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Entry #196

NG Levels 2013

2013-02-01 15:27:39 by Cyberdevil

This just had to be done. :)

For those of you who don't care about auras and stuff, here's a static list o levels.

NG Levels 2013


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2013-02-01 15:30:23

I actually made a list of the current levels a while back (in my newspost). Your flash is much better, though.

Cyberdevil responds:

Ah, shame you can't search newsposts... yet. Glad you liked the flash though!


2013-02-01 16:04:51

Great flash, it's really well done!

Cyberdevil responds:



2013-02-02 10:05:00

Good that you made a flash thats cool :P, do you know when the writer and reader auras were created?

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks. Tom posted about the Writer/Reader auras in the writing forum just a few days ago, so they're still new!


2013-02-06 06:57:41

Nice informative flash. Favorited.

Cyberdevil responds:



2013-02-07 03:45:39

I don't care about levels but I do like this. Nicely done and rated.

Cyberdevil responds:



2013-02-07 16:48:38

Level 8: WHAT?! My next level is a bowling pin?!

Level 20: A flaming axe. Watch out zombies!

Level 42: Reminds me of Jeepers Creepers.\

Level 43: Is that... your mom?(kidding man, kidding)

Level 46: EPIC.

Level 60: I miss the giant muscular golden guy holding the earth.

Cyberdevil responds:

Haha, bowling pins FTW! I don't know what lv43 is supposed to look like, a beast in a box? That was probably the least likable level I've been on, and after lv40 they all take at least 3 months to get rid of . Ugh.The old lv60 was GOD. But now it's more like... the Cyberdemon. So, still OK. :D I can't wait to reach it in a... decade or something like that..


2013-02-07 16:49:21

Cool list. I Give you 5 stars.

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks! :)


2013-02-08 08:22:13


Cyberdevil responds: