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Who doesn't love Cyan! :D Gotta love that Outrun-trademak outro too. Love the style, the script and everything. It's like Kung Fury but... not really but sort of similar somehow. Awesome work.


Not sure I follow the animation, but it does sync nicely with the sound, and I do like that music! Over the ice though, under the water... monster sinking down from the cosmos... animation's pretty strange. XD


Now this was pretty much perfect! I like the tone the video sets, with the a,most brooding music in background, and somber/professional voice. Feels serious. The graphics compliment everything nicely, and so many references! Not bad.


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Man that inevitable death comes quickly here. XD Wonder if there's some strategy required after all huh... fun little game, though feels difficult to get anywhere, and I'm not sure the shield really has a benefit? Or does it guard against particular weapons? Guard whenever you don't attack, maybe...? (Haven't tried that yet.) I like the graphics, simplicity and challenge of it all, though incentive... seems kinda lacking. :) Even in an eternal game some external rewards might be nice *hint*medals*hint*. Overall good stuff though! This turned out alright.


An emulator on the shareware version I hope? If this is your own coding it's pretty impressive. :) Played the DOOM pack years ago, but Quake's the next level! Nice work.


Turning that regular day job into something that's actually fun... this does a pretty good job at that. :) Nice idea. Repetitive like life but: lotsa challenge too. Clever.


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This is one ominous-sounding song! Heavy but still... atmospheric and airy. Both suspense and ambience. Like a modern interpretation of the awesome soundtracks of the eighties. Same style, but without the sharpness of the age. Chill. Smooth. Icy. Like that one level in Goldeneye. Awesome work!


The first impression of Corpocat I ever came across while searching for some kind of info on this mysterious character, that will undoubtedly shape his impression of mine for all time to come. XD Not bad!


SourJovis responds:

Thanks. Someone else's cast for CorpoCat. Whatever will end up as the final voice will be the real voice, so I suppose you can forget about this.

Sounds like something straight out of a movie/game/something! Impressively youthful voice, and clarity too.


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Well that went well. XD Copyright, it really is becoming the biggest issue these days... so much so that the wars fall on the sidelines.


Now this really wasn't like you're usual work. XD Style's not at all as refined, text and all, effects all over, but it seems like... a fun game.


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ScepterDPinoy responds:

I do appreciate your criticism. I'll need to double check my art before uploading next time. :)

Another good-looking gal! Do like the blue. Feel like the background could've been somewhat more detailed though, or at least a better bridge between buildings and the blue hill - all background elements look a bit like layers.


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