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A bit old at this point but not bad! Thorough composition and a looot of variation along the way too. Fun to watch through.


Man I get a whiff of that motion sickness just watching this video. XD Those early days of 3D huh... I ran into those problems with pretty much all the early FPS games too, including DOOM, but usually it didn't really kick in quite this fast. A bit more bobbing here with all those jumps. Don't think I've ever played any of the 3D games with this franchise but just the style brings back memories. XD N64 era FTW! As for Pacman: my best memories are probably the big Google Pacman binge a few years back... when they had it in their logo. Even managed to extract the script so I could play it offline when they took it down. Good times.

Anyway this was a thorough review! I pretty much like the spontaneous approach to the script, it feels natural but elaborate, with a lot of focus on technical aspects as well as personal impressions, and a solid conclusion at the end of it. You move between game footage and animation at a stable pace too! Grand end and all. XD And intro. And everything. I wouldn't mind more 30 minute episodes but yeah, 10-15 seems like a more moderate amount! The more the better for those monetary purposes though?

Nice work with this one anyway, and looking forward to the third! Great music too @MistyEntertainment !


artistunknown responds:

Oh man if you can feel the motion sickness just from the edited footage then I can't imagine how bad it would be for you actually playing it! I used to get motion sickness a lot more as a kid, but I don't remember getting it for this, but it happened every time I tried to play it when making this review lol. It wasn't the only thing giving me motion sickness though, but it did have the worst effect. It really is that camera bobbing.

Yeah, I haven't played any of the other 3D pacman games except for this one, and I guess Pacman Fever, which doesn't really count since it's a party game, but I've heard good things about the other Pacman World games so I'll definitely give 'em a shot at some point, and maybe even review them since I already did this one ;3

The N64 era of 3D platformers was great, but they certainly have their fair share of problems, I think Yooka-Laylee is a good modern example of that, at least from what people have said, I haven't actually played it yet, but there's been so many improvements on the genre since its inception and apparently it had none of them. It's still probably my favorite genre of video games though, mostly for the nostalgia lol. I remember that Google Pacman, it's always interesting when google does that sort of interactive logo thing. You extracted the script to play it off line? lol man that's crazy.

I'm glad you like the spontaneous approach. The more of these I write, the more spontaneous they get. I figured it would be a good style to separate it from other video game reviewers, that and it being animated. I wanted to give these a sorta shitpost feel with how crazy the editing can get, plus the awful jokes X3

Natural but elaborate, that's a good way of describing it. Probably the hardest part of making these is bringing it all together for the conclusion and making it flow well, so I'm glad you thought the conclusion was solid!

Also good to hear the animated bits are paced well between the gameplay, that's always a worry of mine, especially when posting these on Newgrounds. idk how many more 30 minute episodes there will be, this one just kinda happened because I took a different approach to writing it, and I kinda wanna experiment with other methods to see which I like most. Most of them will be 10-15 minutes, but I'm pretty sure I wrote one that's like 40 minutes so I'm not entirely looking forward to how long that's gonna take to make lol. A longer length is definitely better for youtube, since the algorithm favors watch time, but it seems to be that if a video is at least 10 minutes long then it doesn't matter the length, it'll get the same level of favoritism as the other videos that are over 10 minutes long, so it probably makes most sense to just stick to around that length so it's less work! That would imply that I'm actually capable of writing consistently-lengthed reviews though, which I'm not lol.

There's plenty more reviews to come, it's just gonna be a while. I probably should try to focus on them more though since the length and subject makes them more likely to gain traction on youtube than a cartoon, plus they take less time to make!

And yeah, Chris' music is pretty great ;3

Another entertaining episode with a more personal tone to it! Kinda weird with such an optimistic tone even through the worse parts of that biking scenario (I was thinking it'd be a hospital-level fall what with the hill building up like that), but glad it all worked out alright after all! Good imagery to accompany the text, though timing was sometimes a bit last minute, and course: good voice! Good to listen to. Good fun... mostly. That other story hmm... hope to hear that one too, maybe in a future ep! A great day to you too!


AustinJayCook responds:

Dotm worryy dude I'm getting a little better every time, and there's a bunch of stories I'm putting scripts together for the next upcoming episodes :) they seem much better :)

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A first animation well done! Loops, customization, it's really more interactive than I expected. Sound and quality toggle and all. Just the character I'm wishing was a bit more bodacious. ;) But thorough work!


Aaand one for Quake as well! :D Not bad. I feel like both creatures and text here are a bit hard to see though, with the creatures the white outlines give the impression they're either scaled down or not really cut out properly... and the text... well maybe it's just naturally fuzzy, but feels like it could've been sharper. Maybe a little higher screen resolution would've done the trick. Solid work with the selection though! It's massive.


A real comprehensive and grimy set of sounds in this one. :D Love it.


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It's finna be a classic! :D So simple. So good. I like it.

And yeah, gotta second the catchy. Ended up playing this a few times to really catch the composition too. Love the energy. Short but packing. I can't stop playing this now...


You really should get into voice acting! :D Both way better accent and English than I expected here. Was wondering how you'd manage something longer after the last but: solid work. Could maybe cut out that intro cough though... or if that's part of it all: trim the silent bit right after. Good stuff though.


GHXULERS responds:

Thanks man! i'm trying not to get too ahead of myself with this voice acting stuff, but i appreciate you encouraging me to get into it. also the cough and awkward silence were left there on purpose. :P

Hey you could probably get into voice acting if you want to! Not bad. Recording quality's alright too. Wonder what you could do outside of memes hmm.


GHXULERS responds:

I mean i thought about doing that for a while but i'm pretty mic-shy (If that's the right word) so i dunno if i can do this well. thanks for the review fam!

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Guess it was an appreciated present after all huh. :) Such a happy scene here! And cozy. Smooth form, great hair, entertaining smirk and surprise and genuine smile... looking good too.


So on point! :D Proud, alert, a worthy worker of the skies. So solid shading and color too. Really nice work on this one.


Sue looking good! Refreshingly gritty both overlay and background too. It's like the surrounding style symbolizes: attitude. Good stuff.


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