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And both voice, I suppose? Looks like a fun show, reminding me of the Secret Life of Pets movie a bit. Btw if you're looking for some alternate VAs there are plenty within the NG community - plenty willing to jump in for free. :) Nice work so far!


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FunCartoons responds:

English version was recorded with 3 voices. One of our friends voiced Klaus (rooster).
We wish to involve more people. But this is a long project. There should be a few seasons.
We have scripts for the first 4 episodes. And the voices should be the same I suppose. So I'm not sure that people would like to voice our characters so long without any rewards.
However, I believe that in the future we will attract new members on our team and we will be able to pay them=)

You may be sure that "Pets On Their Own" is the different show and the one thing that can connect it with "Secret Life of Pets" it's a word "Pets" in a title =)

Thanks for your replay and support =)

For short attention spans surely this is just perfect! And works well with others, too. Entertaining bit of random. Looking forward to whatever you ADD next.


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Bingleheimer responds:

ah Ha! I see what you did there. Clever. I appreciate the feedback and support :)

A lot of joking around with the fourth wall here. :) Though I do appreciate the jokes that thing came up a bit too often IMO. The comedy otherwise is refreshingly harmless; good fun. Smooth animation, plenty of dialog... longer than I expected too, and especially for a pilot! Solid work. Wouldn't mind seeing more of this show.


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scpgames responds:

Thanks! Great review too. My goal was really to make a 'friendly' version of Aqua Teen or Always Sunny. Somewhere in that realm of humor: snippy and snarky without dropping F bombs or sex jokes. I do have two more scripts done, but not much time as of late. The next one dives more into 'parody' as it is a Ghostbusters story.

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Thought this might be a whack-a-mole like game with a creative twist, but turns out it was something completely different! Appreciate the detail level, and the game plays well - reminding of the much simpler torture games of old, though I wish the route of action was more instant. It takes a while to walk up to the killer each time... and become the new killer. Kinda ironic you can use all the most sadistic devices to do what to you hasn't even been done yet! But the scenario does give it a certain sense of justification. Nice game. Lots of routes to go.


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Twas an honor to be a part of this! :) And it turned out... one that I think I'll actually be able to complete! :D That Romero-like spot in the middle: awesome! Enemies and attack mode's all smooth like usual, and the character switch an entertaining detail - even if it does make for the occasional click at the wrong time, and additional co-ordination challenge if you choose to try really playing as both (easier to just focus on the one). I guess the super secret medal's completing the game without absorbing a single bullet hmm... but third crappy ending... hmmmm! Any clues? Thanks for the homage/feature/thing!


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That last one... man, my arm! XD Classic clock style. None of these were particularly difficult after all, but a fun challenge, and the last one sure took some time to get through. Good move getting rid of the right-click thing too! Smooth work; good fun.


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A pretty beatly track! Ominous and masterfully brooding especially in the second part. I love that bit, around the 2:30 mark. Awesome build-up. The beginning hit a good groove but seems monotone and almost uplifting in comparison, not as dark as grimy, but it's rich in variation all the way. A natural and sometimes refreshing progression. Nice work!


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Always interesting to read the technical talk behind these tracks, even if I don't catch half the references. XD So much work seems to be involved with this one too... more than usual? Is this a normal work process for you?

I'm also a bit ambiguous about the background piano, and especially when it starts out it feels like it doesn't really sync with the rest of the music. It's a nice layer in regard to texture/softness/paranoia/something to both clash and float together with the main rage a bit, and yet I'm thinking in those rare moments where it's not as prevalent, or where the guitar slows down/gets melodic enough that it seems to match, that those bits sound if not better than a lot more organized; wholesome, somehow.

I like the unpredictability of it all though, and the savage energy! The guitar really brings that on, and I appreciate the solo-like bits in particular (around the two minute mark). Maybe it's appreciative because it's rare, and really breaks out of the track's heavy style overall, otherwise, but I'm wondering how it'd be with more like that. Also towards the very end of the track the guitar seems to lose some of its 'realness'. And as for the beginning: it does start a bit suddenly, though not with a bang but with a strange kind of fading in... some kind of build-up maybe? Or just an even more explosive start?

Overall it's a crazy mix, and what a story behind it! In a Volkswagen bus, on LittleMisfortune's computer, with affluent inspirations and styles all intertwined... I do like! Appreciate the shout-out, and looking forward to more interesting melodies like (or totally unlike) this! :D Maybe I'll be here in time for that sneak peek next time now...


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ADR3-N responds:

Just wanted to take a moment here to thank you for this review -- currently in the process of setting up new gear, so I should be able to start pumping out new projects very soon!

The story behind this track actually goes a lot deeper than I could explain in words, and indeed, it is a rage/vent piece. I'm glad that for the most part, despite obvious technical flaws like the piano/keys being too quiet, not quite rendering right, etc., it seems to work. Virtually everything you hear had to be replaced last minute when I lost Nexus keys, Massive, and my whole guitar library except for RealEight LOL. Shreddage sounded a lot better on most of those articulations.

You're right, I probably should focus on cleaning up my riffs and not stacking them with crazy jazz stuff. Although they were initially intended to supplement a vocal line cut clear over the top.

The mobile producing thing, yeah, for the past year it has roughly been the process just to go wherever and do music, including in the car on the aux cord, just to see what the music sounds like on commercial equipment.

I'm running out of things to say, but yeah, from now on, you'll have at least a week's worth sneak peek for any releases so long as you're a patron. Meantime feel free to lob suggestions as to what kind of projects you'd feel okay contributing to, what kind of special rewards you'd like to see, etc. :) I'm gonna update patreon soon to remove the 400 dollar laptop goal so we can actually get started on real important stuff!

Sounds like a pretty ambient and explorative piece! The water doesn'treally come across at the beginning, but past the two minute point you start noticing that too, and in a break the waves start reaching the shoreline too... it seems to move from the sunken world to land, and then down into the blue once again - or the murky green in this particular piece. The sound seems muffled, as it would be in a submarine, so you're portraying that pretty well too. It sounds great, overall, though the vibe I'm getting from it is more casual than mysterious, and towards the ends those shoreline breaks start distracting a little. That little part at the end sounds more like I imagined the whole track could've been like. Eerie, the sub bubbles trailing behind you as you explore the abyss... but either way really cool sound here. Thorough, but would've been nice with a bit more mystery; some kind of suspense to match the theme. Do like the hiphop style otherwise! Nujabes-like, which is great, just maybe not the optimal vibe for a long lost watery grave IMO.


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DoctaBGL responds:

I feel ya man, I made the beginning as a contrast from the past to the fictional present. I guess the casual feeling is a play on how insignificant or ignorant we were to them.

Thanks for the review cyberdevil, didn't know you reviewed music too! Keep up the good work.

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A, pixel art on a scene rather than a person! :D Traditional color and style, but a creative angle. I'm not sure the HOTEL sign really stands out as it should, it seems to end weirdly with the furthest wall, but otherwise all looking good, shading and light, atmospheric.


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Ghoulers777 responds:

Yep, thought i'd do something different this time.
And yeah, i kinda rushed this whole drawing just to see what i can do with "perspective," and the hotel sign ended up looking like this...
Thanks for the review btw!

Gradient colors and a shading face with simple everything else... interesting combination! Looks good too.


DidiEsmeralda responds:

Thanks very much Cyberdevil, I'm glad that you liked it.

A DC character with almost Disney-like style here. :) Classy! Simple but good.


DidiEsmeralda responds:

Thank youCyderdevil, I'm glad you like it.

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