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Entry #209

This Is A Joke

4/1/13 by Cyberdevil

I'm serious.


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doomguy has the best personalty ever.

4/6/13 Cyberdevil responds:

He really does, in all seriousness.

The log jam of submissions truly sucks bro
at least I busted 4 of 'em out of judgement :|

4/4/13 Cyberdevil responds:

You mean the flood of flash? Indeed it does, especially when not more than the 50 most recent are viewable on the classic portal page. I don't want to give in to the new UJ design. :/

best joke ever?

4/4/13 Cyberdevil responds:

is that a question?


4/3/13 Cyberdevil responds:


Contradicting joke is contradicting :)

4/2/13 Cyberdevil responds:

Indeed :)

But... your usericon is always serious! A marine, caught between life and death, peril around every corner! Serious joke is serious ._.

4/2/13 Cyberdevil responds:

No but seriously, I'm joking! It's not a joke.



I'm stumped.

4/1/13 Cyberdevil responds:

I'm serious.