some people *cough*politicians*cough* don't want to do that) but to enforce all the laws they cast upon us, even when they aren't to our benefit. For example, we had great control over what pesticides, chemicals etc were allowed... until the EU came along. In an effort to have a standard applicable to the entire continent a lot of items that were previously banned are now allowed, since other countries don't want to disallow them: like ASO dyes in candy. I ate some of that once without knowing and had a pretty horrible allergic reaction, whole body covered in blister-like itches for a few days. So yeah, politically we are, by political choice, all but independent.

So... it has another name! Yeah it's depressing seeing how we keep sinking; going through the mistakes other countries have gone through already. They're learning (I'm thinking of that healthcare reform here) while we're just casting all that attained wisdom aside in favor of something we should know is not to our benefit... on the topic of multinational companies btw, Monsanto is the best example I can think... by best I mean the worst. They're taking over the world with GMO crops, forcing farmers to rely on their product, in a large scale monopolizing modern agriculture, and what's worse is they don't believe in their own project. In their own cafeteria any GMO food is banned. It's baffling how they can keep spreading their seeds even though they are apparently well-aware of the downsides of it.


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The thing is that in principle no constitution should be tied to a religion, that is the whole point of separating from the church, but yeah that was a really half-assed development in the history of humanity.

I see your worries, but that happens when multiculturalism "happens" without any real process behind it, is juts mixing things and see what happens, there's no study, investigation, or forethought behind it, so evidently the whole thing falls apart and segregation occurs, and if segregation occurs then we can't really talk of multiculturalism, the same goes to things that are imposed upon others.

That sounds more like cultural diversity happening in the same geographical zone, instead of multiculturalism, and then we take this diversity and forcefully morph it into a mix of whatever may come out, then we take that and impose it onto the rest.

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We still need some form of guidelines though. The problem with casting religion aside is that it easily takes a turn for profit; corruption. Religion is something holy; as the basis for all modern law it's something we take so much for granted we almost consider some of these moral beliefs to be inherited rather than taught.

Yeah, and it's happening! If there was a viable process to it I probably wouldn't have so much against it. Bad experiences feed my opinions.

Not the same thing? It does sound a lot like that.


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'Till you collapse?

You are dependent or a colony of who exactly?

Haha i can see that working, i really do, but seems like a more rare thing that even the notion of a working and real communist system in our current times.

Then sugar low jam, and we can mix some other nuts, multiculturalism gives us options not just one kind :D

Is true we need to bring the word "Fascist" back into the lingo of the everyday! XD.
Well that is not really what i would call racist, because racism is a whole different kind of discrimination so the word doesn't even applies, I would call it censorship and prejudice to avoid and deny the opinion in a problem, but is not a discrimination based on race.
As for the bad sides of multiculturalism i can see them as fear of not wanting something that we are accustomed to, then go and change, possibly into something we dislike, but is that something we dislike something bad or good? and it is bad or good for who and which party? those things are also evaluated into multiculturalism when it is done right it is not just trowing 2 views into chaos and see what comes out of it, however you may say that i may be idolizing multiculturalism and thus i have become unable to see the downsides in this novelty that is happening in our times, in that case you are totally right there, thus is kinda your duty to point out those things i am missing... (since i cant see them).
The thing is that there is a real problem with immigration and crime, however that is not really a problem of culture or race, thus to link it with culture and race can be seem as racist, thus the word appears, is a problem of approach really (unless the person really thing that crime is a property of that culture in that case it is indeed racism).

Because market and culture go hand in hand, they do it in such a close way, that in the beginning economics, sociology and politic sciences were one and the same discipline.

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Till you say Goodbye Hollywood!

We're dependent on a large portion of the world for oil, military aid, financial aid, food, tourism and labor. The government somehow decided it'd be best to sell out all government-owned companies (especially the ones making a profit - ones that could and have been used for the wealth of the people) and open for competition, resulting in generally worse service and reliability on foreign actors just to have a functioning society. Some facets that used to be paid for by the state cost even more now, since the corporations don't make enough profit and need financial aid to keep running, so salary is retailed in by the state anyway. You could say the individual could earn more off of this system, but it's really a tiny portion of the populace that wallows in riches; since taxes are so high (30% is normal; higher the more you earn...) the people who do earn a lot usually move abroad. We have an abundance of natural resources, but instead of using that to our advantage the government wants to bring in more people, creating more opportunities for work, letting foreign actors prospect for minerals like uranium, letting other countries exploit our wilderness. Some of these projects get grants from the state since initial investment is costly, and some never make a profit anyway. The government is actively letting the world abuse our hospitality and breadth of resource, with little or no gain, when we could be independent and all live somewhat luxuriously off of the earth. And caring for the country is looked upon like racism, it's crazy.

Yeah, a rarity we'll probably never see! But it could be cool.

But if these edible items are all metaphors for people, then there are always going to be peanuts too, and sugar. Excluding those two... now that would just be racist. ;)

Ah, fascist. Haven't heard that word in a long time! :D Yeah I know, it's not, the word is used for so much it doesn't actually apply to. It's used as an excuse to avoid discussion, it's used for blame; abused for personal gain. It's become an accessory for certain people to get their way and easily discriminate others, nationals and immigrants alike, they're using the word like a weapon, forgetting what it really means and how much our world has evolved since the time when racism was something people oftentimes didn't even see as wrong (of course it's wrong, just saying we've come so long since then)!

Well maybe you need to experience some of the downsides to understand them. I don't know how I could elaborate upon why I feel the way I do in ways I haven't already... hope the message gets through though! I definitely understand it's not all bad, but it can so easily turn bad. I agree the crime isn't directly linked to culture, but I do believe it's linked to immigration. People don't always choose their destinations when they move; they aren't always happy with where they end up. That general distrust or dislike easily manifests in a want for vengeance: on the country, on the 'natives'. And then there are those large criminal organizations that use immigration to spread or move onto new ground. There's not nearly as much control as to the background of each individual - at least not here, and I think we talked about the problems of integration earlier.

In regard to multiculturalism? I agree, but we can have import without having immigration though.


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Not even when the music stops

Wonder which countries you may be talking about.

Indeed by entities i mean corporations, because if an individual can own land, then a corporate can too do the same, but we know how that usually ends.

I don't know i don't really see communism working alongside with patriotism because it requires the notion of a nation, and nations implies a separation which goes against the eventual death of class division, then creating segregation, between foreign and local, translating one problem to another instead of fixing it. Maybe non discriminatory patriotism could work, but how would that even look like? pride is after all a sentiment that excludes that which doesn't makes part of that sentiment.

It would be more like mixing peanut and butter, to get peanut-butter, and then we could even add some jelly!

But there is also micro-evolution!

However not wanting to mix cultures sounds quite racist, like those new groups that go around saying that multiculturalism equals to white genocide... just the sole statement is all levels of wrong, starting for the exaggeration of calling it genocide, and even more since in multiculturalism you can perfectly conserve your cultural heredity, it is up to you to see what parts to keep or not, instead of just following it for a means of tradition.

XD, oh man that would be interesting to see, but i am no economist and i am not really that advanced into sociology, so i cant say if that would work or not (but it sounds unlikely), just from the very way in which markets work, and how these start mixing with culture.

They probably felt in love and moved to Turkey, that could happen... positive multiculturalism right there :P

Well now you know, there is your problem, a religion XD. (joking, but really...)
But regardless of religion, or politics regarding people as good Christians instead of people, a thing that can be seen in most speeches by politicians, i think that different religions are not really a problem for multiculturalism, because it is known from point A that there are differences, and the whole point is to coexist with those differences, even taking the best of them and integrating them into one another, the problem may come when stubbornest enters into play, when some believe themselves to be more right than others.

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You say what you say

Well actually I just know the one, the Sweden, but I assume other countries have similar situations.

Yepp, it ends... badly.

I think I was just comparing communism to patriotism, not suggesting they be combined... but on that topic: I do believe people would need to be patriotic for communism to work. Believing in their country could be synonymous to believing in equality, if they don't believe in that, how could the communism even get started? Non-discriminatory patriotism would be patriotism though. Discrimination and patriotism may often go hand in hand, but they're different concepts. You don't need to look down on one thing to love something else... though no doubt a lot of people do, there's the problem. :/

But maybe some people are allergic to peanuts! And others have diabetes!

That's another big problem, as soon as someone has a potentially negative view on immigration, multiculturalism etc they call them a racist. It's a word people throw around so much that the original definition's almost been lost along the way, and then people don't dare speak up because they'll be labeled a supremacist or nationalist (which is really a different thing) or something else disparaging, and as a consequence they're often looked down upon. That's racism right there, discrimination excused as... well I don't know what to call it, it's all opinion but so many people take it a few miles further than that. Is it so hard to see that there are both positive and negative sides to multiculturalism? Maybe it is the inevitable way of the future world but people should be free to voice their opinions even on such matters, as they will have a huge impact on their lives and those of generations to come.

Markets... the consumption craze... that's another huge defect of today. :) But the global net of suppliers seems to work well, theres import and export all over the globe. Countries who don't have natural resources (like Japan) can find a niche within technology, etc. Not sure how that ties to multiculturalism... makes it easy to import foods that cannot be grown in the home zone of course, but that doesn't mean you can't still buy local produce.

Haha, yeah maybe, if they love the country it's all good. :)

Instead of people? Man all people are tied do some fundemental guidelines, the constitution's Christianity-based too, I doubt there's a government in the world that doesn't have religion tied to their rulebook, though they've evolved separately in latter years. Oh, in their speeches... I don't think I've ever heard a religious reference in a political speech here.. the 'God Bless America' thing reminds me that there are other countries with probably much stronger ties to religion than us, though we tie in different ways. The problem might be that we don't consider ourselves religious, yet some parts of religion is embedded in our culture, and when religious groups move in with a will to change that culture we feel threatened, though we don't directly know why, or understand the significance of culture as something that ties people together. Well you know what I think. I'm fascinated by different beliefs and traditions and everything, but I don't want ours to change. Just like I don't want a global currency, or a flag that unites an entire continent (or an entity like the EU that attempts to govern a group of countries, and spend ridiculous sums of money pushing through crazy laws like how cucumbers that are bent a certain way aren't to be sold, or strawberries need to be a certain size, or we need to ban surströmming because it smells bad). I'm sure multiculturalism works to a certain extent, or has the potential to work, but I see a much larger potential for things go wrong, for wars to break out, for society to get divided into fractions, for racism and discrimination to brew particularly because our differences aren't cared for, people lose confidence, sense of purpose, sense of patriotism, stop caring for country; stop caring for their fellow humans...



I am not crazy man, that is the job of social scientist, to study and learn about humans, that includes in part and among a lot of their many fields, culture and its many many faces, for that we have sociology, anthropology, psychology, even philosophy, of course not everyone is a social scientist or a philosopher, so what these people must do is to take the best and spread it in a understandable way to the public.
Is funny because social sciences are seem mostly as tools to legitimize models to exercise control over population, but that is not the only role of this field of knowledge... and when these social sciences are not working under this camp they are portrayed as useless, indeed that is unfair.

A simple. Minimalistic. Home styled life, is nice and all, but the world is moving fast and is not stopping, i don't want to say that what you want is no longer possible, because it can be done under extraordinary circumstances, but that will only make you socially isolated from everyone else, of course it is possible that you can become happy in your small community, however, physically you are still connected, if someone mess up in the amazon you will suffer just as much as the rest of the world...

You know i confess i manipulated my examples, because lets be real, why would a Hawaiian end living in Turkey as an immigrant? XD. But i hope you get my point.

Mosques in Stockholm and broadcasting Islam prayers five times a day? indeed that is troublesome, because it bypass the rights of other people to have their own religion, and be free of influence, but that is not an example of multiculturalism, why? because is one culture overriding another instead of merging with/into it, int his case they are developing an invasion, forcing themselves upon others, without revising the pros and cons of their own views, in a proper multiculturalism both cultures are studied under an objective perspective of what is seem as a common workable goal (that perspective could be wrong, the criteria is that it must be generally approved by the specialized group making the study, and you must say why not approved by the general public opinion? well, because like Pierre Bourdieu said, "The Public opinion does not exist")

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The way I see it globalism can exist simultaneously with a more traditional nationally-limited world. We can live in respective countries and groups, where we all feel at home, and we can engage with people of other cultures temporarily; through tourism, but even more so through communication via things like the net, without any cultural restrictions; without needing to blend for that matter.

Anyone who moves from Hawaii must be crazy... positive patriotism right there. ;)

The thing is: Christianity used to be (and to a large extent still is) part of our culture. It's what our laws are based on, our moral, our morale... so many aspects of who make us who we are and made the country look as it does. A lot of holidays are based on the religion, a lot of historical landmarks; buildings and even matters of speech and common phrases. We held our school closings in church not more than a few years ago, and it was a pretty pompous experience, but now people want a more neutral environment. I'm not religious myself; I'm all for freedom of religion, but there is a thin line between religion and culture, and some groups of people (read: people from different societies/cultures) take one thing for granted that other people consider an unright to their own belief. These are the kind of problems I believe multiculturalism can create, and does. I guess positive multiculturalism could be grouped in with positive patriotism and communism eh? Same potential for good... but also so very easy to abuse.



Since people are different culture would manage to conserve itself of course it would be greatly changed and disseminated but it would still be traceable, not really that bland of a world...

A-a-are you really doing this to me? Indian spicy cosine being tied genetically? that is so racist... but i know you are cool dude so this is just joke (unless you are a fascist Nazi in a great disguise...), food taste is learned, digestion is hereditary like lactose intolerance, and can be also programmed like a horrible diet as a child which then lead to develop an allergy, for example if i had continued to keep eating shrimp with orange juice i would have become unable to eat shrimp due to poisoning over a extended time period.

Yes people are different, people look different, and is not strange that Asians and Europeans have different eating habits, but is not because their bodies are different, is because their land is different who they cant grow the same food, develop the same customs, and create the same culture, that is a principle of anthropology, a really basic one, and is also what help cartography to be so good explaining social phenomenons, for example Black from the Caribbean and Blacks from the pacific are actually from the same Afrian territory, ended in different parts of the american continent, created different cultures, with different foods, but that doesn't mean that their bodies are different now, their customs are, please don't mix race with species.

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It'd be like mixing fresh water and salt water. :P

Well when I said 'in their genes' I meant I believe it's hereditary (and that's just a theory btw - seeking a logical explanation as to why some people can eat some things that other people just can't eat without feeling at least extremely uncomfortable). In the beginning I'm sure it was due to their land being different, different flora and fauna, different circumstances, overtime different foods and cultures and all that, and somewhere along the way we all adapt to our ecosystem, we evolve in a way that'll let us better survive where we live, so it becomes a part of us rather than our circumstance. Everyone can change of course, but evolution is a slow process. From Wikipedia: Genes and environment influence human biological variation from visible characteristics to physiology to disease susceptibly to mental abilities. The exact influence of genes and environment on certain traits is not well understood.

Variations are a part of our species; being unique is a good thing! Racism is the act of 'ranking different races as inherently superior or inferior to each other', I'm not doing that at all, I'm merely putting focus on differences between them; saying I don't believe that mixing together a surplus of cultures is the best way to let us a human race co-exist peacefully.



So good so bad we better sing for the moment

We cant? then... roaches? but even those have a role in nature...

For tomorrow

What? this is the first time i heard someone said that independence is being looked down XD, what is going on over there man? for real... you are bursting my bubble here.

Yeah not everything can be bad at least advertless streets is something worth praising.
Indeed, but could you say then... that natural resources like forest and parks should be managed by private entities in this case?

Oh well it probably feels good that is a good answer, you should explain in which sense and under what type of patriotism that feeling comes, the second one is more hard to accept becuase is reducing the purpose in life of a person to work and live for its country, and that generates division in the long run, the 3rd one is an irony because generating a country that is kind to everyone while telling them to leave your own country is well... kinda funny really XD.

1 month ago Cyberdevil responds:

Sing cause were' not afraid!

Them roaches:

Believe it or not:

I think some countries overlook the benefits of independence. ;) And some countries have fed their ego to the point they're getting fat....

Oh man onto the topic of private entities... if you mean personal individuals, then I'm all for it, but as for corporations owning natural resources rather than the state, they have/probably will exploit so much... I don't know if that's the right way to go either. As an individual I'd love to buy up huuuge amounts of natural resources and make sure they're taken care for, but that's probably never going to happen, even with large amounts of riches it'll never be possible in the scale that'd be necessary to really preserve the wilderness. If the state cares about the right things then I wouldn't mind if they owned it, but they don't; nor corporations; nor most people who have the ability to really make an impact...

Living for a 'greater cause' is what seems to give most people a purpose. For some that greater purpose is a country, for many a religion, for others its a person or group, for some it's a goal; something symbolic. It's a difficult concept... maybe you could say patriotism is kinda like communism in how I think it could work great but people will never let it. As soon as someone even considers abusing the system then the whole idea of something good falters. IDK, there's good and bad with everything..



Multiculturalism, has worked since, always, however you may know it more as cultural appropriation, a really good example is white people using Hip-Hop to do political critic.
Westerners using numbers that come from the middle east, and the world eating rice, lets not forget about corn and its many preparations.
Multiculturalism in an even more recent time, if Haiti hasn't succeed in its independence from France, the US would be half french now XD.

But you asked me for working multiculturalism, in our modern times, not for cultural appropriation or for diversity side effects, and i do admit, and it pains me to say it but the answer is no.

The world is a racist ball filled with hate and mistrust, people feel their culture as perfect and in the lack of need for others, even if is pretty clear that one can enrich another, of course when this happens it is said that "we took it, and made it better" lol.

Multiculturalism is like socialism, it never happened, and when it happened, it didn't neither.
Multiculturalism also exist in relative small scales, that is even true when we talk about mass-migration, even then we still have minorities that settle as small communities, and which knowledge and culture ends there within the limits of that community, but most importantly multiculturalism has to be worked from education, that is to teach other visions of the world, another history, to have at least a second point of view "!! but Doomroar you crazy fool that goes against patriotism! why would we learn the history and culture of Hawaiians when we are Turkish! we don't need that and i can't see it helping at all! our culture is perfect!!!1111eleven!", well that is a hasty conclusion, and it looks more like a preconception, because since you don't know about them you cant really say if it helps or not, "help? help what? help who? we don't need help! we're perfect! this society is advanced and modern! a role model!" yes, of course... but they are a part of it now, may as well at least know what things they bring with themselves, maybe you will know the concept of communal owned land "Doomroar you filthy communist what about private owned commodities!" you can still have those, but now thanks to this cultural encounter you can also have this other working model which is also ok.

Of course the comments are purely for comic relief, and not for ridicule.

3/13/14 Cyberdevil responds:

Alright, multiculturalism definitely has some benefits, but imagine if all parts of our cultures were spread around the world; applicable everywhere, with nothing to set one country aside from the next; no distinct traditions or habits... that'd be a pretty bland and boring world. What's the use of traveling if every place looks the same? Some parts of culture can't be spread though, like the spicy cuisine of India. I think that's in their genes. 'Mild' to them is like acid to the regular Scandinavian.

Well I don't think everybody feels their culture is perfect, but people are different, people look different, it shouldn't be strange if Asians and Europeans have different eating habits. Our bodies just aren't the same, not saying there's better or worse, but there's different; culture is tied as much to function and necessity as to entertainment/etc.

lol man you crazy. :D If we could learn about everything and everyone, that'd be great, but there are so many aspects of culture within a single country to pass on that passing on insight into cultures all over the world would just be impossible, we can't do it, and why do it? What we do with all that knowledge? Would we want to integrate a thousand different cultures into our own lifestyles? Some form of worldly enlightenment to combat racism and condescending thoughts would be great, but as far as culture goes I'm all for the one, the community aspect. simple. Minimalistic. Home. You know what I'm saying?

When they start building Mosques in Stockholm and broadcasting Islam prayers five times a day, I just don't see this multiculural thing working. It's a clash man.




Don't get me wrong Brazil is an economic superpower, his economy is crumbling because it also has widespread poverty, that is called "wealth concentration".

To be patriotic first you need to have something that unites you to that zone, but land owners are only the rich farmers, the close to move to the city farmers, and big corporations, then if we add to that a government that neglects you and a land that is not really yours because industrialization made land owning unprofitable, then we have that patriotism can only sustain itself by culture, however (and i am glad we already talked about this XD) it is the era of globalization, it means that other cultures invade your own both directly and indirectly, Americanization, Eurocentrism, etc.

So that immigrant first needs a link, that probably no longer has, and its family is probably in the same conditions, the problem here is that the patriotic doesn't notice any problem, and wouldn't leave to begin with he is in his home, is an extreme rare case of the one that sees the problem and stays, and is even more rare for the one that does it just to help its country and not its own individual interest.

So lets make a mental exercise here, lets ask someone to go back to its country and be patriotic.
Then that person will ask you: why?
Your role Mr Cyberdevil will be to tell that person that why, the reason why it should go back and be patriotic, of course other than "you are being a hindrance here" XD.

3/13/14 Cyberdevil responds:

Yeah, I knew about them ghettos. Seems to be the same with India and a bunch of other African/Asian countries... but I don't really know the facts.

But owning property is profitable. The problem here is that people buy up large chunks of forest, just chop everything down and sell it again, they don't give a shit about a sustainable environment... and it's not profitable in the long-run either. The better way would be to just thin out a forest and let new trees grow up naturally, rather than mowing everything down, then running the land flat and planting new trees. It's crazy.

True. It seems like second-generation immigrants have the potential to become positively patriotic, the first-generation still have their ties to their homeland and can, optionally, to some extent pass on those ties. As to why you should be patriotic... because it makes you feel good? Because it gives you a purpose? Because if everyone was, then the populace of a country could unite and overthrow any unjust regime; build themselves (if they don't already have) a society that is generous and kind to everyone? yeah that wouldn't really work. :)



Is so bad that is good!

Maybe if we convince them to use cats...

And do that Supreme Hustle

And does it matter?

Yeah it gets even more complex in open market mechanics when countries that try to close themselves to others are seen as tyrannical or unfair, even when opening themselves is not favorable for the country itself.

Brazil? that place plagued with racism
, where 50% of their people (which is all black people) are reduced to live in the biggest ghettos of Latin America, when land appropriation is common and social movements have to take arms ( which had a big recent dick move when a bunch of people got their land adjudicated in pro of corporations and now are practically homeless living in bad housing projects thanks to the pseudo-solution the government made, civil armed protest for unfair taxation and a crumbling economy, while is all being lumped down under the pretext of damn soccer cup, and a lot of other problems that sprouted from a government that proclaimed itself as one working for its people and its workers apparent leftist but turned out to be Neo Liberal? that Brazil?

Wait, i got lost reminding myself why i hate Brazil's government, what was Brazil a role model of? fighting capitalism? hell no! maybe Uruguay with José Mujica, but not even like that, as for enclosing themselves all of those countries are pretty much open and Brazil is part of BRIC, is actually one of the best examples of capitalism in the south!!!!!

3/13/14 Cyberdevil responds:

That is good?

We cat have that...

Thank God!

It's almost like it anti-matters.

True. Norway's been forced to pay extra taxes to the EU just to trade with EU countries, but they're still holding onto their riches, you could say it's thanks to an abundance of natural resources but I'd like to think it's also thanks to their being independent. Independence shouldn't be looked down upon like it is, in the US there's even a day for it... strange how things are so different when outside their scene.

That's... a side I hadn't seen. O_o Ah well, better start looking for a new role-model in the capitalism fight... I thought the advertless move was pretty neat though.



And now you rise to the top of all the sinks, indeed that is more of a geyser.

But what if they try to make human sacrifices! O_o

That's why you better Check Yo Self

Practically nonexistent.

Oh man that is crazy! well is nice in a way, but you have to take care of your own house first then you attend your guest, and if they are citizens that came from the outside then the citizens that were already there should have the same privileges, as for cultural integration that is a touchy field, that i am not really all that prepared to board not even in a casual sense, for you see some argue that as long as they fulfill their social, politic, and economic duties, that the cultural aspect could pass to a 2nd plane, however this cultural aspect is primordial to develop a working coexistence, so if i say it yes cultural integration is a must, inside the range of respecting the own heredity of the immigrant, because the main-appeal of having someone with a different view is to utilize it in favor of the nation, that is why multiculturalism is so appealing.

(Mmmh the world is still big, my man, the problem maybe that Sweden is the one that is small XD)
But i agree (in part) if people leave their countries is because there are problems there that should be solved first instead of running away somewhere else, and while there is a lot of truth to this statement of fixing the source of the problem, there is also a lot of blinded privilege behind it, because for starters we assume that the source of the problem lies inside the country of origin, while for most these things are a product of history and international relations, i don't know what is the impact of Sweden in other countries, but i am sure it is not close to that of other countries however to say that it has none is naive, why? simple the economy is a global thing, so even if the presence of that government is not active in other countries, companies and capitalist from that country can be, and most of the time these are just as bad, then there is the relations that Sweden has and those that its allies have, for example Sweden trades with Russia, Russia invades Ukraine , then an Ukrainian ends in Sweden. This is just a factor, there are many, many more.

And there is also the wrong notion of locking someone inside a country that is clearly incompetent, for example NK

3/7/14 (Updated 3/7/14) Cyberdevil responds:

A dude is like a guy sir. :P Comedy just rose to a new low!

Then it'd be a nightmare. O_o

You better keep it gangsta

It's almost like anti-matter.

You speak the truth! Well Sweden trades with Russia, but Sweden's intent on strengthening their ties with NATO, so the Russian's haven't been too happy with Sweden. Naive leaders think that an alliance with the US would keep any potential enemies at bay, though it may very well be the other way around; I wish we'd keep our neutrality: stand our own ground. I don't know that much about Swedish relations with other countries, but it used to be a waring state, we pretty much owned the larger part of Scandinavia for a while... Norwegians are our good friends now but the Finnish aren't all positive towards us. Relations are complex; even more so in the global world...

I don't see that multi-cultural appeal though, it may hold true within groups such as companies, for creative thinking, but what benefit would it be to a country who's main strength lies in natural resources? I believe a lot of countries could have self-sustainable societies and not need to rely solely on competence to survive, all of that is tied to the IT age, which is a really fragile stepping stone that could lead to furthering civilization or to ultimately destroying it... NK is a pretty extreme example, they cut their ties to the world; don't seem to care about their citizens... not an inspiring example of how capitalism could be fought. In that case Brazil is a role model. I don't know if it's old news now, but they banned adverts on buildings, and it's amazing how clean everything is without them! You don't really pay it any mind until it's gone, it's like being a supporter here at NG, I barely noticed the ads till I became a supporter, now if I log out they're in the way all the time, but getting off topic again...

As for that 'staying and fighting' thing, I just believe that if people were patriotic in a positive way, they wouldn't move. It's a sign that society as a whole isn't very harmonious when people want to escape the only places they have a link to, I've traveled a bit so maybe I feel a stronger bond to my place of birth than most people do, but ... yeah, I don't have much faih in multiculturalism. Is there any place it's actually worked? Oh and btw, it is a touchy matter indeed... I wouldn't speak about stuff like this with my neighbors, but communicating across countries... it's like all topics are open for debate. That's one benefit granted.



Underground even.

Haha, we need more cultist in all immigration bureau.

An they have no Vaseline

Almost unnoticeable.

Patriotism could work if is worked in a way when you recognize that your country has problems and they need to be fixed, otherwise it becomes nationalism, as things stand today, most countries are in the second category, however if you call someone that they will take offence even if is the truth, like calling fat people fat...

Yeah the thing with globalization is that even if is there it is not being embraced other than as an excuse for countries to expand and infiltrate using different means, for example a free-trade agreement between a developed country and one in-development, can screw the second one for this one is unable to compete, and yet both parties push for it, we could say that none of them really care if the second country is destroyed as long as the upper-class profits from the agreement, as for immigration i guess that thanks to mobility and technology it has become easier to do, and thanks to social organization it has become easier to see and take notice of, you can know hoe many immigrants arrive to a country each year, however it is sad to see that the social and political tools to manage immigration have not advanced in great deal, there are laws to suppress, evict and regulate emigration, but not to properly take care of the immigrant once it enters, and i am not saying that this is OK, however it makes sense, because most countries are unable to take proper care of the people that they already had, let alone new people from somewhere else.

With this in mind is the solution to close the country and to harden immigration laws? that doesn't really helps much is like using a band aid on a broken pipeline, a real answer would be to start working on social measures to see how viable is to increase the life conditions of the country and livelihood, but socialism has a bad name... for example free health care, that is not really free because everyone pays for it, but since the cost is redistributed then is sustainable, is already done for military affairs, and yet people hate the idea...

3/7/14 Cyberdevil responds:

So down under ground I'm over ground on the otherside. I went under but I got over it!

That'd be a dream. :)

That's why they thugs dirty

Notice that you can't see it.

True, just like with persona you need to recognize your own weaknesses to improve, but some don't see past their ego. Patriotism is in essence really just devotion and attachment.

I'm thinking we have a different kind of problem over here, we take too good care of immigrants, they get bigger allowances than old people get in pension, they get free dental care, healthcare, free phonecalls international, a sum to buy furniture, free housing, optional lessons in language (they're not even required to learn Swedish if they don't want to). We are way too lenient, and in the long run it's going to create a large cultural divide, though we welcome everyone with open arms a fraction of people start seeing them as enemies because the wealth of the state is spent on them, and there's no integration. So suppression and eviction's no problem here, but regulation definitely is, proper care isn't always just the 'best care'. As you say we can't take care of the people we already have, we take care of the rest of the world instead. It's crazy. First world problem maybe, but I don't think it's sustainable progress, in the long run there won't be resources for anyone.

I think the solution would be to keep people from moving out of their countries in the first place, the problem needs to be met at its source. If large quantities of people want to move, there's a problem; that problem should be solved, not just people shipped from one place to another in search for something better. The world's not that big anymore.

Free healthcare would be nice btw, we have a high-cost limit so if you pay a certain amount in a certain time-period any remaining care is free, but it's not applicable for all types of health-care. It's a start though. I like the safety-net system but I feel it's wasted, the government just throws away money on trying to fix things that aren't broken and ignoring the things that are... better not go into details though, there's too much!



That is a new low level of cleaning.

"Sir i believe i have a passport!"
"Is that so? where is it i cant see it!"
"Is there i know is there, right next to my soul..."

So they wouldn't be laughing now,and crying later

I guess you are now a tanned man.

Patriotism, is an imaginary nasty thing that requires a person to believe its own country to be better than others, indeed America may be the worst specially since is even known as the police of the world (the nerve of such tittle), which is actually critic, but some people actually like it what nonsense.

A country with a clean history? hard to think of a place who has been invaded, survived the invasion and keep its original inhabitants living in proper conditions, or that didn't went and started fucking shit up somewhere else. Indeed such a thing may be impossible, for it requires the place to be isolated, and if we remember feudalism was sustained by war, Noblemen and Royalty didn't made their own riches it was by taxation, war and pillage that their riches grew and their kingdom expanded, that model was everywhere, specially north when food was scarce and agriculture was not really sustainable, Asia was in constant war, Africa (even without Europe fucking the place up) had a constant history of tribes fighting each other, and the same goes for the American continent, and even if that was not the case natives worldwide have been robed of their lands, with no real mean of getting compensation, that is also true for the Oceania continent.

3/4/14 (Updated 3/4/14) Cyberdevil responds:

I'm very down to earth.

Haha, you could just tell him: "If you believe that I have it, then you can see it too!"

Cause they're color blind?

A pretty light tan yeah. :P

Indeed, but at the same time it's a bit like ego. If you don't believe in yourself you won't get anywhere, if nobody believes in the country than ditto, the challenge is being patriotic without being condescending. Personally I don't like my government at all, I feel ties to certain locations but not to the country as a whole, I'd like to be patriotic though... I believe if everyone was then we could build up a society everybody fits into, where everybody can serve a purpose and unite for a common cause, but if that cause turns anti-other countries then it'd go downhill quickly.

Sp true. There are so many stories about nations welcoming their 'guests' with open arms just to have that hopsitality abused and everything turned to shit... and it keeps happening, though not in the same scale as earlier. Globalism's helped a bit but in return it's making relations so much more complex.



So i bet you have to crawl to use it that sink.

To denote emotion, and try to attain some sympathy.

Leave right away, i will have to get my passport and that kinda takes time.

But that's only until they rich

And the light didn't burn you!?

Yeah racism is a widespread thing, but the point is that when they trash talk others is not in the context of a joke, they do believe it, you could say that some have some really valid grudges sprouting from world war, but the thing goes beyond that, Japan tried plenty of times to invade Korea failing time and time again, then got nuked twice and it didn't made them more humble XD, China has always see itself as the father of all these countries surrounding it, and Korea sees itself as the righteous and advanced one, you could say that they are all just prideful, but one thing is to be prideful and another is to be condescending, and they enforce this in their education until the late 80's japan still denied their own war crimes, which then leads to people like Isayama Hajime (Shingeki no Kyojin, most hyped not that good 2013 anime, for real) to go out and start talking shit about Korea, is his fault? yes he could get some research before starting acting racist, but is also his country's fault for educating him that way. And it gets even more worse when you see that is not just Japan being an asshole, but all of them XD.

3/3/14 Cyberdevil responds:

Yeah I sink down a bit. :P


But if you believe you have your passport already then... no problem! :D

True to the game

Nah it was pretty light.

Well they didn't get nuked by Korea. Would've been odd if that'd made them humble to Koreans, I think. It's true they should change their views, but it's not just the Japanese. I mean just look at America, is there a more condescending country out there? Or is it just pride? I'm not sure where the line's drawn. It'd be interesting to know if there are actually any countries with a clean history, or better yet, history books that aren't angle to in some way reflect the views of the leaders of the country.



Man and the second part
It gets real!

For real.

3/1/14 Cyberdevil responds:

Saburo Ienaga seems like an inspiring person! For real. Shit gets real for the author, for real, he takes up some valid points but - I was expecting something more about Japan! For real.



Yo man i conveniently stumbled upon this to tell you the truth while i already knew that Japanese where full of themselves it seems that it gets quite crazy sometimes.

3/1/14 Cyberdevil responds:

Seems like the discrimination part is a worldwide problem, not just Japan, though it's crazy how few Japanese actually realize what outlook they have... brainwashing, subjugation? The thing about using Okinawan people as shields was pretty sick, but I didn't find that thing about how people from certain districts look down on people from other districts as strange as it seems the teacher did. It's a worldwide phenomena, there's always that 'we're better than *selected category*' wherever you live, with some more than others, and does that make us worse people? I suppose if that leads to using a certain group of for labor or shields, then yeah, it's horrible, but it shouldn't need to come to that. It's like how Swedes joke about how stupid Norwegian people are, and Norwegians have the same jokes about us. There's plenty of stuff like 'The Book of Norwegian Inventions' with fictional contraptions like an inflatable dart board, etc... no bitterness between the countries though. And smaller villages always distance themselves from their neighbors, strange how we've stopped taking territories for granted, going for a global world when everyone really needs their own safe zone. Family/friends/house/property/neighborhood/town/city/country/continent... the larger it gets, the more impersonal, and people give everyone and anything a stereotype when they don't know them/it, tis nature. But yeah, crazy about those Okinawans, on my way to the second video...



Is that so? is one of those kindergarten type sinks?

We are glad about all this gladness.

You will see it, someday, however i can't assure you if that Japan will be real or not.

He will probably play a roll call:

A hard drive? just getting you to the moon is troublesome already XD.

3/1/14 Cyberdevil responds:

No I'm just kinda high.

We are so glad we get tearglads.

For real. And if it's not really real, you should go ahead and see it right away!

You know how they do it!

Well I just sat a light, didn't get anywhere.



How low can you sink?

I am glad you comprehend.

Yeah somethings you just have to see them with your own eyes, even if our senses deceive us XD.


Is playing with a Jack in the box:

You are signed, but we don't have the technology to send you there.

Haha i appreciate the sentiment.

2/26/14 (Updated 2/26/14) Cyberdevil responds:

My sink is pretty low.

I am glad you are glad!

lol, even if what we see is all just a figment of our imaginations and we are actually having this conversation with ourself... I'd like to see Japan! :D

Wonder what'll play tomorrow?

I guess it'd be a hard drive. :/




No no when the price of the rice goes down, you need to get them wealthy wheat!

But we cant comprehend it because is beyond our field of comprehensible comprehension!

Oh yeah don't get me wrong i like Japan more than Korean, and i get this nice feeling with ancient Chine, the people and the place are great, but with all sincerity the Japanese are full of themselves XD.

Man i wonder why countries burn and dump all their data in African electronic dumpsters instead of magnetizing it? anyway as i understand it each bit is a charged electron that is either - or + so it should still count as physical, however i guess we should still need an interface to see the data.

It seems they lack that hood mentality:

The universal Olympics!?

Yeah, but i am not sharing.
Na not really a memento, he just gave it to her, because yes, then she got rid of it, for the same reasons XD, but the one who suffers is me!

2/26/14 Cyberdevil responds:

But I'm down with the price you know, I have high hopes for new lows!

That sounds comprehensive.

Hmm... Nintendo does give that impression! I'll take your word for it... and from now on look at anything Japanese with a skeptic gaze. :) Their humble attitude is quite the deception huh. Gotta go there some time; see how it really is!

They do that?! Probably because they don't really know what they're doing. Aha.

Yeah, that crack baby:

An interplanetary sports event?Sign me up!

Haha, ah, I don't... I don't know what to say. It's a tragedy. I am sorry for your loss man!



The stock rice is going down? a sad day for investors.

Well yeah i do support the notion of not trying to comprehend the incomprehensible.

If i remember well he tried to invade Japan twice, and he failed twice XD. Well i know how you will mix whirlwind/cyclone/hurricane/tornado/ and maybe typhoon, but Tsunami is a whole different thing haha. Well you know Japanese had that whole Samurai caste system and were full of themselves even after the restoration, so it was easy for them to feel better than all the other Asians, even today some Japanese look down on Koreans, have you even went to an Asian submit? the Japanese representative can't be next to the Korean one, and the Chinese is usually in the middle the whole thing is both sad and hilarious.

Too lazy to search for it, but there must be, after all to completely delete data is hard as it gets!
(I cant believe NG still censors the word nig ga XD) It takes a nation to stop him:

It seems you are ready for the Olympics.

You resurrected! are you... a zombie!!!!?
I don't know in which state it was, but it still hurts, it was not mine, my uncle gave it to my mom some time ago and i don't know what she was thinking when she got rid of it.

2/24/14 Cyberdevil responds:

I guess we better stock up on rice ASAP!

But if we never try to comprehend what we don't comprehend, then we'll never learn anything. :/

Yupp, two times, two typhoons! lmao, I mixed them up again!! It all sounds so alike dammit!

Never been to an Asian summit no. I know they have some problems with each other, but I didn't know the Japanese were the ones looking down on the others, I thought it was a distrust they all shared... that course might've been a bit angled. :P

All you need is a really strong magnet or a crusher! The thing with corrupting data though is that you can't locate a certain piece of information on a certain part of the disc, at least as I've understood it all these bits are spread out across the surface and linked together through the index, which is also not stored in a certain physical location, and how do you 'find' the information in the first place, through the physical surface? When it's fully digital, is there actually a way to 'see' the info without accessing it through the interface it's been designed for? If you do find something, how would you corrupt that without affecting all the surrounding data? It seems like incredible precision work, it'd be like picking up an atom of gray matter in front of us that we don't even know is there. Or maybe I'm completely misunderstanding how HDs work...

Believe it or not!

Nah, I need something a bit more challenging than that.

Not that I know of. Got brains?
Huh, was it more of a memento? Yeah strange indeed, * ways are mysterious...



So will the game be stopped!?

But that is almost as if... you were insinuating that... there are some metaphysics that we can understand O_o!!!

Well it is a compound made out of Kami (god, divinity) and Kaze (wind, air) so yeah XD, also i thought it was a typhoon and not a tsunami, wow looks like things were even more hardcore. I don't really know if they got Stockholm syndrome (it kinda looks like it), but i know that part of their naivety was backed by their own patriotism (and sure enough all those if not most of those patriots ended dead or abandoned), and by the Nazis (which were their allies).

Lol who knows, maybe there is a way to corrupt data in a controlled manner. Oh is the n***a we all love!


to hate!:

Haha well the things that captivated me were the story behind the dark ones/ancient ones, which is straight out of Lovecraft, and the story of The Horde, FOR THE HORDE!!!

Lying down... take a deep breath, then start doing push ups like a madman? XD.

"during my lifetime" dude! that is huge i can't believe i was talking all this time with a ghost! all this time! no wonder you insist so much in the existence of a soul! hahaha.
Man i have 0 LPs of my own T_T, and my mom had one of Iron Maiden, and then she throw it out! aaah the despair!

2/24/14 Cyberdevil responds:

GameStop? Stock prices are -0.08 (-0.22%) down, maybe.

Hmm? I thought I was saying that if we don't comprehend these metaphysics that we try to comprehend, then compensation for this effort in uncomprehending comprehending just isn't enough!

Oh man, that whirlwind/cyclone/tsunami thing again... and typhoon's not even related. Gotta get my facts straight! So you did know though, I thought not many people did know that, learnt it myself on a 'Japanese History before 1868' course... yeah, and what's a bit twisted is they weren't even white, they're Asian, how did the Germans get them to buy into those Arian ideals anyway? I can understand Russia, and Italy might've felt the peer pressure... but Japan, that's far out.

If there is, I retract all previous statements on the matter. :) Yeah, dat hardcore NGer! Natural born killer:

Aha, so that's what it's based on!

Haha, as long as they're upside-down push-ups, carrying the weight of your entire... arms. :P

I used to ghost a bit, no more. :P Oh maaaan, Iron Maiden! If it was in good shape it could've brought in some $$$, old Metallica LPs are worth around $100 a piece. I have a few but they're not really mint condition. The oldest one was even missing a piece of the plate, found out after I'd bought it. :/



Oh that reference!

That it is metaphysics beyond our comprehension! (but it would be nice if it is real)

Yeah but Japan was quite assholes in the war too, and they were defeated kinda badly, it was easier to blame the government who snatched their family to war, made them pass hardship sustaining the troops, with taxes, hunger and censorship, even before going against the US, Japan was not even defending they were out there to expand, to do that and lose must fell like shit, even more if they think that it was not necessary. However i do agree it is weird that they didn't hated the US with more fervor, probably a sentiment of shame for the things they themselves did made them hold back, and yet it is still weird.

Well corrupting is still affecting... XD.

I was hooked on the story thanks to Warcraft 3 (where i also met Dota), but after a while blizzard shitted on the lore and i was able to quit.

"Exercise" what is that!? lololol.
Well Vinyl is taking a wind up lately apparently or so some say, by some statistics that i am not so sure how legit may be
Yeah maybe a more accurate word is virtual instead of digital.

2/23/14 Cyberdevil responds:

The ref are ense! (ense = agreeing with each other)

It must also be metaphysics beyond our compensation! Word.

Hmm, guess so. It was in fact the first time they'd ever lost a war. Speaking of which, did you know the world Kamikaze means 'heavenly wind' and was derived from the time Gengis Khan was getting ready to attack Japan, and had countless ships of his crushed by a sudden tsunami? During the WW2 it feels like Japan were particularly naive, they didn't really contact with the outside world, they'd never lost... they didn't know what they were getting into. They suffered pretty huge losses when those nukes went off, probably many times over what losses they might've caused... guess it might be kinda like the Stockholm Syndrome?

lol true, but you have no control over how you're affecting it! Btw, everything's corrupt:

So you overcame your addiction! Stay strong. It's strange I never got into the series considering I have Starcraft 1 & 2 and Warfract 2 and 3, and some broadwar expansion pack, and that WoW trial I mentioned... and I've never played any of them.

lololol, exercise is: opening a door, getting up in the morning, lying down...

I believe it. :) Not that it's like it was in old times, but it definately seems more popular now than it's been during my lifetime (as far as I remember). They even have racks of LPs in a few common department stores here, it's still more of a collectors thing than a format for practical use, but it's nice that the alternative's there! If I was a tad bit richer I'd buy a few new ones, only have a shitton of second-hand LPs stashed away... classics like Van Halen, Meat Loaf, Europe, Milli Vanilli...



Seems like you are doomed.

Are we even perceiving what we think we perceive!?

Yeah it makes even more sense if now you think that the majority of able male Japanese patriots died in the war, so the ones that remain aren't all that pleased with the country.

If you physically mess with the circuits you can affect the data, so with enough care it is possible!

I see what you did there, clever, clever indeed!

Haha i wasted a lot of time on WoW so there is that... a dark spot of my past... XD.

Damn what a cool school!

As everything becomes digital the physical copies became rarer and rarer, i don't remember the last time i played something straight from the CDs haha.

2/23/14 (Updated 2/23/14) Cyberdevil responds:

Everything is DooM ED!

I don't even know what I think I perceive that I think! What do you think?

But you*d think that the people who are left are sons and daughters of the people who died. Seeing as everyone who passed had a family you'd think there was a bigger thirst for vengeance. I can see how it'd work the other way though..

Oh, you can? In other ways than just corrupting it? :/

Wow man, you played that game?! I might've started too, a friend gave me a trial version on thirty days, but for some reason I never did use it... glad I didn't, I'd have been stuck there forever. :D

Well hmm huh... maybe it was!

I actually played a CD a couple of days ago. :) Yeah it gets rarer and rarer, usually I have everything I need on the PC but that's in a separate room; I have a stereo leftover from ancient times in mine, usually play some leet banging beats while exercising or just taking a break. Though CDs could be considered digital media too! I grew up with tapes, but it'd have been awesome to live in the age of vinyl, LP covers are like artworks.



You know Jesus's dad loves to murder you better think something up!

We don't know any of that, and there is no real answer for that since our senses deceive us.

I don't think that the american dream produces psychos, they were already there, it was part of them for a long time, is just that violence was more acceptable, if we take a cowboy or a colonist and bring him to our current times, we would only see a gun crazy barbarian, and a drunkard, but well those kind of "people" are the ones you need when you invade a land under colonialism.
And the same goes for Japan you know not only did they lose the war, got american bases, but also suffered 2 nuclear bombs, that breaks a country and its people, while they sunk in poverty you get all these foreigners spending money, of course the survivors are mad with their country for entering such a "pointless" war, in denial they now seek an alternative, and that alternative is the american model, while an anti-american sentiment exist no one is feeling patriotic, and the only way to revitalize business is by making it with the Americans, thus they need to actually communicate with them learn of them, adapt and follow, the language starts to morph and change and foreign business start to spread, the economy stabilizes again but the damage is done already.

Come one man this text is real, it is in the form of bits! You know part of the advantage of science is that its theories have direct practical applications, so not everything is virtually cryptic, i know that some say that we need to re-enchant the world, but come on man! while there are mysterious things not everything needs to be like that XD.

Not if is only gaming, and if you somehow do, prepare to get burned once you come back XD.

Oh lithium was quite good too!

2/23/14 Cyberdevil responds:

But if I plot something he'll probably know what I'm plotting, and then the plot'll think and I'll be lost and doomed and forgotten. O_O

Indeed; since we don't know if our senses are our senses or if we are deceived or not.

Hmm, true, so they were the ones initially chasing that dream that defined America before it became the American dream. That evolution in Japan's cultural/economical climate makes sense too.

Yeah but bits don't actually exist. Bits aren't material. The circuits that store them are, but there is no way of indirectly accessing this form of storage. Unless the text is printed, it's like a ghost, it's like we gain access to a parallel dimension through this technological fiber that encloses us.

Hehe yeah, not everything!

You mean online gaming? Yeah, true... apart from flash games I never have been much for online multiplayer. :D

Oh yeah, that's another classic! In school we learned to play this one:

Not the one I'd chosen as a teacher, but I guess it's one of their safer ones. :D Opened my eyes for the band, at least! I've had Nevermind on my album shelf forever, think I have a pirate copy of In Utero too, somewhere...



You killed the gently nutria to make nutritious nutri-nick!? you know he was homies with Jesus right?

If a soul exist we will find answers about it, since it exist... if not, then not.

Still both could be longer, my guess is that a lot of Americentrism is being disguised under globalization, also the US patriotism gets too crazy even to unhealthy levels, what helps them spread is not really their patriotism, but that they won the war, their initial economic success, and the "american dream" a dream that is really fake but some people still believe in, then there was the subsequent wars on terrorism and drugs that helped to portray the US as a country that defends freedom and peace, while wagging and promoting war elsewhere, all those things helps into spreading and selling an image.

Ah well as knowledge and its fields gets more and more specialized the terminology and its parts also become more well... specialized, and while is complex it is still intelligible once it is explained, because that is also part of science, you know kids are supposed to be graduating from high school knowing at least both Marxism and a second level of fluid physics, but i damn well know i didn't see any Marxism theory until i started U, and i had to get lost on my initial career first!

How do you play video games and eat at the same time!!!???? Denial? pff i am perfectly ok! *starts trembling*

How do they reproduce anyway? is like when they crossbreed dogs of different sizes.

Nevermind is great, not really a fan of Bleach but is kinda good, and i somehow feel they started to lack a bit on In Utero, i think i prefer the Foo Fighters, but Nirvana has this thing that the FF lacks which i still don't know what is.

2/22/14 (Updated 2/22/14) Cyberdevil responds:

Oh my dog my blog is flawed. O_o

But what is existence? Where do we exist? Where does everything else? Is our dimension the only one, is what we see really there, is what we know really true?

Indeed, and that dream is a part of their patriotism, that's why they love their country! Well that's why some do; that's probably why other people look up to the US as well. It's not always the most opportune place, but I suppose the land of opportunity has some reason behind it. Another question is: is this American dream what breeds psychos, or is it just so that psychos move to America to live that dream? Considering they have the largest portion of them out of any country in the world... that thing about war btw, I'm surprised the Japanese have embraced American culture so much. They were nuked... twice... and suddenly American stuff's all that's trendy. Can't be just a form of obedience can it?

I don't think I learned either of those... with so much to learn, it must be difficult placing focus on the real essentials. Btw, modern science in some fields makes me think of computer work. There's so much work nowadays that relies on computers, that doesn't actually exist. I couldn't be typing this without a computer. And this doesn't really exist. This text isn't actually real. Strange world...

There's usually a key to pause the game. It's a revelation I kknow! :D lol

Artificial insemination maybe? IDK, topic change!!

I've always felt the Foo Fighters were a bit too light-hearted somehow, Nirvana felt real; gritty, might've been all those suicidal tendencies swirling around in Coabin's head that manifested itself in the music.. or maybe that's a perception we get just knowing about them hmm... Smells Like Teen Spirit is just awesome though, so much energy!!



The bishop was stingy, if they made the dish more trendy, they know there wouldn't be plenty, for the gently nutria, plus Jesus was feeling lazy that day.

IF it exist, if... we would find an answer, if...

Touche. that leads with ease to a product of imperialism, however some people say that imperialism doesn't exist and that is just an illusion created by globalization, funny that they say that, but i wonder how do they explain coca-cola spreading american songs across the world? colonization has yet to ended.

No project or investigation gets funded for the sake of it, the investors are promised a practical use, and then they release the money, which is then used to investigate those far away things to then by used here.
Enlightenment with limits? how?

It was probably Tab enter.

But of course, haha somehow i made the direct link to carbohydrate drinks. Lol i definitively didn't eat beyond dinner, that served as lunch and breakfast, but i don't have a PC addiction!

Ponies everywhere nowadays.

Is a possibility, they tried to kill him quite a lot of times, among them there was this insistent ex-disciple that ended convinced of the path, but i forgot the name.

2/21/14 Cyberdevil responds:

Yesterday I ate a bar of Nutri-Nick, if you see one best be quick, don't choose just pick. And chew don't lick. Like juice they're rich and huge - a hit. I knew as soon I bit.

<? elseif (statement) = ???

Woo, gotta love how the Chinese article on Americentrism is more extensive than the American one... Americanization seems like a much more established concept though, and it's true, it's happening all over. I think the reason the US are so successful at spreading their culture is because, in difference from a great deal of other countries, they're proud of it. Patriotism is a rare thing nowadays, and the US really use it to their advantage.

Well I'm sure there's a reason for everything, but it might not be one for all of mankind, I'd think most modern-day research is funded by corporations in the interest of profit, or if it is for the betterment of humankind, it's angled, it's according to government agenda or the interests of a certain group/person. But I'm getting sidetracked here... what I meant earlier was how much of our current research isn't as perceptible as it used to be. For example, you can't see grey matter, you can't see cells, you can't see atoms (without devices). But you can see the sun, and how it moves (if you understand how the Earth is moving), you can feel how gravity works, etc. New revelations are much more abstract oftentimes. Not sure what I meant by the 'enlightenment with limits', think it was some pun on the enlightemenment in form of posts but since I don't remember it it must not have been that great. :/

Mystery solved! :D

Carbohydrate drinks? Gotta look that up... ah, I used to eat a ton. I ate breakfast, then I ate some more and then I ate lunch, and I ate some snacks, had tea, ate some more, ate dinner, ate a late night meal... well maybe not every day, in phases, and at least three meals per day... I think. Might have skipped breakfast or lunch but I probably ate an extra meal later on to make up for it. Don't need as much food now but... I like eating, I want to keep eating at the same pace as I used to. :( Is that denial I hear?

Everywhere you look. Even with the horses! It's crazy.

Ah... maybe his death served a purpose then; led someone on the right path, made him a martyr, let him reach Nirvana... btw what do you think about the band?



(ok this one is in order and by order i mean i start with the with the 2nd/3rd comment and then the 1st one last...)

Is a nutria eating fish, that was fished by Jesus and sold by a bishop at a church by the river...

Is always that n in southern, wonder why is that?

Ah but there is the problem IF we have a soul... if, XD.

You have black ice cream? that is not called chocolate or coffee? intriguing.

Na but what i am talking about is a different thing, beyond an apparent excuse to diminish the problem of racial discrimination, here give it a look is mainly brought up in history since as it is taught it always starts in Europe, then it moves to the Americas, and it ignores the rest of the world, but it happens in all other fields really. So when you said white lightenment, i couldn't help it and remember that at that time important parts of the movement like the Irish or the Jews were ignored for not being all that white, and hell those are white as they get, now just think about everyone else then, and now add the people that still thing those other parts weren't really important, and now we have an academic problem in how things are taught. But that was not the case at all here, thus i was a victim of euro-centrist mentality.

Why wouldn't you be able to gave them a title accessible to everyone? like Enlightenment through posts! (Malware checked, it probably wasn't Esc, but then just what did i press? i know i did something... my hand was all over the place as i was typing.)

I don't drink soda so carbohydrates are not a prob. Oh man i remember those days, when you were able to get a week of a successful rotation from bed to computer desk and to bed again, shower? brushing? eating? hell no! the PC calls! XD.

Nice. damn mammalian mouth care sucks (oh the puns!).

Only if they are doing the right thing, and how do they know if they stop questioning? PON PON PON!

They probably picked them somewhere nearby and well... not everyone is an expert on fungi, but man what an uncool death he had.

2/20/14 Cyberdevil responds:

(alrighty then!)

So a bishop sold the fish? Jesus could've made a bolder dish, maybe made it glow with boulder-like smouldering bits of Macaroni chips.

Hmm, true... even though they lost the war. Odd.

That is a problem/question/mystery(with no answer). :D

Yeah, liquorice flavor. You don't have that?

Ah, seems like a sentiment leftover from a time when the rest of the world was new and unknown... doesn't seem like it has anything to do with Irish people btw, haven't they always lived within Europe too? It's had some pretty bad uses over the years, this viewform... btw, do you know if there's a word for the American viewpoint, viewing the world from an entirely American-perspective?

Well because it's no longer clear what purpose everything serves. I mean back when it was revealed the Earth rotated around the sun, or how the tide worked, or that the moon affected the tide, all these things had a direct effect on us, on faith and function etc, but now we are exploring so tiny details or so far away reaches of the universe that you can't really perceive their effect or make use of that knowledge... unless maybe you're a scientist. lol yeah, enlightenment to a certain extent!

Something like Tab Enter?

Carbohydrates are in bread, pasta, pizza, pastries... pretty much everything. :P Haha yeah, I did plenty of eating though, but health and hygene? Naaah... it's amazing how easy it was back then!

lol, indeed


Unless he was intentionally poisoned? Ya never know...



(the hell my comment send itself when i miss pressed Esc)

So like i was saying: yeah, unless we get another inquisition, we are still in the age of enlightenment, or like it is trendy to say nowadays, post-enlightenment.

2/19/14 Cyberdevil responds:

Malware check?

Enlightenment through posts is what I'm all about. :)



(Damn replied this in the wrong order, anyway...)

Nutritious like a nutria on virtuous fish shops with some bishops, and equally senseless.

Cadillacs, now i am thinking about Outkast! southern playalistic cadillac muzik (write it without looking!)

Those living the life? sure the after life! (

Well you know, the same way the brain emulates a consciousness? it emulates light to distract itself from death (according to myself).

Well you know euro-centrist mentality makes you a little bit paranoid each time the word white is involved without apparent link to the theme haha, i blame the Greeks.

Wait what? sure the revelations are larger, but we can document them just the same, plus in the age of information to spread these findings is even easier (yeah, unless we get another inq).

2/19/14 Cyberdevil responds:

lol, noticed

Are these cheesy pieces of wheat biscuits or what is this?

Ahh, memories. Write without looking? I could type that in my sleep! Southerplayalisticadillacmuzik ... oh damn I missed an n! Popping in that playlist right now though.

lol, haven't heard that joke before. :P

Hmm, but if we have some form of soul, consciousness would be included no?

Didn't know it was called euro-centrist mentality! Soon as word black's involved the potential for racism pops into mind for me. Sweden's at a phase now where racism is used as an excuse for anything, people call out 'racism' as soon as people speak of limiting immigration, saying that pensioners should get as much allowance as immigrants... people use the word without knowing what it means, they ban ice-cream and dessert names with the word 'black' in them thinking it may offend something. Getting a bit twisted....

The revelations are more abstract maybe? They can be documented, but can't be given a title you know? Not one everybody understands. True, the challenge now is finding useful knowledge in the stuffy stream.



Oh man, is reading other peoples dental life that i find out nice my mouth has been doing, 0 here, maybe is because i am not a fan of sugar in general? i don't really floss, but i brush constantly, getting to the wisdom teeth is not really that hard for me, mmh, weird.

Crocodiles are cool! but inst there a mammal with teeth regeneration out there? i don't like that sun warming dependency they have.

I like the earplug more, the less invasive the better, you know because paranoia and stuff, plus health constrains, and there is also the operation, though it is probably that the forehead implant would be cheaper than the earplug, mmmh fuck it, it would still be awesome to have regardless, worth the risk.

Actually he didn't really embrace it, he had to fight all the other monks of that age, because he was kinda the communist fella, and dem monks were bourgeois yo!

Yeah, it is probably the ones on the high post that are allowed to come with the questions, and is probably that those have grown complacent enough as to not bother with questioning the thing.

Yeah, since they eat what they could, and what was collected (they didn't accepted money only clothes and food), who knows where those mushrooms came from.
Lol crazy, crazy, crazy Japan.

2/19/14 Cyberdevil responds:

Yeah I started caring for my teeth way too late. Haven't exactly been eating a lot of junk food but I guess there's still been plenty of sugar (carbohydrates are all converted to sugar too, btw... though probably not relevant to teeth). Went days sometimes without brushing, didn't care/think of consequences I guess. Good habits save a lot o work!


Can't find much info on mammals though, article mentions that 'extant mammals' can regrow one tooth at a time, and another type (our type I guess) not at all.

Forehead sensor? Took a while to figure out what that was in response to. :P

lol good knowing.

Yeah, but then again if they're doing the right theing there's no need to question it.

Oh yeah! And I seem to recall they're not allowed to refuse anything either, they place their trust fully in other people. It's like that act of selflessness cancels out the more selfish act of relying on others for food. Though I guess plenty do make their own...



"Abstract nonsense is the pinnacle of intelligence" -S3C the modern day Sophist

2/18/14 Cyberdevil responds:

Hmm, wisdom: new word learned.



I used my wisdom teeth when I had them, which was probably around 7-8 years after they fully grew and then got pulled. They were never a problem, caused any pain, or posed a threat to the rest of my teeth. A cavity finally appeared on one of them, and as you say- they're hard to brush (and floss) and the dentist's suggestion was just to get them removed, rather then fill them (and probably have to do it again the future). But I haven't had any difficulties eating or anything now that they're gone. And while it's a case by case basis, I was only in moderate pain for one day (only had to resort to painkillers once), the procedure was simple, and I was completely healed in a week.

overall point: organisms try to be biologically conservative, they lose unnecessary appendages over very long periods of time, to make room for newer or modified ones that helps them thrive better in their (new) environment. With that said, perhaps 'conservative' wasn't the best choice of words, as 98% of human DNA is noncoding! what that means is, only 2% of our DNA are actual genes that are turned 'on' that create proteins necessary to maintain our health and development from a zygote to adult. Makes me wonder how much features that we've accumulated and still retain from past species that we've evolved from. What if a single cell was sent off to an advanced civilization with advanced technology in a different galaxy...what could they decrypt about life on Earth, its species, and the biological functions we had?

About the brain- no idea what its physical limits may be, but by the time we have evolved to reach 1000 years, surely we will have evolved the physical brain mass and capacity to store such a lifetime of memories. If anything, there would be technology to store such on separate (organic?) media and mechanisms to even search or brain for specific subjects, or even review what we did on one day...i find it fascinating to think about. Put a small sensor on your forehead, or an earplug of some type- "ahh, what was it that I was doing February 16, 1995?". there would be no need for cramming on tests, amongst other things. Memorization wouldn't be a factor in schooling, but creative thinking, categorization, and overall intelligence would be taken to new heights.

2/18/14 Cyberdevil responds:

Ah, sounds reassuring. I've had some bad experiences with dentists here in Sweden, should maybe travel abroad if I get any serious work done... though so far it looks like all teeth are doing OK. Went to one dentist a couple of years back who found 8 cavities, I went to another one to get a new assessment... and he only found one, and to top it off one that the previous one hadn't found. Doesn't really enforce my trust in the industry... btw, I read recently that the US are working with ozone treatment to prevent and partially heal cavities, is that something you've tried/know about?

I wish we'd have evolved through crocodiles, that infinite-regeneration-of-teeth feature is something I'd have liked to try. :) Would be interesting indeed.

Hmm, external brains maybe? That'd be interesting. If we fully understood the brain, it should be possible to store information in a similar manner, would be interesting with the ability to store, transfer and share all forms of sensory information... it'd be an inspiring world, but at the same time it'd be pretty complicated to live in. With that technology the expectations on each individual would be way higher than it is now.



Yeah Hinduism is waaaaaaaaay more old than Buddhism, remember that Siddhartha was born in India, and it took quite some time for him to pass from prince to monk, and then he had to get married have a son, then he escaped to pursuit the world of stoicism (while the whole place was a mid wars), pass the trails, find the trails as something pointless, develop his philosophy, fight the cast system, then become enlightened, preach the way, and finally die of diarrhea thanks to mushroom poisoning.

And that is just with the original Buddha, i don't really know about all "his reincarnations", as far as i know they may as well be a bunch of posers, like this guy who thinks he is Jesus so yeah, in the case of the reincarnations of Buddha lets just add, the delusion + a world of mysticism + faith + religion dogma + a little bit of continuity = and we have people convinced that Buddha has come back, i don't know if Tenzin Gyatso thinks and sees himself as the reincarnation of Buddha, but by this point even if he likes it or not, he has to bear with the tittle, lets apply this to the past, and now we get people pretty much living certain of reincarnation being real, specially if we say that every enlightened one has become one with Buddha, in that case is not Buddha reincarnating, but people getting enlightenment, and now i guess we can see the obvious misunderstandings.

You know i like this phrase: "if you meet the Buddha on the road kill him." it is related to Zen practice, more exactly Koan and is in short, the Buddhist version of skepticism, is nice to see how they have these things, while everyone else is blinded by faith.

2/18/14 Cyberdevil responds:

Yeah, I remember reading that... but somehow I always thought Buddhism was the ancient philosophy; that maybe he embraced that before forming his own religion. Shaolin monks... the ancients... feels like they've been around forever. :) As for Buddhist reincarnations, you could say that Buddhists believe that everyone is a 'Buddha', or has the potential to become one. Being a reincarnation is one thing, but being a 'Buddha' is like being enlightened, it's become a symbol rather than an identity, like you say.

Ah, interesting. Yeah it's nice they don't have that absolutism in their faith, though I wonder if they still actively question their own religion, like the founders did... probably not the same way.

Man I didn't know that thing about mushroom poisoning! Or that Asian Jesus. Crazy.



They eat it thoroughly! liking the bowl and all, it was kinda passionate, Toriko stile.

Really? no pain for me, i do remember i got a headache with one but that is about it, it was quite a boring experience for me this growing teeth thingy haha.

It was quite a kinky scene that day, topless cars sparking with their lustful open engines and their dimes blown all over their vines, and wine so much wine, they were whining while winning while drunk, what a bunch of punks!

Seems like quite some of them have died while trying or get really close to death, the "successful" ones don't see all reliable, and it would be nice if Naveena Shine doesn't becomes a pirate with scurvy XD.

But man i don't think that their soul, is the same soul we talked about i mean, that makes no sense XD (unless i forgot our definition of soul haha).

Maybe is the brain trying to cope on its last moments, trying to get with therms to the event of finding itself in the path of death, so it emulates memories of light to distract itself...

We actually live in modernity, some even say post modernity, and the age of enlightenment is quite old already haha (were does the white part comes from anyway? is because it happened manly in Europe? lol), but really the "enlightenment" title doesn't really helps with a theme about attaining enlightenment(Nirvana) XD.

?? son't really get it, if their religion ask them to live for others, and with Nirvana they get to clear their minds of all selfsentered thoughts, desires and distractions... then isn't that just perfect, think about it, they just became "perfect" altruist, we could even say, that they are no longer humans, since their human self is death, their selfish nature is no longer there, i think that is not really there being someone else manipulating, but rather there being no one at all to take control, so their lives is lived for others and not for themselves. Granted i may be misinterpreting this.

2/18/14 (Updated 2/18/14) Cyberdevil responds:

They eat it vicious, all that's deliciously nutritious!

Heh, well don't be disappointed! I'd rather have had it that way. Seems all people are different. It's like drilling teeth, some people don't even notice it, I must have my nerves near the surface cause drilling is hellish, even with anasthetics. I went to a laser dentist last time; will do so from now on! What a blissful experience it was! Silence.. the smell like popcorn... pain-free. :P

I,.. I don't know what to say. I cannot outshine that orgynal description of carlife! It's like a 1958 Cadillac 60 Special.

Yupp, the ones who die are the ones people pay attention to. :) I bet there are some living the life that the world won't ever know about; who don't care for making themselves known. True.

Why would the brain emulate light to distract itself? :/ That seems kind of counter-productive. But if it doesn't serve a 'purpose' it might be just like how a screen goes black when it shuts down; our mind goes white when we do.

lol, maybe living a life under a blacklight will let you come to entirely new realizations. :P It's like Gone in 60 Seconds.

Is there a better title? :P Of course, words can never fully express the splendour of that sublime state of mind!! As for the age of enlightenment being a thing of times past, it's a constant thing. we just don't pay it so much attention now because certain events were placed in history; the breakthroughs that happen now are so unfathomable it's like they won't fit in the books, we can't take in all this new knowledge, or make sense of it, or give it a purpose. Like: the light bulb illuminates our homes, it serves a purpose. Now there's grey matter floating around in space, but do people want to know? Do people want to know that the air they breath is full of this stuff? Eh... I lost the red line there, but what I'm saying is: the revelations of today are so much larger.

Nah, you interpreted that way better than I did!



Those chopsticks where all over the topic, like Asians eating ramen!

Yeah i some times find part of my gums still covering (let me check), yeah still covering part of one of the lower wisdom teeth, ha is a funny feeling to move it with the tongue.

All that burning debris is going to make things hot!

Lol well you know how most journalist are, they just jump to get the sensational news, and don't really go deep into it, so they getting fooled is not that crazy or rare.

Wow hold it, it is for real? you have to tell me more of this (apparent nonsense), because sure how do they even assimilate that light? not even plants can live only with light and air... as for the sleep i guess that would be easier to do (compared to a life with no food!), but the health effects should become apparent quite early, wonder what they do or how much they are sleeping per week, the whole thing sounds unreal really.

Well of course there must be a soul, i mean if there is no body but somehow a consciousness still exist... then soul must be the answer (dat soul XD), you know how did they got that light when they die anyway? like the first time, did someone died and then resurrected and started talking about the light? or someone else just started implementing it on their dogma and from there on everyone who had near death experiences started to talk about this light, that was culturally implanted into their world? lol big words yo! this is not philosophy, this is metaphysics! sure at some point philosophy was plagued with such things, but we live after The Age of Enlightenment!
So i did some wikipedian searching and found out that Nirvana in traditional Hinduism requires the self to become Brahman by going beyond oneself, so you turn into some kind of god version of yourself, while in Buddhism what you do is separating yourself, emptying oneself in order to ultimately be able to live without desires, without distractions which in turn facilitates the religious practices, it seems that while they are both similar they are both different.
So i guess the Buddhist one is easier to understand than the classical one, which is more esoteric, and thus more weird, i still don't get it all that well.

2/15/14 Cyberdevil responds:

If the topic is Ramen, then it is all over!

Ah, I had that for a long time, funny feeling too, but for me it was momentarily painful, I think I eventually tried to chew off some of the flaps of skin... don't remember if that's how I got rid of them or if they just disappeared by themselves though...

In the parking lot with cars sparking shocks and blowing off their tops!

That's true, but I can't remember any other times I've read any false news... apart from The Onion. :P

Hard to find a neutral source of information on the topic, but here's a start:

Yeah, it sounds unreal. Just skimmed the above, but it seems to refer to those attemptint to live off of sunlight, not really the 'inner-light-state-of-being' and yes it seems like water is the problem. Even plants need water to survive...

That's the spirit! I mean soul. I mean metaphors. :P Yeah, people that have been resurrected (been resuscitated or shocked back to life, for example) have talked about the light, plenty of people have come to some kind of epiphany after seeing it, no matter if their were/are religious or not. So if the soul is (as it seems you also think :) then what's the world? What are the real limitations? It's like the Matrix you know, break free, find new truths - kind of idea. :)

Don't know if it's become a dogma with time though, maybe people imagine the light without seeing it just because they've heard ot if; maybe the light is an effect of the brain shutting down and has nothing to do with an otherworldly experience, but it seems the light is all but damaging so that doesn't seem logical.

It's a mesh of metaphysics and philosophy when there are no validated facts. :) Yeah! We live in the age of white lightenment! :P Maybe.

Huh, didn't know about Hinduism. I have easier to relate to Buddhism, probably because of how there is no higher entity controlling everything, the ones who do become 'gods' are regular people who attain Nirvana and decide to help out - according to their faith. But this brings the question of fate into a new light, because to reach Nirvana they must sacrifice their selves; live for others, and thus, they have no choice but to help others. So maybe there's really someone else luring behind the scenes hmm...

You mean Hinduism is the classic; Buddhism a modern version of it?! I thought it was the other way.



Haha offtopic what is that? we never deviated in our conversations!(delusion at its finest)

Na i still have all my teeth, is just that as they come out they don't hurt at all, i am sure those were wisdom teeth, because well numbers.

When it comes to comedy on the streets with tampon lines, is all about bananas condoms and the birds and the bees.

Haha both sound interesting, the closest to that i have heard is conductive ink to make circuits on paper (and a bunch of other surfaces).

I have heard a rumor about people trying to live with only light as food source, but i really have no info about it, but for real... how? within 3 days or so they should die of dehydration, forget about starvation just the fact of not drinking water is enough.

As for the "white light" no idea man, i sincerely got lost, because as i understand it, if you attain Nirvana you are reborn spiritually, but you still conserve your flesh, while in the other religions you need to die first not mentally but physically, so the differences are kinda big, and yet i don't see how previous lives come to play here, specially when in the first you retain your body, you could say that you connect with your other lives once you attain Nirvana and now your true self inhabits your body, but... mmmh, na, i just don't see it, theology is not really my forte, and to unite the reincarnation cycles in Buddhism with the unique souls of other religions seems challenging, because for starters, i don't really understand all those concepts, i mean we already talked about the soul, but here is another cake... what is Nirvana? like really, what is that true-self anyway? i have no idea.

Haha, yeah poetry, C.S. Lewis right? haha.
Word, a video of Q&A would be awesome!

2/15/14 Cyberdevil responds:

lol. Least those chopsticks were off topic. :P

Got it. Yeah it seems to be different for everyone, I have a buddy who pulled out all four just as a precaution, another who's never had any trouble at all... don't know about the rest, haven't spoken to many people about wisdom teeth hmm... @VicariousE do you have any wisdom teeth?

(cont.) I have an urge to purge some debris.

Ah, it's all about the paper nowadays. :D The thing with these Russian experiments was that the total storage quota could be much larger than a regular mechanic HD, despite the lack of mass. Really wonder what happened to that, starting to wonder if it was a hoax or something... though if that's the case, news sites were fooled as well.

Yeah logically it'd be lethal! But if you believe (as they do) that everything is made up of energy (which it actually is, btw, though not in the form they believe - according to the science we 'know') you don't need to consume material to survive, only energy. I don't know about the food aspect, but I've heard of a few who have no trouble surviving with incredibly little sleep... so it's an intriguing idea.

According to Buddhists it's a mental state of mind, unrelated to the body, you can reach it when you live, but also when you die. Even if you're reborn you pass through Nirvana before starting over; it's all that white light. In that case, the mind would be considered separate to the body, like a manifestation of the soul (here we go again lol)... yeah, other religions don't have the same focus on meditation, that ambition of 'transcending the body', but since people of all religions (even those of no religion) supposedly see the light when they die, then it could all be linked together. As for the previous lives thing, I guess I get that from the 'Many Men, Many Masters' reading... but just disregard that aspect, if there's an afterlife or not is irrelevant, but if you can reach the same state of being when your alive as when you die, it should hint at how there is another plain of existence that we are shielded/keep ourselves away from. It's an interesting concept I think though I don't believe it strongly enough to really embrace the thought pattern I guess I'd need to try it myself. Nirvana is just a state of being, it's not a place to be, it's a way to be. And there's no truth, so true-self is a relative concept. But his is all philosophy of course, no science, no fact, no idea. :P




@VicariousE Sigh... really is not that i wanted a detailed exposition of everything, i just wanted to at least understand the idea behind the concepts, so i could at least agree or not with whatever he says, but if you tell me something like "Source Consciousness is the infinite field of awareness of the Unified Field".

That is fine, it's actually an answer... but i have no idea what Source Consciousness is, or what the infinite field is, or that this infinite field is aware, or what awareness is in this sense, or what the unified Field is.

All those are foreign concepts to me.

I got something similar with CyberD when we touched the subject of the "Soul" (for some reason), but at least we managed to get to an idea of what the soul is or at least does (i think we did), so even if i don't agree with CyberD at least i know what he means when he talks about the soul, but with Jordan i have nothing, if Jordan ever mentions the soul in one of his videos... is he talking about what i know by Soul, what CyberD knows by Soul, or something completely different? so i ask him: what is this soul you mention here? and sure if i am lucky he will tell me: ah well soul is A and C in the geometry of everything. But then what are A and C supposed to be? and really the same goes for the geometry of everything, i know more about that one, but i still have no idea of what it certainly is, and you could say, well the same goes for gravity in the end it's still some mystery, what are "gravitons" even supposed to be? granted is an hypothetical particle, it may not even exist, but at least if i search for it i can get an idea of what the idea is about then agree or not with it.

Likewise both gravitons and geometry of everything require of some specialized knowledge, that i know i don't have, so it is clear that i wont know completely what gravitons are, but i can at least say that they are a hypothetical massless particles that are supposed to mediate the force of gravitation, from there i have to search for "spin" in quantum mechanics and so and so, and they are accessible i just a search the words and i start getting definitions, and a context, and a field of study, however! if i search "geometry of everything" at best i find this but is this even the same thing Jordan was talking about?

2/15/14 Cyberdevil responds:

Ah yeah, it all started with poetry, and that tendency to dive too deep into the depths of meaning, a poem example that suddenly spiraled into a debate on the human core... it all comes back to me now! :D He could make videos answering all the questions he gets btw, that'd surely be appreciated by a batch of people.



@Doomroar You're right, it's a tough nut of facts that don't jibe well with regular math, but he's describing points of interest, not the routes between them. And let's be frank, this stuff just is not taught academically. It's easy to get pissed that science is still in a big catch-up phase, despite our rapid, recent advances.

2/15/14 Cyberdevil responds:




Dropping those dropkics on all those comments, rhyming when the timing is itching for the ining but what was in the beginning that we were debate-ing? you know i really can't remember by this point what our initial stand point in the topic were XD.

I got 2 wisdom teeth maybe 3? i cant remember since they didn't really hurt as they appeared they didn't leave much of a memorable impression in me, they were just more teeth growing out, so i think that people exaggerate, or maybe my dentist was high and those were normal molars XD hahaha.

Ledge is good, but if you go by the edge then you will get the thrills!

Oh man all that paper! interesting.

Lol wrong vid, well Mr @VicariousE i remember that one quite well actually and i also remember that i didn't agree completely with Jordan mostly because there was a need for some deeper explanation on both his vision and concepts however his reply was not really all that much help, indeed on the contrary it made got even more lost, so i send him a PM that day, but i didn't got a reply, basically i asked him to define the concepts of light and consciousness as well as the Unified Field.

But that is not the first time that this happens, in most of his videos this occurs, he is great until a point when suddenly he skips a crucial explanation, that never gets really solved, however he takes it as a given, that everyone knows the part he didn't touched. this is the last video i commented on, i don't care no more about it, for real what is the point of asking if you don't get an answer? and when you do the thing couldn't be more ambiguous?

2/15/14 Cyberdevil responds:

About the originalos of these dropkicks, I think it was.. no that's not it. Some emotional response blockage, and why do Chinese eat with chopsticks? We are definitely getting off topic. :P

Oh, sounds like you got them removed then?

A killer thriller! A pack of action! And if somebody with a trampoline's on-the-street, just might go for comedy. :P

Indeed. :) I was actually searching for a report I read a few years back that some Russians were experimenting with using regular paper as an HD, as actual storage, not just something you print. It probably wasn't real paper, but it looked like paper... I think. Couldn't find the link to that though, stumbled upon this instead.

Hmm, not my discussionm I guess but that light theory's one I've been curious about lately. Did you know there are people who strive to live only on light, without food/sleep/etc? The 'white light' people see when they die could be compared to the Buddhist's Nirvana, they claim it's a place for replenishing energies, but Nirvana is just a mental state (which leads you to question what importance the body really has) whereas all other religions see the light as the passageway to the afterlife... which if it does coincide with the Buddhist approach, might be the same light used for replenishing and could be linked to multiple lives and disprove most main religions. Though as it's a mental state you don't need to die to reach it, but anyway,, that's just something I've been reading and thinking about lately. With your views on science I don't expect you'll consider it the same!