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Think my first two attempts would've gone waaay better if you were allowed to use your own car over here. Interesting to see how these things differ in differ areas... and as always: the most entertaining experiences with the most memorable things! Good stuff.


Gotta make more Doom-related stuff like this! :D Short but: notbad at all.


Really liking the angle and lighting in this one, though do feel you could spiff things up with a little more shifting/little less loop.


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Gotta love those sound effects. XD It's a cool idea, though having to click at the bottom of the screen to bark and/or woof doesn't seem like the optimal control. Maybe a shortcut key? Also seems like you can click within the canvas to walk, then move outside it and you'll just keep going. Not that it's a bad thing but usually games don't let you escape like that...

I like the idea. Feels like a lot more could be done with it too.


MoHDI responds:

:) I'm still figuring out a lot of stuff. Mobile controls are tricky, keyboard space bar barks and that allows you to control the dog with arrow keys at the same time, getting that same flow for the phone is a puzzle on it's own. I'm working out some more levels, better puzzles / tasks and the story for this game. Thanks you for checking the game out and providing feedback, it helps motivate me to continue the work on this game.

Cloud Ball really is a basic bounce game but the cloud really is cute too! Not bad. The ball sticks to the roof in a weird way compared the walls, yet it's appreciatively weird in that it actually gives you some leeway to move the paddle. I mean cloud.

I feel like maybe more space would make this more fun. Not necessarily a bigger canvas but: maybe everything scaled down a bit? Half everything? Just a thought, simple but good game otherwise. Easy to play. Easy to replay. Bit basic graphics/physics.


That box rocket really was super well-hidden here! Not a bad game, though some things seem a bit unnecessarily difficult to find, like how you have to click a specific patch on the ground to jump over the fence, and type all codes in UPPERCASE, etc. All in all though not a bad adventure.


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This was a fun episode I got to say. :) Though it sounds like something might be wrong with that cat @GoodL Also trying to discern who played Cam on this one hmmmm, not in the credits, sounds somewhat different, but I can nae place them voices...

Smooth work y'all. Ambient music too. Good fun, though somewhat sad to be counting down these final episodes now. All them memories! Ah, the folly, jolly turned all melancholy. Think those musical selections might be contributing too. And somewhat less upbeat speak. You're really setting the mood here.


Seems like a bit faster a pace and shorter a length than the previous ones, but I can definitely dig it! The journalist-style approach with checking out new content was a fun idea, and the games, the whole interaction bit of it all, though it's almost more like a traditional radio show than a podcast y'know... podcasts as I see them: laid back, not as structured, not as intentional... maybe I've been listening to the wrong podcasts to a point where my definition of podcasts has been irreversibly skewed, but I do like a structure you don't need to focus as much on to really partake in too. All about that balance.

That new shower submission was awesome. Instant favorite. And yes NSFW audio is definitely a thing, though it seems to be more for demos and similar than actual tracks. VA promo stuff. I believe. Pretty interesting how consumption of media overall seems to be turning almost more to audio now though. Maybe visual media's being exhausted, constantly with higher definition, and pace, and increasingly rapid and high-range stimuli... just listening is like a digital detox but with regard to mainstream media in particular. In a way.

Anyway this seems like the good start to a fun thing over here. Looking forward to more!


Suitably trippy, happy, uplifting spiffy little rhythmical DnB riddled (at least early on) bit here. Really cool. When the guitar kicks in towards the end of it too...

Can see this being used in some kind of arcade-like brawler or similar. Very catchy.


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It's a classic! She seems a bit larger than usual here but: not bad.


Pixel pin-up work hell yeah man! :) Lavala looking good. Feels like the laval would shine a bit brighter somehow, but it runs nicely otherwise, and the contrast's there too. Good form.


Really nice work with the textures here. Not the usual style. Watercolor... is it?

Nice work.


UndyingSong responds:

Yes! Watercolor pencils. ^^ Thank you !

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